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Ignore question

Can someone take me step by step like I am 5 to put a poster on ignore?

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Scroll down this handy list of tutorials @Simkie put together so graciously… click on the triangle to expand any topic into an illustrated play-by-play. It’s under Settings & Other FAQs.


There’s also some discussion here about ignoring users with a hidden profile, which I dont think I included in the FAQ? I should really add that…


often posters who I have placed on ignore forever will come back alive requiring me to reintern them to depths of get out of my life please.


hahahaha…I have yet to put anyone on ignore

Still can’t figure it out…I am terrible at these kinds of things

Me too!
Where do you get lost in the instructions?
Maybe some extra screen shots will help if you can tell us where things go sideways for you.

Let me try an ELI5.

  1. First you need to click the round profile picture at the top right of your screen. Yours is a little doggie. A drop down menu will show up, with all your notifications etc.
  2. On the top of the drop down, your username is there with a grey head and shoulders next to it. Click your name. Another drop down will appear.
  3. On the new menu is “Preferences”, with a little grey gear next to it. Click it.
  4. This will bring up a whole new page, with your profile picture and username at the top. Below that is a list of stuff - Account, Profile, Emails, etcetera. Click “Users”.
  5. There are two categories - Ignored (with a little eye with a slash through it), and Muted (with a little bell with a slash through it). Below “Ignored” is a grey button that says “+ Add…” Click it.
  6. A pop up window will appear that says “Ignore User” at the top. In the pop up there is a box where you can type a Username. Click in the box and begin typing a username; a list will automatically start generating based on what you type.
  7. Click the username of the person you want to ignore.
  8. Below the username box is a drop down menu, labeled “Duration.” Click the grey arrow at the right of the box. Options are anywhere from “Later Today” to “Forever”. Click the one you want.
  9. At the bottom of the pop up is a grey box with white lettering that says “Ignore”. Click that.

Did that work?


Thank you! Have to run out the door at this moment, but will try as soon as I get back

If that doesn’t work, you can also PM me the username you’d like to ignore, and I can do it for you!

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I’ve got it now! Blood pressure already lower


Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” once a person is put on ignore.


Hi. My ignores were wiped out. I am not having any luck adding them back. It doesn’t recognize the user’s name and doesn’t recognize the time frame when selected.