ISO Info - 2012 Quinar mare, bred in NY (?)

Posting for a friend. We’re trying to find information on a mare she has, specifically any info about her dam to have a more complete picture of her pedigree. Hoping just maybe something here clicks for someone or rings a bell!
What we know:

  • 2012 bay mare by Quinar
  • Out of a OTTB mare supposedly nicknamed “GiGi”
  • Born in NY state
  • Person who bred her went through some kind of life change (I’ve heard bad divorce, loss of family, etc) and foal never got registered
  • She ended up sending the foal down to Ohio to a friend (possibly named Lydia) sometime between 2012-2015
  • She’s almost completely solid except for a left hind sock. Happy to provide photos for anyone!

Someone obviously put time, money and care into getting this mare on the ground so our hope is something here rings a bell for someone that might give us some additional leads. If something seems promising but one detail (year, state, mare, etc) is off, please let us know too - we know how info can meander as it goes through the game of telephone. We have searched here, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to no avail so far.

She’s an insanely athletic jumper we’re hoping to breed sooner than later, but would really love to have a more complete picture.

All breed pedigree isn’t complete by any means but here’s a potential for you:

There are no 2012s listed out of a TB mare (if they exist, they have not been added to this database.)

Unfortunately I’ve found Diva PW and Edge of Glory (2012 Quinar X Hot Grades xx) and neither are this mare, markings don’t match. I know it’s a long shot, especially 10 years later, but we thought maybe someone would think of a breeder in NY who they knew had a “Gigi” or has bred to Quinar in that time frame.


Karen Reid (Fox Fire Farm) had Quinar for a long time and might have information on who the mare owner was? Might be worth reaching out to her?

Thanks to some clever individuals and the Warmblood Breeder’s FB group, we have found our mare’s breeder/dam/history! A needle in a haystack but we are thrilled and thankful for everyone who helped! It’s been a year in the making of tracking down detail after detail, but it’s all worth it when you get to see adorable baby pics and reassure the breeder and people who foaled her out she’s in a safe, wonderful home and absolutely beloved.