Interesting read - Pleasant Colony's vet

I was 13 at the time of the Pleasant Colony’s Derby & Preakness wins. It was well before the internet era and I live in a non-racing state, so at the time I had no idea what a turd John Campo was. At least he did seem to love his horses. Although - cutting out their frogs??? Did the author misunderstand abscess treatments or did Campo actually do so?

It’s SI, so yes, they added some drama (like needlessly slanging Thomas Mellon Evans) just in case the bare bones of the story weren’t enough. Any mention of Mark Gerard is usually a sign that the story won’t be a happy one.


What an interesting story! Thank you.

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What a sad story. I grew up on Long Island and remember very well the scandal of Mark Gerard and Cinzano and also of that lowlife Johnny Campo but I don’t ever remember hearing anything about poor Dr. Runkle. JC had such a bad reputation, at one barn where I boarded there was a young, attractive woman who had worked for him for a while and she had nothing nice to say about him and soon left that job. I was not sad when I read of Johnny Campo’s death.

Thanks for posting this OP.

Cinzano ended up in the hunt field, in Northern Virginia. He may even have done some point-to points.

The name of the gentleman who bought him escapes me. But he was prominent in real estate and local hunt circles

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That was a sad story. I wonder if more detective work could be done if the advances in forensic pathology were put to use.

Thanks for posting though, it was an interesting, albeit sad, story.