LK3DE Live Stream Chat

Making a new thread for the competition and watching the live stream!

Stream here:


Doug Payne is up next :grimacing:

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Who is the commentator that replaced Frankie for this next set?

Nice test from DP. I didn’t love it as much as Tammie’s, but very well ridden.


Bobby Meyerhoff.

I love Starr Witness. A stunning RED mare.

That is all.


The thing is it’s not going to be a dressage show. It’s all about that rain…lol


Anyone else’s live stream getting a bit funny? Mine keeps freezing and replaying the same few bits of Sara’s test.


Yup. Mine is hiccuping - previously it was running very well. I didn’t get to watch hardly any of her test, how was it?

Yes, mine too.

Yep, mine is too.

Well, at least it’s not just me! It was working wonderfully before so I’m sure they’ll sort it out. I’m sad that I missed Sara’s test, though!

Glad to hear it’s not just my shite internet. Audio comes and goes too.

Doesn’t look like they had too many ppl take them up on the cut outs lol


Apparently it’s snowing again there lol

has anyone else lost the live feed? It has gone back to earlier rides?

I lost the live stream about 10 minutes ago.

Live stream sucks. Hopefully they fix it for Saturday. 6 degrees. OMFG Canadians will be in their element.


yep live feed went crappy on me a couple rides ago. Cuts out and sticks. Hopefully they can fix it? Probably overloaded servers? Doesnt bode well for XC day…

Ugh, so frustrating! :disappointed:

I know and I hope they have a plan for all that rain and their systems lol