MB CIVIL SUIT UPDATE #10 K’s Request to Adjourn (delay) DENIED 11/01/22

Thank you!


To get back on track, are any more filings expected today or are we still in a waiting game?


Doesn’t Michael’s lawyer get to respond to the stupidity that Bruce posted yesterday?

I am sad that it does not have anything to do with SGF’s lawyer. I would love to read another response by him.


You can request that counsel address you respectfully. Most people have a healthy fear of judges and a lifetime of education not to talk back so likely would not say something back to a judge. But I’ve seen people mouth off to counsel all the time and I doubt the judge would do something if you simply said “please refer to me by my name only” or “please call me Dr. Lazaret” or whatever is preferred.




Here you go @BigMama1. I took a picture with my phone, so hopefully you can read this. This is a basic recipe. It calls for Bailey’s Irish Cream but I have also used Bailey’s Salted Caramel Irish Cream and Bourbon Cream with great success. I use Ghiradelli chocolate chips for the base. I also find that these tend to be too soft unless frozen, so after I make the individual balls, I freeze them and then dip them in melted chocolate. Over the past few years I have been using a machine that tempers the chocolate but that is not necessary unless you decide to become a perfectionst.

It does take a while to figure out how to work with these when forming the balls but once you get the feel for it, it becomes fairly quick work. (I have been making these for over 30 years so I forget how very messy it can be when you are first learning, but everyone will think you are a genius when they try them, so it’s worth the effort.) Enjoy!


Omg those sound delicious!!

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I may know nothing about legal proceeding but I know a little bit about making candy. :grin:


I am 100% convinced that candy making is just as useful (and definitely better for morale)!


Do you suppose no one has told Bruce that the Olympic rider part in his various filings is incorrect or do you just think he does not care?

What benefit does it give their side to pretend Michael is an Olympic medalist?


More wealth probably.


Wow! I can’t wait to make these for my holiday treat boxes. To be sure I understand, once you roll the truffles and chill them, you dip them in chocolate?

Your trolling is revealed. You admission that you write on this forum with the sole (and failed) purpose of upsetting someone is true trolling behavior. It’s shameful and juvenile.

You fail miserably in that Eggbutt has never been anything but reasonable, insightful, and calm throughout the three years of this nightmare for MB. Plus, she’s been correct time and time again.

I’m as happy that you’ve been banned as when LK and YD were. Buh bye.


It’s all about optics. The Kanareks have been putting forth lies and falsehoods from the get-go, trying to shape and control the narrative in their favor or just to stroke their own egos. Describing Lauren an “elite Dressage competitor” in articles, naming Robert Guy Goodwin as Lauren’s “fiance”, the garish photoshoot arranged for the NY Times article the parents set up with Lauren and Rob posing outside the attorney’s office showing them both looking semi-presentable instead of their typical slovenly appearance, calling the father a “wealthy and successful Wall Street attorney” and calling MB a racist Anti-Semitic and child abuser, putting forth Robert Guy Goodwin as a Marine veteran and so-on and so-forth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nagel’s future filings include such tidbits as “Michael Barisone was “sexually intimidated” by Robert Guy Goodwin and sought to remove him from Lauren’s life, because he became obsessed with her and desired to have her all to himself, so he tried to kill him and when Lauren tried to stop him, he shot her instead, before attempting to shoot Robert Guy Goodwin, who bravely fought back and disarmed Michael Barisone, before subduing him with his advanced Marine Corps training.”


I am mystified how these dates for hearing the motions/filings come and go with apparently no action. Does this mean the Judge has done nothing? Or can one assume that there is activity? If the Judge makes a ruling will that get posted?


It is not uncommon and can be for a number of reasons.


Yes, that’s how I make them. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. After it’s melted you will want to put dump the hot water and put in luke warm water. When there is hot water under the melted chocolate, the truffle mixture starts to melt into your dipping chocolate. (Ask me how I know) I use to forks to dip and lift the truffles from the melted chocolate. (DH bought me forks made specifically for this but you can use your flatware also.)

If you are going to a holiday party, you can make these and then dip some strawberries in chocolate as well. It’s a quick and easy way to fill a plate and impress your friends.


It is hyperbolic to explain to laypeople the level at which this person operates to illustrate the “seriousness” of the plaintiff in pursuing her goals and incurring the expense that she did.

Remember that the jury is more likely than not going to know jack shit about horses (beyond, ironically, the Colbert special) so it’s just an attempt to make one party seem like the power player in the relationship.


It’s my understanding that LK is a Dem.
I’m guessing MB is a Republican.
I think her delusional thinking has been fed to the point of painting him with the common rhetoric thrown at Republicans without evidence, calling them all these isms.
I think that’s where the antisemitism, etc claim comes from.
But I’m just guessing.


That sounds correct, given her past posts that mention Trump in a negative way. Even though she seems to pattern her behavior after his when it comes to legal proceedings.