Luhmuehlen entries

5* USA
Jenny Brannigan/Stella Artois
Ariel Grald/Leamore Master Plan
Boyd Martin/Long Island T
Lynn Symansky/RF Cool Play

4* USA
Katherine Coleman/Billy Bandit
Katherine Coleman/Monbeg Senna

All star line up at that event!! So exciting!

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Whoa… how awful if that happens. Somehow Americans can go and Brits can’t, bizarre.

The Indian Covid variant is in the USA.

“A number of Irish, Australian and New Zealand riders who are based in Britain could also be affected by the new restrictions.”

05/14 from US Embassy website;

Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? No (with a few exceptions, see below)

  • Germany will currently only allow EU citizens, EU residents, and residents of certain other specific countries to enter. The United States is not one of those countries. U.S. citizens traveling to Germany from the United States will not be permitted to enter unless they meet one of only a few narrow exceptions.
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Interesting (to me) that Boyd’s not running Thomas again. I would think he would be the more likely Olympic hopeful that needs to get some of his street cred back.

Course mostly I am hoping that Boyd will wear a new helmet this time.


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So high performance athletes most likely can?

Don’t think so. US is classified as a “risk area”. The rules are hard to interpret and make sense of, but I think the only way is proof of vaccination/recovery/test and 14 days quarantine.

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So they can go if they’re vaccinated, test negative and arrive 14 days early?

I am not surprised Thomas isn’t going. Thomas was just a few from home and was having a cracking round until that log. I don’t think Thomas has much to prove.


He didn’t Showjump though, which definitely matters with 2 rounds.

It also shows he was tired, and it’s going to be hot as hell in Japan so tired horses falling is not something they’re going to want.

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The German regulations are as clear as mud.

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It’s not looking good.

Wow. I feel so bad for these riders! I know how desperate they are for a 5*.

Where does that leave the Americans? Ok to go still?ühlen-Horse-Trials-2021-101842778395277/

Adjusted entries so far:

Sad to see Lynn has withdrawn Coolio :frowning:


Just saw this;

And this;

Seems a lot of folks are going to Bicton (9th-13th) instead.

What folks? That link just took me to Twitter.