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Looking for a barn in Franklin TN

Hi guys!! I have been riding for 8 years, and 5 of them competitively. I started out at a barn that has a “family” aspect to it, but I had to leave that barn for various reasons. Now I have a wonderful trainer that I wouldn’t give up for anything, but I am looking for another barn with that feel. However, most barns like that have in-house trainers already and are not open to outside trainers. I’m 15, and I hate riding by myself. I’m currently at a barn of all adults that are working during the times that I am riding, and it gets really lonely. Does anyone know of a barn that:
-has girls and/or guys around my age (fun adults are good too… I just love having company)
-takes good care of horses (full care is necessary as I am in high school and can’t drive myself to the barn)
-is or is very close to Franklin (can’t be in Fairview or College Grove… too far)
-is affordable in boarding cost (open to pasture or stall)
-has a full course of jumps
-an arena with good footing and lighting for night time

-trails for hacking or galloping
-indoor arena

Thanks so much guys!

Bill Hoos does a great job with juniors, and seniors too.

I actually do not know a whole lot about the area, but I would also recommend the Hoos’. My horse spent about 10 years in his program and you could not ask for a better horse. If he is a reflection of their program, sign me up. I have seen both Bill and Becca (his daughter) teach a clinic and thought they did a good job.

The only thing about the Hoos’ is that they have really expensive board and don’t offer pasture board. I am also just looking for a place to board instead of a new trainer. Really appreciate the suggestions though!(:

Hillsboro manor (are they still a thing?) is the only real barn I can think of that allowed outside trainer. There really isn’t any where in the area. Go check the tack shops bulletin board to see if there are any private facilities that offer board. That’s going to be your best bet, but you aren’t going to have much of an atmosphere and probably no ring. Does your trainer not have a place that you can haul in to?

She does have a place that I could haul in to, but that would mean more expensive and fewer lessons, as I don’t have a trailer. Apparently I need to look more into them because you guys have lots of good things to say about them. Thank you so much!

Do y’all have any opinions about Green Pastures? That’s pretty close to me, but I don’t know much about them.

If I’m thinking of the same place, I have a friend who boards there and it’s like 900 a month. She loves it though.

Can you give a rough estimate of your budget? Just a range would be helpful, like 700-800 or whatever. Always found looking just at places that fit the budget saved a whole lot of time. Once you get a few options in your budget range, you can start comparing services, driving distance and other details that don’t matter if you can’t afford the place anyway.

IIRC, Franklin might be somewhat pricier then similar in other locations.

Findeight, you are correct. It’s a very expensive area. Several options outside of Franklin that are much more budget friendly, but OPhas already said she doesn’t want to leave Franklin.

The most I am willing to spend per month is $700-$800. I know that Franklin is very expensive, but if it is close enough to me, I can get enough ride time out of it to make sense.

Check out green pastures, I think you can bring in your own trainer. Old Hillsboro manor, I think they are still a thing? Not real sure as they haven’t had a website for a while. I think Liberty run farm allows outside trainers. They are in nolensville, which is basically frankin. No idea what board costs are though.

Also keep in mind that other barns are going to charge your trainer a fee for coming in. She will probably extend this fee to you, which will make your lessons more expensive. Factor that in before you pick a place. Who is it that you train with? They seem pretty great if your this hellbent on sticking with them! Lol

I’m riding with Jenna Schildmier. She has just been so so helpful to me and my horse, and she is a wonderful trainer!!

Ah. Good choice. I thought her barn was in Franklin? I used to take care of her ponies before she had her own place. Sweet lady. Lots of fun!

She is actually in Bon Aqua now. She was renting a barn in Franklin that I was boarding at, but that fell apart after she got her own place.

Oh okay. Well check all those places I mentioned. If I think if anymore, I’ll let you know. Go up to Franklin horse supply and check their bulletin board. Lots of privTe facilities are posted up there. Might be your best bet.

[QUOTE=Ready To Riot;8952616]
Oh okay. Well check all those places I mentioned. If I think if anymore, I’ll let you know. Go up to Franklin horse supply and check their bulletin board. Lots of privTe facilities are posted up there. Might be your best bet.[/QUOTE]

This. Just about anywhere, theres always a number of private or small commercial barns that prefer not to advertise to the larger market so they can stay small with better control over who comes in and way less drama. Might even be hacking distance from a bigger barn with a trainer who can work with you, done that, highly recommend it if you can find it.

I always found it was better to board in a better facility and take fewer lessons then settle for a barn with negative issues on the care side.

Good point upthread about the fact almost any barn big or small is going to charge a visiting trainer for conducting business on their property or not allow it for various very good reasons. It might seem a long time but think your horizons will be expanding in the next year or two when you get your driver’s license. Things happen but sometimes not all at once. Patience.

Have y’all ever heard of the Cartee Equestrian Center in Franklin? They’re really close to me, but I can’t find an official website for them. I can only find a phone number and reviews.

By the way, I am going by Old Hillsboro Manor this weekend to tour and ask some questions. Thank you guys for all your input:)

I think the Hoos’ are at OHM? Don’t know for sure but I thought so. Pretty sure Cartee doesn’t exist anymore. Again could be wrong.