In Gate bridles

Hi All! Does anyone know what the difference is between the $1200.00 bridle and the $400.00? The $400.00 has very nice reviews on CoTH. I can’t see a difference on the website. Thank you.

I thought you slipped a zero. You did not. GOOD LORD.


I KNOW, right?? :grinning:


Off the bat the website states the $1200 bridle is hand made in England while it says the $400 bridle is “imported” and nothing about how it’s made.

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Oh…thank you. I didn’t catch that.

Which is a change, right? I felt like that was their whole thing and I’m wondering if they’ve just drastically jumped the price while introducing a new line under the old name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Website also says one is American leather and the other $ one is English leather.

Is Edgewood American leather? It is…I looked.

You would think for bridles of that price they’d have photos of the bridles fitting the horse.


I was cleaning/conditioning show bridles from the trailer today. One of them was an In Gate bridle. As I was cleaning it I was thinking that it was a really nice bridle. It looks like the $400 one. The nicest of the ones I handled today. I cleaned probably 8 or 10 today and that one caught my attention.


It’s a new higher end line and it’s supposed to be better craftsmanship. I don’t think the old bridle has changed. I have the OG bridle and I think it’s great for the price point. I haven’t seen the new one in person.

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I guess just based on what I’ve heard of the original bridle’s (good) quality, I’m not sure what else could’ve be improved to warrant $700 more on the price.

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We have the very first figure 8 bridle and the updated Derby bridle from The In Gate. Both are lovely right out of the box. They are made in India with American leather.

The new line is English leather hand made by one of the best bridle makers in England. That makes this bridle premium and there are those who love that. :wink:

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@lcw579, can you tell me the difference in the Derby bridle and the original In Gate bridle? I can’t tell from the online picture. Thank you!

The sizing has been improved. Our OTTB fits in the cob perfectly now right on the holes you want him in. We got the derby bridle because he doesn’t really need the figure 8 noseband of the original jumper bridle. He looks cute in it though. :wink: The removable flash attachment is really neat even if we won’t ever use it.

Here he is:


I was looking a the Derby bridle too. Did it come in the darker havana color? Or is that oiled? The website doesn’t specify…

That is oiled. I think it is an extra $15 to have it done. Otherwise it comes like the bridles of your childhood and you can oil it yourself. No terrible film on top that makes it stay orange. It will deepen.

They need to post photos of it on a horse. Those weird abstract photos aren’t super helpful.


I barely could stomach it when I signed a receipt for my $800 Richard Castelow hunter bridle (which I was obsessed with at the time, and of course now doesn’t fit my current horse and needs to be sold :weary:), I cannot imagine what features would make willing to pay $1200!! Eek!!

The original line, however, looks very nice for the price point and I’m tempted to try one!

I have a feeling the English one IS a Castelow bridle. The stitching is similar and he has already partnered with other companies like Valencia Saddlery. I guess the advantage here is you don’t have to wait, I’ve heard there’s a waitlist to get one directly from him. Probably bc he’s selling to retailers rather than direct.