Light moss green breeches?

In light of the new rules, my current tailcoat deemed illegal, and as of today a new grey horse, I’m thinking mossy green… Anyone know of nice, light, mossy green breeches?
I am a fan of FITS, and Horze Grand Prix, but very open to others. As this is FLorida, lighter is better, and no cotton, I cant stand it!


New horse? That sounds exciting! Congratulations!

I think PS of Sweden do a light green, and I have a friend who is sponsored by Equestresse Atelier who was wearing something that color the other day.

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Bit of a brain fart here, but what else would you wear in Florida heat, hemp? I hate anything synthetic.


If you have a pair of white breeches you aren’t using, it’s super easy to dye them any color you’d like. I use Rit DyeMore (that’s the one for synthetics) and have recolored a bunch of old breeches and sun/show shirts.

They have a chart here that can help you figure out a color, if one of their standard colors isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. I usually err on the side of lighter (less dye), because I can always add more or redye if I want it darker.


let’s see your new horse :heart_eyes:

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I do wish these brands would stop with the giant thigh logos but these seem promising:


Cotton stays wet with sweat. The newer technical fabrics are MUCH much cooler. I feel the same way IRT t-shirts - there is a very short window of the year when I wear them.

browner than I am thinking… looks like mud to me… but the brand looks interesting thanks!!

Can you point to something that is “moss green” to you? Some people think saturated green and others think grey green all the way to green-beige. An example (doesn’t need to be clothes) of the color you’re looking for would really help …


Is this what you would consider light moss green? I’ve seen a few breeches in a mossy green, but not sure they are light enough.

Call me traditional, but the classic white breeches/black coat would look the best on a gray. No? (OK, I’m no fun, but I love the classic look).


I have a pair of these! They are brown though. Other than then being a titch snug in the waist, I adore them - they are endlessly stretchy. However they have a big phone pocket on either thigh so I’m not sure if that may be a little less appealing for a dressage fit.

The PS of Sweden ones look cute -

FITS has a color they call moss, but it looks bluish to me -

Samshield has an Agave, but this might be a deeper green than you want -

Equestrian Stockholm has Evening Haze, but again this may be darker than you want -

B Vertigo (higher end Horze line) has wild grass - &


Tuffrider has their ribbed breeches (SOOO comfy!) in Duck Green, which looks like what you’re looking for.


I don’t know how we can evaluate shades of green without seeing THE HORSE!:smiley::unicorn:


Yes, please. We would love to see your new grey. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I saw these today.

thats pretty close!

@cbg, I took a look at those dye formula samples… I imagine you control the density of the color with time control… interesting idea.

@AltersAreUs, well, I’ll try…

@Fiesta01, yes classy is nice. But since they have determined that my brown tailcoat is no longer legal (it has black mesh under the arms for ventilation…), I have a bit of an axe to grind, I suppose. A bit of color is refreshing.

@GreyDes, wow, super shopper! I’ll take a minute to look at all those! Thanks!!

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@GreyDes, the PS of Sweden is just what I’m looking for!
Anyone know how they fit?

Totally understand. I never saw the mesh under the arms. What a great idea. Good luck with the search. Still want to see your new horse.:grin: