Lovestruck aka Violet Joy

Many of you may remember Juliet’s terrifying entrance into the world when she was born dead in front of everyone’s eyes live on the internet. To say she has rebounded nicely would be an understatement as she has long surpassed every hope and dream I had for her. I think the time has come to make a spare. My daughter and I are battling over whether it will be an ET foal or if she will carry it herself but I think ET is winning at the moment.

We are hoping for an exact replica so not looking for a stallion to improve anything but don’t want to lose anything either. We love her size, conformation, jump and most importantly her lap dog personality. I want a stallion you could put your grandma up on his back because I have already put grandma up on hers. Hack winner is a must.

Do you have a registry preference and do you want fresh or frozen? Are you breeding for a hunter? What is Juliet’s pedigree and has she had a performance career?

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Because it will likely be ET I think fresh is safer than frozen. Juliet is a training level eventer so far but am breeding for a hunter just because that is the type I prefer. Juliet was inspected Old NA and got the highest score in the country by a long shot so will probably stick with that just due to logistics.

A stallion like Bliss MF would be my choice. Because who doesn’t want more bays with chrome?!


Or Amazing. I don’t have personal experience but have read good things about him.

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Juliet is a lovely mare. There are two stallions in the Oldenburg/NA stallion service auction that might be of interest. Westport and Center Point are both well bred and show hunters. They also have good movement, a nice option for someone with an interest in eventing.


Nice suggestions so far, thank you. No MF stallions for personal reasons.


Amazing it is haha but really there are so many stunning stallions available these days it’s hard to choose. We had a quite easy gelding that I loved. Another gorgeous bay.

Check out Navarone. He is fresh semen with rocket fuel quality. Can produce a super hunter and especially with your type of mare. Likely going to keep the chrome too. And super characters/trainability. Everyone loves them. Did I miss the pedigree on your mare?


She is by Redwine out of my homebred TB race mare Quite An Evening

Opus Is Oldenburg NA approved. My colt by him is practically lap dog, and a very good mind.

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Have to say that Cabardino lets the mare’s personality dominate and sure as heck doesn’t take away anything on movement or jump.

Side note for @Laurierace : I’ve been offered a Cat Weasel mare in foal to Redwine. Seriously considering taking her, as I love CW babies. But I’ve heard mixed reviews on Redwine babies. Some say spooky AF, which would make the cross to CW just insanely spooky. Thoughts?

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Well I only know 3 personally so not a big sample but two are worth their weight in platinum, the third is essentially feral as she was thrown in a field for three years with a roundbale after she was born so more a product of her lack of handling than genetics. If Redwine weren’t owned by Jill Burnell still I would be shouting his name from the rooftops.


We had a Redwine in the barn with known provenance (all good people) and he had major behavioral issues followed by a diagnosis of a career ending condition at a very young age. The condition was likely not heritable. Hard to know whether the behavior/condition were chicken and egg, but he was tough.

There is another that shows on our local circuit, young horse, as best as I know properly handled and she is TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH.

There is a 3rd that is a young horse getting started. Very knowledgeable owner/handler. I would say he’s average level difficulty/personality.

Again, sample size of 3 so take that as more of a series of anecdotes than anything else.

Part of the problem is that for a while they bred him to EVERYTHING… so I really think you need to in large part judge the horse in front of you when it comes to his breeding.


Forgive my lack of google skills, I couldn’t find a link to this year’s auction. Where can I find the stallions listed?

Also does anyone know the EVA and WFFS status for Cabardino?

Is this it?

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If she was mine I would look at Amazing. From what I hear he has a real lap dog personality.

Here are a few others that caught my eye.

Centre Pointe

And if you’re willing to try frozen
HH Himself

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She is absolutely lovely! I’m a Holsteiner fan myself. I have a Crown Affair gelding that is a puppy dog and moves like a dream. We also have a very fancy Cunningham at our barn. He is coming 2, so not started yet, but his personality is great (although slightly more spicy than my Crown Affair, but he’s so laid back you could say that about practically any other horse) and he looks amazing moving in the field.

I have a prototype filly and have met Pita several times in person and even got to ride him! He is the definition of ammy friendly. My filly, not so much, but my mare was not ammy friendly until she was older. I also have a Bon Balou gelding, and talk about hunter movement- my mare (same dam as prototype filly) moves like a sewing machine and this guy has an amazing trot and jump. We are going through a teenage rebellion stage right now, but seeing as how I am as ammy as they come and can ride him, and my mom and dad who are not horse people can hand walk and groom him and he is a total love bug, I would suggest Louie if he were still alive. What about Alla Czar, if you use frozen?

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I may consider frozen if we breed to carry