It's Coooollldd! Lets Vent!

Omg you guys it is freezing!! I am sooo thankful for snowbibs and fuzzy vests right now!!!

Step in posts are mostly broken from the wind. Some small lot fence is already ripped down, the wind is stupid, and my heat pumps outdoor unit is making clanky noises.

BRRRRRR!!! That is all!!!

I’m trying to decide when will be the best time to head to the barn this morning…


Omg I am freezing looking at this!!! But umm…like now to get warm water going since their buckets are prol frozen! I put pony out to eat while I rebedded his stall, his walked away from his mash and came back in like NOPE MOM!!! It is tooooo cold n windy to eat outside!

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Well we’ve warmed up to -20C this morning, so that sure is a relief from the -34C we’ve had for the last few days. I have one frozen auto waterer. waited to fix that until today, when it’s not so bad out. No wind here right now. LOL I used to think that -10C was cold!

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The wind is insane here! We live in the valley so luckily the mountains break it up for us, and my property is next to a hill that goes up to the highway so that calms it down a little. But 40mph gusts around here still feel like ice smacking my face with these temps.

Holy moly I would be a popsicle by now at your place!

Oh you get used to it LOL. Our valley can be a bit of a wind tunnel too sometimes, but not recently. The bright sunshine on snow, horses out together having a game in the snowy field, the quiet of the winter… it’s all quite lovely. Our wood stove burns to keep the house even toastier than just our outdoor wood burning boiler which heats our floors. And it’s all free of course, we gather our own firewood in the spring and fall, removing dead trees (killed by climate change) from the forest to also remove fuel for forest fires, and heat our home and hot water for free. Because that’s how we roll!


It’s annoying this is happening at Christmas. We have lots of travel plans (several locally, one overnight trip with DH staying home for the horses).

Everything on the farm takes longer with this kind of weather. There are extra stressors. Now I have to deal with holiday chaos plus crappy weather for the horses.


Listen to this guy vent…legend!


The clanky noises could be from ice buildup, either on the blades or on the coils where the blades are hitting it. This happens with our heat pump, usually when we have freezing rain and the defrost cycle can’t keep up. When the blades of our heat pump start hitting ice, I shut down the outdoor unit and turn on the emergency backup electric heat. Ice can damage the heat pump if it goes on too long.


Luckily if it breaks parts are still under warranty. Doesn’t help that the guy who sold us this house always went to FL for the winter, so when he replaced the heat pump…for a 90ft long, 2500sqft on the main floor and another 2466sqft in the basement rambler ranch. He went with a freaking 3ton unit!!! We probably should have a 6ton but cannot spend that right now. We will start a fire in the living room soon and keep it going all day and night. I bought those door draft blocker things for the door between the living room n kitchen, and living room and dining room. All the exterior doors are drafty and it has wooden window frames so we try to keep the heat in the main living area and hopefully it will reduce the strain on the heat pump too. Ahhhh winter…bah humbug!!!

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The front is coming through here now. The winds are high, and the temperature has dropped 10 degrees so far in the last hour. We have 20 more degrees to lose in the next 4 hours or so. It’s still not going to be as bad as @MissusS and Saskatoon. I think they win.


-34F with wind chill right now. Enough of a wind that it’s causing some white out conditions while driving, so that was a pretty enjoyable drive to work this morning. :crazy_face:

They said the wind is supposed to increase more this afternoon, so I imagine the temps will drop a bit further. Good times.

Here it has only just dropped below freezing, but the wind makes it feel much lower.
The horses seem t think it is great, they are running around like horses 1/4 their age!

We may not be getting a white Xmss, but it look as if we will have a cold one!

I had the same windchill today as @MissusS , but going out to feed chickens & horses was not optional :cold_face:
It has “warmed up” to -5F now, windchill at -34F.
Wind is still a brisk 25mph, but from the West, so horses can stay in the stalls & avoid it.
The Dutch doors at the back of the stalls - facing East - are frozen open :frowning:
Chickens are in the coop, door to the fenced yard closed & heatlamp helping.
Horses will stay blanketed until wind drops off & temps hit positive #s, so maybe tomorrow. Sunday looks promising, sun!!! & 11F daytime.
I’m good as long as the power stays on :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I’m closely watching my remote monitor for my house. It appears at this moment that my furnace might be out.

I’ll head home if the temp drops again on the next reading.

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Where is he?

Iowa I believe?

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Well, it’s trying to keep up. Maybe the wind picked up or changed direction. Fingers crossed.


Do you really keep your thermostat at 58 degrees @endlessclimb? Or just when you leave the house?

It’s set at 62 whe I’m home and awake, 55 when I’m not home or sleeping. The temperature monitor is sitting on my kitchen counters, near where my exterior pipes are.

I set it to hold 62 since it was going to be so cold out, even though I’ll be gone for another day. I’ll be home again on Christmas morning.