Insulin pump? Anybody have one?

I’m about to get an insulin pump. Anybody have any tips of things to watch out for around the barn/horses? How is it working for you ? I’m getting the kind without tubing, the Dexcom

My husband had one and my BIL has used one for a long time. The only issues were if you get overly sweaty, blood sugar issues if you get a bad site and just having something stuck into you that can get torn off under the right circumstances.

My husband went back to the old ways but my BIL prefers the pump. The newer advances seem to make it easier to keep things on track if that has been an issue in the past.

That seems to be the issue. Even though I am being careful about my meds etc and logging everything im still having crazy lows. So I guess we are going to try it. I do tend to sweat like a hog because Florida but hopefully that wont make this difficult.

If you have lows, I would highly recommend. My brother almost died from a crazy low a few years ago (he thinks he had some bad insulin). On his way up to the mountains to ski with his daughter when he collapsed with seizures. Since then his wife, a doctor, has made him have the CGM and pump. She has the APP where she gets a beep on her phone if his sugars are off.

It’s inconvenient if you are used to the old ways, but so much safer. Living in Denver, the sweating at the site isn’t such a big deal for him, but I can sympathize with that issue.

Omg that’s terrifying.

He had always been quite a stable Type I diabetic, using the old methods, and yes, it was terrifying, but a wake up call. We all get older, and we are lucky to live in a time when science has advanced so much.

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I have one and love it! I use a Medtronic pump, with the tubing, and have never had any issues at all riding or at the barn. There’s a learning curve but it’s great, especially when you’re active. I also use a glucose sensor which was a game changer, I had pretty good control before I started using the sensor but now I can’t imagine not using it

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Hmm. Ok thanks. I need to investigate how many different kinds there are.

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Feel free to pm me if you want more info on the Medtronic pump. I’ve been on it for over 20 years and have been using a glucose sensor for several years now. Don’t know anything about the other pumps though!

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My husband has one (Omnipod) and he’s happy about it. It resists well to outdoor activities (but if you sweat a lot they sell additional stickers). His sugar levels are way more balanced and he learned what are the best places to put it (he says arms and legs are better than abdomen but I think this Is subjective and you have to try). He has the sensor too and that is really helpful expecially for the alarms.
Anyway he has no particolar problems doing barn chores and riding

Thanks those are some great tips that I will definitely keep in mind. I’m hopeful I will hear from the Dr soon about going in to get it

looks like what I’m getting is the Omnipod and the Dexcom6 or 7

My husband seemed to have issues keeping it on when working real hard outside Spring-Fall. Otherwise it was good. It has been 9 years so maybe with the tubing gone it will be much improved.

He had the Medtronic. MY BIL is just starting on the Dexcom and so far so good!

That’s good to hear. They just called this am and the Omnipod and dexcom are on their way.
I have seen others say that if you get really sweaty sometimes the adhesive fails

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I don’t know if this could be the problem but my husband’s pump has been programmed by his doctor with two settings, one for hard work which gives less insulin per hour and one for relax time, he can also stop insulin erogation for an extablished time of he is going to do really hard work

I saw in my reading up on it there is a setting for that. I think that is a good idea. Is it working ok for your husband when he’s doing things?

Yes it works ok . You can also set a timer, for example you can tell the pump to go back to the previous setting after 2 hours. If you have to do a really hard work he says the best way is to suspend it, it will restart after 2 hours unless you tell it to suspend insulin again

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Ah ok thanks. I’m sure a lot of this will make more sense after I get it and start using it.
Although I have noticed online there are lots of cute accessories and things for it

Do any of you who have received pumps remember if you started feeling better after you started using it?
My BG has been all over the place for the months in spite of injecting 6 times a day. I have an appointment next month with the transplant unit at Mayo, but I would just really like to start feeling better so I can enjoy my horses at least a little bit.

I know when my husband was first diagnosed he met frequently with a nutritionist and also really kept track of his carbs at each meal so he could give the appropriate amount of insulin to cover it.

20 plus years in and he still is pretty diligent about knowing what he is eating but of course sometimes depending on what you are eating or where, it is a guessing game.

I thought those new pumps( if using the monitor) deliver insulin automatically based on what your readings are? If so that should help and you will feel better if you can get your BS under control.

ETA: MY BIL has had diabetes since he was 11 and has done really well since being on a pump. He is 61 now.

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