Last news stallion

Does anybody have any info on the stallion Last News by Good News Joe?
has he been gelded, if not does anyone know where he’s standing or if there’s frozen available? Anyone had anything to do with progeny or him personally? Been finding it hard to find info for him… seems to be one of the last Bonne Nuit line stallions around, does anyone know of any others?

Triple Twist is available frozen, his son will be available next year I believe. I hope Vineyridge checks in, I think she’s kept track of this line. I think there’s another one named Knock Wood?

Not TB but V’Tropez is by Abdullah out of a Twist bred mare. Also, there’s a stallion named Silver Twist, I believe Abdullah out of a Twist bred mare.

I knew him as a youngster. Last I heard he was standing in Ireland. I’m not aware of him being available in the US.

There are a few Bonne Nuit stallions around in the US. There is Gemini–the clone of Gem Twist. I know he has had a few foals now.

The owner of Triple Twist I know had a stallion son by him and still has some frozen. She was considering gelding him but was going to collect and freeze some.

There is Silver Twist–dam line is Good Twist (sire of Gem Twist)

This stallion is damline traces to Bonne Nuit

This stallion has Bonne Nuit

I know that Greg Best had a stallion too…can’t remember his name at the moment. ETA Knock Wood is his name.

There are also several mares out there as well. Here is one!aprils-twist/cw5b

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I found Silver Twist and really liked him but when I contacted the people he’d been sold and they didn’t know how to get in contact with the owner which is a real shame as he is a lovely looking horse. Also like V’Tropez but not so keen on the predominantly warmblood stallions as I am looking for more of the tb blood. Does anyone know of a contact for the people with Last News? Also, what did Triple Twist end up doing before he died, the info on his site is from 2007… the stud now stands Comet Shine if I’m not mistaken…

Last I heard he was still in Ireland with a rather dicey reputation, which is based on two things–temperament and throwing a large number of small horses. I know he had one horse at the Lanaken Show Jumping Young Horse World Championships a couple of years ago; and one of his gelded sons is going to the WEG as a member of the British Eventing Team–Tina Cook and her homebred De Novo News.

I seem to recall that the place he was standing went under or something. For more news, I’d suggest posting on the Horse & Hound forums. He was approved AES, so you might find information on their website or at least have a chance of getting information on how to get in touch with his owners from them.

As a last resort, you could try PMing Weatherford who lives in Ireland.

Comet Shine died a year or so ago. There is Coconut Grove frozen available.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: do you know of any other thoroughbred stallions from that line that stand at stud? Shame about Comet Shine, seems their site is very out of date… are there any other thoroughbred stallions that stand as performance sire? I’ve been able to find a few, A Fine Romance, Innkeeper and Sea Accounts but are there many others? Also know of a few in the UK and Germany but am trying to get an idea of what’s out there and what’s available via frozen as I’m in Australia…

There are a ton of performance TBs (not Bonne Nuit line though). But not many approved by the WB registries.

The one that I posted earlier
is a full TB. Not sure if they freeze him though.

I don’t know alot that are froze for Australia. Mystic Replica is a full TB. He is not Bonne Nuit line but he is a Babamist (Mystic). Another huge line for producing jumping TBs especially event horses. Not sure is they collect him for Australia but he is a nice horse.

I know of several younger TB stallions that people are starting to stand as event breeding is becoming more poppular. But otherwise, for frozen…Have you looked at the Favouritas? I know there is frozen for him and he has some get who have competed at the highest levels in jumpers and eventing.

There are a several more in the UK depending on what you need but not sure which ones are collected for Australia. There have got to be some good TB stallions in Australia though.

I’ve heard a rumor that Koyuna may have some Brilliant Invader semen frozen. If they do, it would probably cost an arm and leg, and even then they’d have to be persuaded to sell.

Another stallion out of a Bonne Cause line mare is Loyal Tendencies who stands in Georgia at Maggie’s Menagerie. At least he did. Fun and Fancy Free is a TB stallion in Virginia whose dam is out of Bally Cor. I don’t know if either stallion is frozen for export.

Sea Lion (registered as Sea Elephant) has started but not finished Rolex, is a confirmed 3* horse, is out of the same sire as a pure TB dressage horse, is close kin to Sea Accounts, and was approved and licensed by the American Trakehner Association last year. I’m quite certain that he would do frozen, but whether export frozen is an unknown. He is not, however, from the Bonne Cause line.

Forgot to say I really liked Cor Magnigiqu, do you know anything about his progeny? Or Loyal Tendencies progeny?

I’ve looked into both Favoritas and Esteban are both on my list. Also looked at Wilawander, Markus Deak, Mount Etna and a few others. I’ve got a list of about 44 stallions but a lot are old or dead and there’s a few that it’s hard to find info on… I will look at those stallions suggested :slight_smile:

I’ve also heard the rumour about Brilliant Invader semen but only on forums and I think if it’s true, the likelihood of getting your hands on some is very remote… in terms of Australian stallions we don’t have a lot that I can find, Shane Rose stands one but he never had a performance career, there’s another who never did much due to a knee injury but very well bred. We also have Gwaihir Zodiac who evented to 2* before retiring due to illness, he’s very nice. There are a few others but over here most are bred to race so stand for ridiculous stud fees and most are bred on similar lines, hence the interest overseas as I’d like to get some different blood into mine.

From the two, Sea Lion and Sea Accounts, which has the better movement? They both look like they can jump but I remember watching a video of Sea Accounts (I’m pretty sure it was him) and wasn’t particularly taken with his movement…

Of course, if you really want to go with the unproved yet, but still very, very promising, there’s Gemini. He’s the Gem Twist clone that stands with Frank Chapot. There is another Gem Twist clone, but very young, in England.

Has he had any foals yet? Be interesting to see if he gets many mares as people seem a little “concerned” about the who clone standing as a stallion thing…

Have you thought about Primitive Proposal or Future Illusion?

Both are in the UK. Not sure PP does frozen though.

Yes he has had several foals. Mostly jumper bred mares. The pictures that I’ve seen look good but that’s all I know.

I’m a sucker for a cute face and Future Illusion is adorable!

I did find this Youtube video of Sea Lion.

There are a lot of Youtube videos of Sea Accounts. Just put in his name and stallion. Here’s one of him doing a 4th Level, test 1.

Both Primitive Proposal and Primitive Academy are on my list, as are the two other stallions they stand, Denounce and Rainbow High. I emailed the people but never heard back so may try again… Future Illusion is lovely, I do like the trakehners…

How old are the Gemini foals? I will have to look into him…

I’ve been looking at video of Sea Accounts and Sea Lion, they seem to have pretty typical tb movement from the video I’ve seen. What sort of movement have they been throwing to their progeny?

For horses standing in the UK, this is a nice site

Have you thought about Primitive Proposal
The stud is top notch and have always had really good TB stallions.

Power Blade is another TB who has caught my eye. He stands at Harthill Stud which is owned by Nina Barbour and Oliver Townend

Mill Law is very successful 7/8 TB

I thought Tatendrang was being frozen so he could be exported to Australia --not a TB I know but a lovely tall leggy blooded stallion that knocks the socks off at dressage and goes around and jumps clean in time. He has done everything asked and he has shown there is more to ask and show yet. :slight_smile:

I forgot about Sula Blue in the UK. I know he’s shown as having only fresh and chilled, but you might be able to talk his owner into freezing for Australia. I know she’s very approachable, and has a TB sporthorse breeding dream. So if your mare is TB, she might work with you. It is possible, at least in the US, to import frozen semen privately.

What about Britannia’s Mail? Way too young to have any under saddle, but he’s got lots of TB and certainly has the pedigree to go all the way. He’ll be doing the young horse WC at Le Lion this year if he is sound and qualifies. If he doesn’t, he won’t be worth breeding to. and I’d think Lucinda Fredericks would be more than willing to jump through hoops to send to Australia.