Kentucky Derby 2022

Happy Derby week to all!
Figured the event needed its own thread for everyone to discuss post positions, favorites, long shots, etc.

Almost all of the horses’ had their final works over the weekend. I am just now getting around to viewing the works over the past week?

Horses I am liking so far:
Zandon — and my goodness is he beautiful individual! Doesnt mind being in traffic and dirt in his face. Ran almost dead last in a big field in the Blue Grass Stakes and came out in front. His grittiness reminds me a bit of Mine that Bird. I like him

Charge It — his florida derby was so green but so impressive. he looked toasted on the turn for home but kept finding gears despite running all over the place. i think he will be something to watch later in the year. his stride and way of moving is quite impressive.

Tiz the Bomb

My Long Shot- Crown Pride. Have to love his story. How many times has he worked in the past 2 weeks hehehe. And I know everyone is laughing at them for doing flatwork in the lane before his works; but as a sport horse-person; I have to appreciate it. He is very well broke and they have done a tremendous job keep his mind right, his soundness a priority, and despite the excessive amount of works he does look pretty impressive out on the track everyday. They brought him over a month early and out of all of the imports in the last few years to come to the Derby, I think he has impressed me most.

White Aborrio I am not all in on. He looked great in his off-scheduled work at Gulfstream but I am slightly concerned he is shipping in to an electric atmosphere at the last possible minute.


Happy Derby week to you as well!

I love the way Zandon has been training and I know I’m not the only one. Also really liking Charge It…I think he’ll be grabbing a piece of things if he gets the trip. Just such a talented individual.

I agree with you on Crown Pride, will be very interesting to see how he runs Saturday. Love the way he’s been training, just so eager and powerful yet calm and cool during the warm up and cool down in the chute.

Watching the post position draw now…will be very curious to see how everyone draws! :slight_smile:

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I like Epicenter, because of his breeding.

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Another Epicenter fan.

I also like Cyberknife (I love Gun Runner because I also love his sire Candy Ride) and he may be improving at the right time.

White Abarrio - who couldn’t like Saffie Joseph, Jr.? I got teared up watching his reaction after the FL. Derby. I don’t know if White Abarrio is among the fastest in the field, but he sure is versatile and is happy to do his job from any place in the pack.

As for the fillies, my heart is with Echo Zulu but it’s hard to tell off one race if she has improved at three or if the others have caught up with her. I also like Kathleen O., because of Shug McGaughey.

I thought his further-back pedigree was interesting. Mostly Irish/GB lines on the maternal side.

Also, Zandon’s maternal line is interesting. He goes back to Your Hostess, a Blue Hen mare, who was the great grandam of Kentucky Derby winner Majestic Prince. Her son was also third in the Derby (TV Commercial) She herself hailed from GB lines and her dam was 2nd in the Irish One Thousand Guineas

I really like Kathleen O as well.

Zandon is my pick. I like his trainer (Chad Brown) and owner. Chad Brown hasn’t won the Derby before. Zandon has overcome rough trips and other problems in his races. It looks like the distance won’t be a problem for him. He’s a really gorgeous horse too!

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got to love the Haiku Handicapper on Paulick this morning. a little hehehe:

" #9 – Tiz the Bomb
If Churchill burns down
And they move this to Turfway
He’d be worth a look

#12 – Taiba
Hey, remember when
Zedan said he wouldn’t run
If Bob wasn’t here?

#14 – Barber Road
Has some closing jets
That never have enough gas

#17 – Classic Causeway
Came back from the bench
To run about as well as
The horse he nudged out"


Is this cause for concern? I’m guessing most of these horses are on for medication withdrawal times.

I’m going for the longshot–Crown Pride.


That’s interesting.

The 14 day vet’s list isn’t a med withdrawal time, it’s the time on the vet’s list after any joint injection. I can’t imagine that a trainer would take the chance of running a horse in the Oaks or the Derby on it’s first day off the list, if they’d had a corticosteroid injection, unless they had their horse tested first to make sure the drug had cleared.

The article mentions hyaluronic joint injections as well. That would be my guess.

I think it would be better for them to say something in response. However, I doubt the general public knows that some Derby horses are thought to need joint injections, and I can understand a trainer’s reluctance to discuss it. The timing isn’t good.

None of those horses are on the “bleeder” list so it’s not that.

It could well be that this is a common occurrence and that it’s only surprising because the Vet’s list isn’t generally made public (though I’m sure it could be found if one wanted to dig.)

Perhaps @LaurieB would know. I don’t think Pletcher et all would be so reckless as to take a chance that a steroid hadn’t cleared, especially in the current climate. After all , the trainer no doubt decided the timing of the injections, if indeed injections are the reason the horses are on the list.

White Abarrio is a very handsome colt. :slightly_smiling_face:


I took a dive into the regulations :grimacing: and it is unclear to me if HA articular injections are subject to the 14 day rule. Steroids certainly are.

Interesting that a trainer can ask for “clearance testing” before a race. However, if the horse tests negative, runs, and tests positive post race, the “clearance test is not a safe harbor”…

Ethereal Road is out, Rich Strike is in.


Well crap re Ethereal Road out of Derby. Wayne Lukas’s wife Laurie was a Quarter Horse, Hunter-Jumper trainer here in Colorado for decades and still has a horse farm here doing the Ranch Horse classes. Was excited to see her get to do the Derby walk again. Rooting for their filly in the Oaks.

can you imagine being the connections of Rich Strike this morning :exploding_head: :partying_face:


Full replay here

Secret Oath wins the KO


Impressive Oaks win for Secret Oath. I was completely charmed by her owners and their comments in the winner’s circle.

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I really enjoyed the Oaks this year. Too fun!