Lentenor Consigned to Keeneland December Digital Sale

13 year old son of Dynaformer o/o La Ville Rouge consigned by Calumet Farm. It’ll be interesting to see how he is received.

Musketier is also being auctioned as well as a 2% share of Paynter, perhaps the bank recouping Zayat’s share?

Lentenor has done really, really poorly. His books have been in the single digits most years, with only 30 foals of racing age to his name.

This would be a good change for domestic buyers to band together and purchase him, either for Old Friends or to retrain for sport.

Someone HAS to buy Musketier for sport horse breeding. He’s done even worse than Lentenor yet he has sooooo many fans in the sport horse world.

I can’t imagine either is going to go for much, but you never can tell with these things.

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Yes, it will be interesting to see who buys them and what they are willing to pay.

Holy cow, Calumet has several of their stallions for sale.

I mean, I’m surprised but not surprised. They bought all these unconventional sires and didn’t seem to achieve what they had hoped with them. Thus is the game.

maybe they should take the same route as Normandy Invasion’s camp… Geld and find him a really good sporthorse home with a good trainer. Lentenor has all of the makings to be an excellent prospect

I have room at the Inn…

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Calumet seemed to be interested in turf horses and those with long careers. They’ve been selling off some lovely broodmares the last few years as well. Too bad the unconventional did not work out. They would all be lovely for sporthorse breeding, especially with the long careers indicating soundness.

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That is what they have done with all of his siblings.

I am somewhat surprised there were not provisions for that to happen with him.

Maybe they were really, really hoping ONE full Barbaro sibling would throw something exceptional? (Though none seem to have even been halfway close to him on the track or off.)

Maybe someone will try him for sport-horse offspring.

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Of course that is what they were hoping. But like his other full brother, he has not succeeded in the shed, so I don’t know if anyone still has any hope for this.

Most of his brothers have been gelded and retrained to ride. There is one half brother standing in Argentina last I heard.

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Nicanor is at Old Friends after an unremarkable stud career. I don’t know if he was gelded or not…if he got that Dynaformer temperament he could be tough to deal with.

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I thought the plan was to geld him when retired from stud duty at Shamrock, but maybe I’m wrong on that or maybe they changed their minds. But his temperament is not bad. None of them have a bad temperament.

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Is the Friends of Barbaro crowd still around? Or did they switch to Zenyatta or California Chrome?

I still remember one of the FoB crowd posting pictures of the Barbaro shrine she had set up in her small apartment… and sharing how he “talked” to her every day and followed her around. He even helped her out at the grocery store - or so she said. It is a good thing that only she could see or hear him - the sight of a large Thoroughbred colt ambling down the aisle in Safeway checking out the sale items would be rather disconcerting to the passers-by…

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Looks like he’s been withdrawn from the sale:


I think the last time I got “fan mail” from an FOB was in 2009 or 2010… I think they have more or less found other horses to go cuckoo bananas over. But the thank you letters and cards persisted for quite awhile after he died, which was especially concerning because a) I was a very minor player in all this and b) I moved states twice and was still getting mail with my new addresses. How on earth were they getting my address is beyond me, I’m the type of person who doesn’t even remember to tell my parents my new address when I move.

Looks like all the Calumet stallions have.

Normandy Invasion could have been a good sport horse sire, it was a shame to geld him before finding out if he had talent in any sport discipline. Shame Lentenor didn’t pan out, he will probably sell cheap enough for someone to buy him privately. Calumet started out with lesser stock, I think they are just culling the bottom level.

My guess would be that they brokered deals on all of them, which often happens with cataloged stallions.

I’ve noticed that stallions are often withdrawn from auctions, to my disappointment because I looked forward to seeing them and what they would bring.