Jumps you don't see anymore

At least, I don’t see them on the west coast but I do remember jumping these as a kid in the UK. Small versions :wink: What do you no longer see in your area, and why?

Tiger Trap
Maybe it’s just called something different because trapping tigers is now frowned upon, maybe the V shaped logs were trapping more hooves than tigers, but I don’t see jumps like this.
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 12.58.10 PM

Irish bank
A grassy, rounded bank. You jump on, you jump off. If your horse is a loon, you jump over it. So many ways to have fun. Not the Hickstead bank - but they do have an irish bank at Hickstead.

Uprights in a row running down the side of a hill.

Uprights in a zig-zag.

Tire jumps
Combining that freely available jump building material and the junk yard aesthetic we all know and love… Hooves can get caught apparently. Never had anything but good times jumping them though! Jumps made of pallets and straw bales fall in this category too.

Stone walls
Maybe it’s because I grew up in the land of dry stone walls, but I haven’t seen a single stone wall jump here in the USA. East coast thing?

Fan jumps
Like a corner, but not.

What is this?
I don’t know what this is called but it looks fun!


Helsinki, stone walls and fan jumps were on the Groton House x-country course. Unfortunately they’re not running their recognized events anymore (made the announcement this year) :frowning:. Still see tire jumps at schooling events (this is Area 1).


I’ve jumped every one of these except the last one. We even had an Irish bank, a tire jump, and Helsinki where I used to board. I love these types of jumps! Even though someone, maybe Lucinda? says that the only reason to have a tire jump is if your jump sponsor is a tire shop or a junkyard.


I’m in Area 2 and have jumped BN/Novice/Training versions of all of those but the last one in the last few years. Mostly at schooling events though! There used to be a 3’ concrete pipe at one now discontinued event and another that had a galvanized steel one.

This is my favorite tire jump.


Going to build a Helsinki as part of our new XC course at my boarding barn! It’s one of my personal favorites :blush:


I am happy to report that many of these fences have presence in Area 1 - especially stone walls. Man, we have so many rocks here we can’t wait to build fences with them. :laughing:

These photos reminded me of one of my favorite events in Area 1 that no longer exists and sent me down a nostalgic trip – Stoneleigh Burnham. :smile:

In addition to possessing nearly every fence you’ve listed in your OP, the thing I loved about Stoneleigh was one of its more famous XC questions: an abruptly raised mound adjacent to where they ran SC on grass. This big mound had a log jump at its apex. IIRC it first appeared at Training and always rode well for me, but it freaked riders out because it was a steep mound with a big drop on the other side.

You can see it very faintly here, leftish center side of the image, with a log on top.

What I miss are the long stretches in deep woods between fences. The ones you walk a few times taking note of the terrain, including stones and roots. Now it seems like most courses present their questions in a big XC field. Likely increased land costs and the rarity of large swaths of land is a culprit.

I have fond memories of galloping through the woods in Area 1 being in my zen zone.


Well it sounds like I need to petition our local event to build a Helsinki, fan and Irish banks! Not sure why our jumps all seem to be kinda variations on logs, coops and roll tops…

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The thing with logs, coops and roll tops is that they can be moved as necessary, unlike walls, Helsinki, ditches. Though I have seen a moveable ditch.


Lol yeh, with the stones we gotta do something with them all! :joy:

Ooooh I LOVED that jump!

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Stop being so sensible! :yum:

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that sea serpent tire jump is delightful!


Can’t help it: it’s a major character flaw of mine.


I have jumped most of those on lower level (T/N) courses in Ontario in the past 10 years, helsinki, stone walls, fans, tires.

although stone walls became more scarce.

the only bank I remember that was intended to be jumped on and off, not over, was at Checkmate. Even at the lower levels (N/PT) there was one that we jumped up onto and had a gravel ramp to trot down.

whatever that thing is in the last photo in OP’s post … nope, this smurf has no desire to jump that … Yikes.

I’m in Area 1 and have jumped all of these except the fan jump and the last one (? what is that called?), in various events/hunter paces/ hunter trials/schooling outings.
They all rode very well and were so much fun!

That Sea Serpent tire jump is a beauty.

What’s the name of the jump that you jump up, gallop across the top for several strides and jump down? I thought that was an Irish bank but I may be wrong. There were two at a park on Long Island that was right along the highway going from south to north for the life I me, I can’t remember the name of the road. It was around Syosset/Muttontown area. One of the banks was at least 10 strides across the top and the other was about 6 strides.

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I remember the up/across/down bank fondly - Checkmate was my favourite event and I remember how my Appy was up, across and down before he knew what was happening, I could feel him thinking “what was THAT??” once we were past it. I think it was on the PT course. One of my favourite memories!

An Irish bank is a bounce or one stride, a Cornish bank is on/off but can be jumped completely (usually like a huge table with grass on it) and a Normandy bank is where you jump up onto the bank and jump off over a fence. As far as I know anything bigger than one stride is just a bank or bank/ drop.


You’re right in the US - though I based this off my growing up in the UK and Hickstead’s bank which is called an Irish bank even though it has neither retaining walls nor poles.

That’s not a tiger trap. We have that fence a lot here in Ontario.

A tiger trap is angled set of rails over a ditch.