Is the sale of COTH likely to change much?

I just read that the Chronicle of the Horse has been sold, and am wondering what might be changing? Any thoughts from those who are in a position to speculate?

Who is the buyer?

Here is the press release -

Global Equestrian Group Acquires Chronicle Of The Horse

Will be so interested in this. The Magazine changed so much under Bellisimo, curious to see how it changes under GEG’s “footprint”. I prefered COTH pre-Bellisimo.


Me, too!!!


Me - checks abacus - three!


There is already a long thread on this

Thank you for sharing that. I am terribly sorry to have posted. Could you please tell me if there is a way to have my post deleted?

Again, I apologize to you and others who had already discussed the topic.


No need to be sorry.
And “off topic” actually makes more sense than “dressage” as the place for the discussion.

I don’t think you can delete the post, but you can ask the @moderator_1 to combine the threads.


No worries at all about the duplicate threads. The thread in dressage is also addressing some discipline-specific aspects of the change in ownership, so it’s fine to have two threads going. We’ll actually slide this one on over to Off Course, since it’s definitely horse-related.

I’ll also repost what I commented on the other thread here, though some of the concerns there were more Forums-specific:

The September 26th issue of the Chronicle celebrated our 85th anniversary with stories of how the magazine, and company as a whole, have changed and changed hands over the years. The Forums have been a part of the Chronicle since 1999.

While I haven’t yet had the opportunity to discuss any potentially different vision for the future regarding various aspects of the Chronicle, I can guarantee that the Forums and the community that has developed here are absolutely an extremely valued and appreciated part of the company…and I just filled out a form to facilitate me continuing to be paid by the new owners, so I think it’s safe to say that we’re not on the chopping block!

I believe we should see further improvements on the horizon in terms of tech support and resources, which is something we should all benefit from and appreciate. We’ll keep you informed as we develop any plans for the future, but for now, business as usual.

Remember, you’re always welcome to submit feedback to the folks at the helm of day-to-day operations, content, etc. Here’s our Staff Directory.


For those who enjoy keeping past editions of their favorite magazine,
hang on to your COTH issues.

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