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Krol Hearing for Michael Barisone 7/16

Hey All,

Just wanted to post a reminder that there is a Krol hearing for Michael Barisone on Tuesday, July 16 at 10 a.m. in Judge Taylor’s courtroom at Morris County Courthouse.

It would be nice to have as many supporters there as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or private message me.



Thank you for the update! Hopefully this hearing will bring good news!


Thank you for the reminder @cutter99!

Jingles for team Michael.


Thank you for the notice. This time I will really try and attend.


I just saw this story and thought of Michael’s travails with on-line harrassment. He had no chance on police taking any action based on what is happening to this woman.

A woman has been locked in a custody and child support battle for years with her ex-partner, a computer whiz with a sizable social media following and a well-documented disregard for court orders. Since moving to Florida in 2021, he had been offering money on Facebook for information regarding his children, including:
$25 per photo of the girls.
$50 for videos.
$100 for the address of a mother-child yoga class Ward was organizing.
$10,000 for anyone who can bring the girls to him for “a peaceful, arranged meeting.”

Records show that in the year leading up to the shopping trip, Ward and her attorney Lindsay Nathan had sought help from the Chicago police, Cook County prosecutors and Facebook employees. They all listened to her story and then explained why they couldn’t do anything about the posts, a reflection of the complex and, often, apathetic response to electronic harassment in towns across Illinois.

A Tribune analysis of crime data shows Chicago police made arrests in only 2% of the domestic-related electronic harassment and cyberstalking complaints received in the past 10 years. And since 2021 — the year Ward first went to authorities with her concerns — the arrest rate has been about 1%.

In a telephone interview with the Tribune, the children’s father, Micah Berkley, confirmed he wrote the posts soliciting pictures of his daughters on social media. He said he also seeks photographs through targeted Facebook ads that appear in the feeds of people who live within a ½-mile radius of Ward’s house and the children’s school.
A Tribune analysis found the Chicago Police Department receives thousands of electronic harassment and cyberstalking complaints each year, more than a third of which are categorized as domestic-related. In 2023, for example, more than 2,400 people reported being electronically harassed or cyberstalked in Chicago — with more than 800 of them saying the abuse was perpetrated by someone with whom they have a familial or intimate relationship.>

Of those 824 domestic-related complaints last year, only nine — 1% — resulted in an arrest.


OMG. That is a HORRIFIC story. I can not even begin to imagine what it feels like to walk in that mother’s shoes.

I do not understand why the authorities are doing nothing about a man essentially soliciting kidnapping of 3 year old children.



Just another 9 days until Michael Barisone’s Krol hearing. It would be incredible to pack the courtroom with those who support Michael, and send a message to both the judge, the prosecutor and the Kanarek family!

People think this cannot happen to them, and I am sure Michael thought it couldn’t happen to him. This is what happens when a mentally ill, narcissistic grifter sets their sights on getting what you have.

LK did not do this alone. She was fully supported by at least her father in the endeavor to “Finish the bastard”, and her mother now runs around the courthouse now making believe her daughter was the victim.

Funny, for all of Kirby Kanarek’s emotional ramblings while scurrying about the courthouse like a rat trying to make off with the cheese, trying to make everyone believe her daughter was the victim, isn’t it amazing that when LK was released from the hospital she went to a hotel, and not the family home???

You all remember her father, right, who posted here under the name Inigo Montoya until he was banned?

Does anyone remember when Inigo Montoya claimed that LK would be happy to train under Michael once he was released?

What father makes a statement like that about a man accused of shooting his daughter???

A man who knows Michael Barisone did not shoot his daughter, that’s who!!!

Stand up for a man who has been victimized for almost 5 years! Just remember this could have been or could be you!




A little off topic, but I just checked out the twitter page of that woman’s ex and did a 2 minute dive into his website…omg it’s insane. He says he uses AI for everything (and that’s his grift, “teaching” people how to use AI), and he really did use AI to go after the mother of his kids. Absolutely scary.

To be harassed online by the same person over several years with very little protection is horrifying.


Let’s also not forget that the crime scene investigation was incomplete and did not include testing ANYONE for gun shot residue and that 1 participant was allowed out of the officers’ sight for a period of time.

That should frighten everyone.


You know what is really sad?

The actual number of things that were handled correctly.

Honestly, we could spend more time than any of us would want, going over the list of things that were done incorrectly.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow someone will use this case to teach a master class in what not to do in law enforcement, prosecution, etc.

I also believe there a quite a few here who now know what it is like to deal with a grifter like LK, and her literal dog and pony show. I think we have all learned with grifters like this if you give them enough rope, they will overplay their hand and hang themselves.

But, let’s now talk about what good came out of this.

It has opened many eyes to the fact that grifters like LK exist and walk among us.

It shows us that not all that glitters is gold. It also shows us that many times what does not glitter holds a greater value than what does.

Michael Barisone has learned who truly cares about him, and who his “ride or die” people are.

If you listened to the coping skills Michael Barisone has gained through his treatment, you will think about how much growth you could personally receive through therapy.

Friendships have been forged, sometimes between very unlikely people.

We have learned that standing up for what you think is right can get you threatened by a supposed “victim”, but that you need to stand up for what is right.

We have learned that many strangers, who do not know us in any way, will step up to offer support, whether it be on an anonymous poster on a forum, or in person.


And we have learned that sometimes, truth IS stranger than fiction.
Honestly, if this was a television show, I would say it was WAY over the top. I would never have thought this actually happened.


This actually makes Lifetime movies look sane and believable, doesn’t it?


Yeah exactly.

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Thank you for this - so many lessons learned!


Less than a week until Michael Barisone’s Krol hearing, Tuesday, July 16, 10 a.m.

There is a very nice parking garage that is easy to get in and out of, and will even accommodate a dually!

Morris County Courthouse
Judge Taylor’s Courtroom, 3rd Floor


Here is to keeping MB in my most positive thoughts. Hoping Judge T learns the law.


Sending virtual support to MB and his people.


It happens in the “high dollar” horse world more than you would think. I personally witnessed it years ago at a hunter/jumper barn in Pennsylvania, a person with little or no talent but money moved into the property because she wanted to be a’part of that world" without having the work ethic, talent, or horses. I have seen it many times in the gaited horse world in Tennessee, and even recently in the reining horse world, and I am just a senior horse owner/boarder, I don’t have a “dog in those fights” but it’s amazing what goes on.


well I have seen clients worth hundreds of millions that were mistaken for the hired help

The major take away from this mess is to do a complete prepurchase inspection of a client before taking them on just one would do for a horse.