It's Here! Maryland 5*

Friend shared a snip it of some fences, so amazing looking!!

I’m seeing a bunch from the course walk right now, the water looks insane!

Can anybody find a link to ride times? For some reason I can’t find it.

Go to the Live Scores tab on the Maryland 5* home page. A detailed event schedule appears, and if you click on the bell icon next to the dressage listing, you will get the dressage times. Perfectly logical :joy: Someone more able than me can probably post a link.

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Found it, thank you so much!!!

I love Steady Eddie’s enthusiasm in his transition from walk to trot.

Will there be a cross country preview of the fences for those of us online? I can’t find one as of yet.

They’ve just put the course preview on Horse and Hound. Phew there’s a couple of jumps I don’t like. The owl hole corners at the end of the course will be visually hard on a tired horse.


Thanks for the replies @grzywinskia and @Highflyer1. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what the horses will think, but I find the crab jump in the water quite scary. :grimacing:

It looks like a challenging course.

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It’s big too lol. And the huge drop with the tree in the way lol.

So much going on visually with that whole complex - no idea how horses will perceive it, but it seems awfully busy to me.

Many beautifully crafted jumps - love the roller coaster.

And for those of us who will never get to jump those hallowed jumps…

There is this!


Those owl jumps are gorgeous, but I would never want to jump them :laughing:


Wow, what a beautiful and fun course. Looks very challenging, but a 5 star should be!


Why is it so uncommon to successfully campaign a stallion? They seem to be far more common in SJ.

Also, oof. I went to look up articles on Chili Morning, and check out how tight this flash band is. Ouch!

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The livestream has started with the 3*-L! Fantastic coverage so far. Just John Kyle commentating to start.

I want to talk about 25b. it looks like the rider’s head is gonna go through the brush. Is my brain just not understanding the scale?

I LOVE those owl corners. Wow. I can not wait to see how this rides! What a wild course!