Jumper stallions for Arabian mare

I’m considering breeding one of my mares this next year. She has an A+ personality, which is why I’m considering breeding her. She also is one of the most naturally talented jumpers I’ve ever worked with.

However, she is not registered. She’s also a little on the short side; about 15h.

My ideal foal would have the personality of its mother while being about a hand taller. I’d also like something with some color/chrome. I love my pintos and palominos.

I’d like the stallion to have a excellent jump and ammy friendly personality. Those are my most important wants. On top of that, having some fun color would be nice.

I’ll include a photo of my mare. Sorry she’s not square, it’s hard to take photos by yourself :rofl:

I found a thread that is about 10 years old discussing Arabian/warmblood crosses and the cross seems to do really well, so that’s what I’m leaning towards.


Is she of “known” pedigree but unregistered? Or are you just guessing that she’s an Arabian? I’m asking because nothing about her really says “Arab” to me. That answer also, of course, plays into how predictable (or not) the results of breeding her would be.


Not guessing, I managed to find and contact a previous owner. However I have no pedigree info; they didn’t keep the records (passed them along when she sold, and somewhere along the line they became lost forever).

I mean, it’s always possible they are lying, but they have no financial or legal reason to. They were not the ones who sold her to me.

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I see. Is it possible she’s a Half Arabian? She looks very Quarter Horse-y in type and conformation.

Given the unknowns of her pedigree, I’d probably stick with a Thoroughbred stallion. Personally, I think sticking with a “closed” studbook will reduce the potential unpredictability of what she might produce. And, whether she’s a purebred Arab or a QH cross, the Thoroughbred is a tried and true cross with both breeds, so less risky all around.

My Adult Amateur hunter was a 15 hand chestnut 3/4 Arab, 1/8 TB, 1/8 QH gelding. He was a cool dude and extremely athletic. So I’m a little biased in favor of that particular cross, perhaps. :smiley:


It is possible; I mean, I haven’t seen whatever documentation they had on her.

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This was my Arab/TB/QH cross:


Considering that his sire was a Park horse and his dam was by an English Pleasure horse and out of an eventer, he turned out pretty darn nice. Lol.

I don’t know much about currently available jumper-type Thoroughbred stallions out there. Hopefully someone else here will have some ideas on that front. I’d definitely look for a stallion with a very good neck/shoulder/wither and some length of leg. She looks like a sweet girl and certainly has plenty of substance!

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What a nice horse! I do love my chestnuts.
A TB may be the way to go.

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It might be worth contacting the AHA. I think sometimes they can use DNA to find a horse’s registered name as long as it was born when DNA typing was required. I’m not sure if half-Arabs are DNA typed or not. It would be nice to have more registration options for your foal.

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DNA testing is only required for Half Arabs that want to show in certain classes at Nationals, and that is a fairly recent thing (after a couple of VERY prominent, winning “Half Arabs” turned out to be pure Quarter Horse…oops…). But, yes, if she’s a purebred and was ever registered, she can be identified by DNA. There’s a form somewhere on the AHA website to submit, and there is a cost (maybe $150? not sure) for running the test.

Edited to add: If a purebred is identified by DNA, then the current owner has to contact the registered owner to get the transfer paperwork signed. That may or may not be an option in every case, unfortunately.

Are you looking for frozen or fresh?

Mitril and Goldmaker come to mind for color in the US. Gotham is a smaller known WB dressage/jumper stallion that is homozygous for color.

Sax Gold Dust is a nice Morgan/Arabian stallion that would produce consistency with his Arabian lineage but not sure about his jumping ability.

If you are willing to consider other colors and frozen the door opens much wider.

Edited to add:

Check these guys out… it’s an older roster but many are probably available with even more foals on the ground.

You may not get significantly larger (which the mare may throw her size anyway regardless of a larger stallion) but I think you would get better consistency sticking with similar breeding. I also think the owners who are familiar with Arabs could assist you well.

I was leaning towards frozen, though she is maiden. But I felt the flexibility given with it would probably be worthwhile. So I’d definitely love some frozen suggestions.

I considered breeding her to an Arabian stallion, but as the baby will be for my use and I ride jumpers, I think I’d prefer either a TB or warmblood. I may consider a QH/APHA if it had spectacular talent but I haven’t seen any I’m impressed with.

Ok, I can keep thinking on it.

What specifically would you like to improve with your mare? What are her weaknesses? Does she need more shoulder freedom, a better canter, a better hind, that type of thing? I know you said you want size.

A friendly piece of advice - with a maiden mare, I’d go with fresh semen, ideally with a LFG. For example, it took 4 inseminations on a maiden mare I had in 2020, and had it been by the dose, it would have been about 7k with shipping and paying by the dose for semen not including veterinary. That was using very good fresh semen, too. Frozen without a contract can be a hard, expensive route.

Oh yes, I should have said a LFG is a must for me.
I go back and fourth on fresh vs frozen; I’ve heard good and bad stories from both.

I can’t comment on stallions, but to me she looks to be Spanish Arabian in her type. I’d be very curious to know her pedigree! Spanish arabs tend to be very robust in build and even keeled in temperament.

We had a maiden take on her first dose of frozen. However, she was at the clinic for nearly two weeks being ultrasounded every day to track the follicle, and was also flushed a few times to prevent any reactions. Frozen can be a PITA but if the mare is reproductively sound and the stallion has a vigorous product, (and you have an excellent repro vet!!!) it can work out.

edit: here is an unflattering pic of our 22 year-old straight Spanish arab mare. She was overweight when this was taken, but you can see that she has a similar build to your girl.

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Goldmaker and Sempatico are the only WB/TB stallions I know of in the US that will produce either palomino/buckskin or pinto with a LFG.

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She looks super similar!

Didn’t Goldmaker pass away recently? Or am I getting the palomino TB’s mixed up. I do think he has frozen though.

Very good possibility. Born in 1999 but Avalon does offer frozen.

What about Tatendrang? He is a Trak but they cross well on Arab mares. Rocket fuel semen frozen too. He doesn’t meet your chrome criteria but his foals are fantastic.


I just came on here to say I’m the BIGGEST idiot. I went back through the communications I had with the previous owner and she’s a Morgan.
Why did I think Arabian? Who the heck knows.

Should I be breeding my mare when I can’t even remember what breed she is? Probably not :rofl: