Longines NYC fun!

Does anyone want to meet up at the Longines Global Tour? GA tickets are free for Saturday, and I will be going!

Is there a schedule posted somewhere? Realistically, I don’t think I can make it work around my weekend plans, but they do have a tendency to put on fun events.

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Now how would you get there from the New Jersey side? :thinking:

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I “bought” 4 free GA tix. If anyone wants to hang.

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Come park in Red Hook for free and drink rose on the ferry!!!

Good to know, thanks!

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Offer is open! I think it could be a blast!

I’m out of town and am SO bummed. :sob:

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Oh Noooooo… do not go to the Brooklyn side. That is all kinds of terrible Staten Island, Verrazano, and BQE traffic. You will hate your life (but drinking rosè does sound fun) You could brave the Staten Island ferry and the Gov Island ferry is next door… SI ferry runs like every 30 mins or so and there’s ample parking.
If you’re closer to Hoboken/Northern NJ, you can either take the PATH train from Hoboken/Newark/Jersey City (get there early bc trains can run funky on weekends and take the WTC train). It’s about 10-15 walk or you can take the 1 train subway downtown to Gov Island ferry by Staten Island.

LOL, that’s fair! I think I am used to it. The ferry from Red Hook is only 8 minutes, so you might make up for the traffic with the fast ferry, though!

ETA: just have to down your rose quickly! Ha!

Planning on attending Saturday! What is the best way to plan to get there? I’m driving in from Far Hills/Bedminster NJ. I was mentally planning on going to the Brooklyn/Red Hook side to get there… is there easy parking for taking the ferry or is it going to be a whole process?

For living in NJ almost my entire life I’ve never been to NY so I have no idea!

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Edited: Parking here in Red Hook is street parking and easy on weekends. I can’t say what Staten Island or Manhattan parking would be like, but if you want to park here and take the ferry with me, parking should be painless here. Can’t say the same for the Gowanus Expressway inbound. Ferry is one stop to Gov Island.

Ah! I might have come but am filling in for trainer at the barn for afternoon chores tomorrow as she’ll be at her sisters wedding. :frowning:

It’s the 24th!

I wouldn’t drive. You can take NJ Transit from Peapack/Gladstone to Penn Station, 1 train downtown to South Ferry, and grab the ferry to Governor’s Island.

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OH! Duh! :thinking:

I just love the idea of taking a Walk Trot Canter train anywhere! :smiley:


I was thinking the same thing at first, and hoping I could detour there on my way through New Jersey this weekend. Sadly, next week I will not be within detour range. Not even close. Lol.