Listing of Hunt trail rides

Anyone have a link to the list of upcoming hunt trail rides…or do I have to go from hunt website to hunt website to check their schedules?


I don’t.

Bridlespur is having one May 22nd at the club open to all. This is near St. Louis Missouri if anyone is interested.

I try to keep close tabs on them all but it is difficult as there is no central place where they are all listed. The Fauquier Times used to have a weekly column that listed them (it was wonderful!) but alas, it ended about 2 years ago.

Bull Run was/is doing Thursday walks and switiching to Sat AM rides this month I think, (see site);

Snickersville had their first ride yesterday (as I think you know?), not sure how may they will have;

Piedmont has put out their May schedule by mail (3 rides);

Blue Ridge has begun Sat. rides also (see website).

Warrenton starts late in the season on Wed and/or Sun evenings; Old Dominion usually has 3 in May and 3 in Aug; Rappy usually posts on their site and Thornton hill has a mailing they send as they have lots of rides. Fairfax usually has 3-4 rides and Loudon West has 6ish. Loudon has a few too, see their website (they end their seson with a lovely BBQ). Middleburg, check their website - they have super rides, such as the one from Foxcroft.

Further south, Farmington has 2 rides a week beginning Memorial day weekend. Keswick may or may not have a rides, they had a few last summer. Casanova has the fox hunters clinic in late summer and I do not think they have weekly rides any more. MOCB ususally has a few rides as well (good country!).

Further afield: Glenmore, Middlebrook, Deep Run, Princess Anne, (very historic venues on the James River) Reedy Creek, Colonial, Rockbridge, Commonwealth, Caroline, Oak Ridge…they nearly all have rides, but I do not follow them as closely. Most post schedules on their websites.

Most have tailgates afterwards and I can’t say enough good things about the summer rides. Great for starting young horses, learning where fixtures are without the stress of a hunting morning, exploring new country at a leisurely pace, and catching up with and making new friends on the trail.

Also, am seeing more and more “non-hunt affliated” rides, many overnighters, being advertised. There is a big one coming up at Glenwood Park but it conflicts with the Hound Show.

Do keep us posted if you hear of any others, thanks.

Rappahannocks are on the web site as are Bull Run’s.

Thanks, T! I chatted with one of my Piedmont Hunt neighbors today - she’s going to scan the PH trail ride card and email it to me.

I know Fairfax is having a ride this weekend at Rock Hill Farm, just outside of Bloomfield. Gorgeous area - sure to be a super ride. I’ll post the particulars as soon as I get them again (due to my leaky brain for not remembering the details when I chatted with my Fairfax Hunt neighbor, Roy, the other day.)

Snickersville’s trail ride calendar is here. The ride yesterday was a blast! Two groups, one fast, one slow. Fast did group WTC along Goose Creek which included (if one wished) some fun jumping over downed trees on the trail. Next ride is from River Lee Farm at 10:00am. Cost is $20. I think (hope) they are going to try to have them all summer.

I checked out Bull Run as I have friends who hunt with them. Would love to go but…with the $ of diesel being $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Oy vey!! I may have to save my pennies for those rides. Also have a good friend that hunts with Rappahhock - their schedule looks like grand fun. They are also wonderful people to hunt with - super friendly with gorgeous country. Waiting for Middleburg and Loudoun West to post their schedule.

Yes, lots of non-hunt rides, many benefit rides, are popping up. Virginia rides can be found on or at

I retired my endurance pony May 1st (just after he turned 21) and have another to take his place in Endurance, so now he’s going to devote 100% of his time to foxhunting. REALLY looking forward to hunting non-stop this coming season since I won’t have to break off in January to give him a break before the start of Endurance season in March. Hooray!!! :smiley:

We just stuck this thread so folks can post information for their hunts or other dates of which they’re aware, as a reference.

When this thread is out-of-date, feel free to send us a reminder to unstick it. :slight_smile:

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I will post Middleburg’s schedule on the FB page when I receive it. Feel free to “like” the page to receive updates.!/pages/Middleburg-Hunt

Thanks, SSR. I clicked on Middleburg Hunt and now can watch for updates. :slight_smile:

Found FB links for a few other Northern Virginia hunts as well:

Snickersville Hounds
Bull Run Hunt
Loudoun Hunt
Rappahannock Hunt
Thornton Hill
Blue Ridge Hunt (closed group)


Thanks for the heads up on Rock Hill - just lovely country and a favorite fixture to ride out from. Hate to miss it but might have to.

Busy weekend; Sat is Mother’s Day and the Arboretum at Blandy is having their flower sale which I have heard is not to be missed. Then Sunday there is a coaching event, as I was told, at “Bobby Lee’s”. Now that made me smile! It only happens once every 4 yrs and I do not want to miss it.

I did tell you the NSL is having their carriage event this fall too? Oct. 7-9. Always beautiful.


Diesel is killing me too. I have reluctantly cut back and am planning on staying closer to home as well.

How about I leave a summer trail pony at your place and you can leave one at mine? That way we can each drive trailerless north/south to do the rides and have a mount waiting! :slight_smile:

Would love to hear about MD and PA rides; hear that GSV has a good program as does Cheshire. Never know where one might be visiting!

Fair Hill in upper MD is on my agenda for some riding, as are some Civil War battlefields (Gettsyburg and Valley Forge spring to mind). Rode Manassas for the first time this past fall - oh, had the just the best time exploring a little corner of PW/L Co that has escaped the asphalt.

History and horses in the great outdoors, it doesn’t get any better.

Our trail ride schedule will be here as soon as it is loaded to the website.
The first one is scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd 10am.


Busy weekend; Sat is Mother’s Day and the Arboretum at Blandy is having their flower sale which I have heard is not to be missed. Then Sunday there is a coaching event, as I was told, at “Bobby Lee’s”. Now that made me smile! It only happens once every 4 yrs and I do not want to miss it.

I did tell you the NSL is having their carriage event this fall too? Oct. 7-9. Always beautiful.[/QUOTE]
I forgot about Mother’s Day this weekend! Eeek! Better remind DH and DS - least they forget (which I can assure you, they have).

Heard about the 4-in-hand event again this fall for the Nat’l Sporting Library. We’ll have to make sure everyone knows as the time approaches that this is absolutely a “do not miss” on the calendar.

If I can get (and post) Piedmont Foxhounds trail ride schedule, I wouldn’t have to have host my own ride - they cover my locale quite nicely. :smiley: At the moment all I could offer is lots of trail riding on gravel roads, or perhaps a 23 mile round trip ride to the Shenandoah River up and over the Blue Ridge Mountain as all the surrounding fields are still very soft from the unrelenting rains. The roads are still pretty rough for the carriages, too. Many, many washouts still waiting to be fixed.

KateDB - the NM-MVH has stunning territory! I may just have to tuck away a few more diesel pennies just so I can head north and west for some of your rides!

Forgot to link, the event at “Bobby Lee’s” this weekend:

Heard there are foxhunters w/4 in hands from PA etc.

We like it too :smiley:

We host the July 31st trailride right here in WV! And in fact, we have 3 WV trailrides in the Eastern Panhandle, all in July, well worth the drive. Perhaps diesel will have dropped a tad, but really, we are not that far up Rt.340 and the new Rt.9 (as much as I hate using it, it IS convenient)!

Metamora Hunt Trail Rides

For those of you in Michigan: Please come and join us!

Will leave from the Hunt kennels on Barber Rd. Dates and times:
Sunday, May 8th. at 3pm.
Saturday, May 14th. at 10am.
Saturday, May 21st. at 10am.
Sunday, May 29th. at 3pm.

Please call the kennels (810-678-2711) before each date for updated information.

Piedmont Rides in May:

May 14, Delaplane;

May 21, Upperville,

May 28, Bluemont.

All at 9 AM; call tape for further details, 540 592 7199

Thank you very much, a really nice sharing

Blue Ridge Hunt rides:

Hi all
Sat May 14 9 am The Pines $20
The Pines is located on Pyletown Rd… from Rt 340 north of Boyce turn left onto Pyletown about 3 miles
Parking will be just west of the Pines in Bartley park on either side of the field just after you enter Bartley
Questionable weather call the monitor 837 1820 questions in general call Doris 247 6123
Sun May 22 ride at Blandy 10am a current coggins must be shown

New Market Middletown Valley Hounds full trailride information is now posted!