Jellybean update - not good

Jellybean hasn’t been doing all that well lately and it’s getting worse. I think I’m going to have make that decision soon, as in Monday soon.

He’s now on Zofran, Cerenia, and prednisolone and he is eating very little. I can get him to eat a little if I hand feed him and he ate a few bites of kibble but he turned his nose up at tuna this morning and bites of chicken at lunch.

I’ve been waking up to him purring on my chest, wanting breakfast, but not eating. I’m giving a veritable buffet but… He’s down from 19 to 13 since Feb.

I quit smoking Wednesday and I’m super emotional at times. I don’t know why I’m posting this other than just wanting support and to whine to people that get it.

This is from April.


I’m so sorry ! Jellybean is beautiful. And I am the worlds biggest fan of black jellybeans! I am jingling like mad for him. I do understand completely why you have made plans though. When my beloved 17 year old cat declined it was when he stopped eating and his drinking diminished that I made that hard heart breaking choice. He purred all the way until the end. Bless you for being such a good kitty Mom. Hang in there with the quitting smoking. I’ve travelled that road too and it suuuuuucks even when life is perfect. Sending you a virtual hug and lots of strength :heart:

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Thank you for the kind words. He came back looking for something to eat so I opened a packet of Fancy Feast broth. He ate one or two bites and then wanted on the back porch so hopefully he’s enjoying a sunny spot and some fresh air.

Such a silly boy. Someone found Snickers in the road beside a cat that had been hit by a car and the next day Jellybean was found under a bush a block away screaming his little lungs out.

I’ve always assumed they were siblings but may not be. Jellybean was a whole 1.75 pounds and Snickers 1.5 lbs.

They didn’t know how to eat on their own so I ignored their hissing and spitting sat them on a knee and fed them by hand til they got the hang of it.

They were so rambunctious for so long, I thought they’d never grow old. Every time I’d bend over jellybean would jump on my back and spread all four limbs out… :joy:


Jellybean is gorgeous! His intensity comes right through the photo.

It’s so so tough to see them decline rapidly. May you soon find peace. It will sting, bad.

Jingling for both of you.


Your kitty is beautiful! It is so hard when we have to think about saying goodbye to our babies. I wish the best for both of you.

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He sounds like a gem ! Please share more about him if you feel like it. :heart:

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Jellybean is an extremely handsome cat! I would like to hear more about him, too - how you got him is quite a story. I’m sorry he’s not doing great. I’m overly attached to a cat and I totally understand how difficult it is to watch them decline. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you both and hoping you get a little more time together.


@ThreeWishes, one time I went on vacation when they were between 1 and 2 and a friend was coming over to feed and check on them for me every day.

She called me that night and said that Jellybean and Snickers were playing with something in the living room but she couldn’t really tell what it was. She kept doing what she was doing until she saw them pulling something, one would go flying, then run up and get it again and pull and the other would go flying.

She went in there and those two had dragged one of my bras off the back of the washer where it was air drying and were playing tug of war with it… :joy: I always wished she had a video of that.


Lol!!! That’s hilarious!!! Keep ‘Em coming. These are the memories that will give you solace. Love your kitties!!

Jingles for Jellybean that he perks up. He is so handsome. Reminds me of my kitty who I lost a few years ago.

And good luck with quitting smoking. You can do it!!


What a handsome boy. He looks very wise too. I’m so sorry that he’s not doing well. You are a great mom and have done all you can. Unfortunately, it gets to a point where nothing else can be done and it’s so awful to see them not doing well and you’re not able to help them. Of course, we’re here for you to listen and support and understand. We know much you love him and how much it hurts. Big hugs to you and Jelly. Again, I’m so sorry. :heart: :cry: :heart:


Hugs and jingles to you - it’s never, ever easy to have to make that choice for our kitties. You want to find one more thing to try, but sometimes there just isn’t anything left.

When Nigel refused to eat (when he was sick this winter), I got something called Carnivore Complete Care from Amazon. I don’t know if it would help Jellybean at all at this point, but I’m convinced it was the thing that saved Nigel. He went from 10lbs at the start of December to about 5.5 lbs six weeks later.

But if Jellybean is past that point, then all I can offer is virtual hugs to you. It sucks to be there. I know. We’ll be thinking of you and your silly boy.


Oh no, Jellybean! Dude, you got to eat!

I am so sorry to hear this. I am jingling like mad for him. We need characters like him - they keep us on our toes and make us laugh and realize how much life is to be enjoyed. I know how much he means to you.

Have you tried the Hartz Delectables? They have bisques that are small portions and smell appealing. It’s practically the only thing Ollie will eat reliably. They don’t get over whelmed by the portion size and it’s small enough to keep down and is easily digestible.

This may seem like a bad time to quit smoking but you can do it!!! Hugs to you - for both Jellybean and the not smoking.

Is there any way you can get some FortiFlora tomorrow to try? It’s advertised for diarrhea, but it also increases palatability of food. My kitty, who has been turning up his nose at food, absolutely loves eating a bit when there is FortiFlora sprinkled on it. In my kitty’s case, he is getting enough food in to have a stable weight. I don’t put the entire envelop at once but sprinkle it on a bit of wet food throughout the day.

@Alex_and_Bodie_s_Mom, is this what you were talking about? I didn’t see anything called carnivore complete care.

@shiloh, thank you. He ate a few bites of a/d with water this morning. I got several different brands of the treat pastes at PetSmart the other day. So far none of them care for my selections.

@Joanne, I actually got some when I took him back last week. I’ll try it. I forgot I had it.

This morning I found vomit with blood in it. Dark blood with a couple of clots. I’m assuming it’s jellybean but this morning Sammy threw up some food so I’m not sure.

Sammy does have the tumor in his abdomen but hasn’t had any symptoms up to now.

I’ll see how both are tomorrow and go from there.

I keep having to stop and edit because the formatting keeps messing up on my phone.

Yes, that’s it! I can never remember the name of it. Some cats will just drink it, but I had to syringe it into Nigel. Still, it’s a complete food, so you can use it either as a sole food source for critical cats, or as a supplement for those who don’t eat well. You can also make it as a liquid for syringing, or as a pate-style for those who will eat it.

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Oh no! You don’t need that on top of everything else. Fingers crossed and wishing the best for you and Jellybean and Sammy. I hope all of you have a good Sunday. :heart:

Thanks! I hope you have a good Sunday and happy Mother’s Day!

Jellybean is on the cat tree, Sammy on the back porch and Snickers on my lap. At least one is making sure I’m warm. :slight_smile:


Jellybean is gorgeous. Sorry for what you’re going through at the moment, but the memories are wonderful.

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Everything had leveled out for a little bit, he was eating a little better and looked a little perkier.

Yesterday and today he’s not eating as much and hanging out in the bedrooms by himself more.

I gave him fluids yesterday and today. He’s not very cooperative so 100 is all I could get in him at one time.

I don’t want to put him down too soon and I don’t want to wait too late.

I’ll see how he does this weekend and go from there. I’ve been trying to get prices of vets that do in home euthanasia, I know it make it easier on him. He’s a terrible traveler.