MB update

Just noticed this update on MB.

by Lara Osborne, Organizer

Hi everyone, I want to let you all know that the hearing that was scheduled for last week has been changed to the end of August. While I am disappointed and anxious to have things moving, I know and have accepted that there is nothing fast with this process.
Michael is doing well; he is trying to stay busy with the limited resources he has. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to have a pencil so he cannot work on his drawings that he was doing while in the jail. He has a very small pen, but he is not able to do the artwork that he was able to produce with a pencil. He has been reading as well. Thank you to everyone that has purchased books from the Amazon Wishlist. I will add to it as he tells me more books that he would like.
I did go visit him last week and he looks good and sounds like himself more and more all of the time!
I of course would love to have had a better update, but it could be much worse! We just have to keep moving forward and staying positive!
Thank you all for your continued support!


Very bummed the hearing got pushed out again. I’m sure time is going by so slowly for MB and his family. On the bright side, it sounds as though treatment is going very well for him. Maybe the more time he is inpatient, the better it will reflect on him when the hearing does arrive.


Thank you for the update @clipper! It is so nice of Lara to keep us updated. Was that update from the GoFundMe page?


yes, on gofundme. this is encouraging: " I did go visit him last week and he looks good and sounds like himself more and more all of the time!"


Thanks for the update.

Here is the link to the Amazon wish list for anyone who is interested.



This is indeed sad. It smacks of “cruel and unusual” punishment to me, but I guess there’s no fighting the system. I’m glad that Lara is keeping up the good cheer. I’m sure that is quite helpful to MB’s outlook.


This whole situation has really been an eye opener regarding the legal system in this country.

And this is somebody with a lot of advantages. Imagine what it must be like for others without the same resources.


I wonder if this is still lingering from COVID backlog? I am not sure how to find out for that area - I know around here they are still VERY behind.


I wonder if this is contributing to the problem too. Between the pandemic, court delays and potential delays at the forensic hospital, the process must be down to a crawl. Very sad!


Many local Judiciary systems had a mass exodus of personnel after COVID kicked in. Some resignations were due to local elections replacing elected officials and many were due to fear of COVID and the desire to work elsewhere, particularly when precautionary measures were refused.


Yes the update was from the GoFundMe page.


It is customary for courts to grind to a halt in summer as judges and court staff take vacation. By me a small Supreme Court can easily have no trials during the month of August. It amps up again after Labor Day then slows for the holidays. Between Christmas and New Years it’s skeleton staff at best.


Yeah, even trying to settle an estate can be very challenging as court clerks and other staff are vacationing in the summer and often times, more out than in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (ask me how I know :roll_eyes:).

And with so many people vacationing this year (after two years of lockdowns), I can see how it could get tricky trying to coordinate schedules with judges, attorneys, health care professionals, etc., etc.


Many courts closed for awhile during the pandemic. During that time workers and judicial staff still accumulated sick and vacation time but didn’t need to use any. As a result people have lots and lots of vacation times stashed up. This makes summer vacations even longer.


Why can he not have a pencil, but can have a pen? Anyone know? One would think having supplies for art would help the people who are suffering mental health issues, no?


I imagine it is because there is a need for a sharpener.

In a lot of these facilities the only writing implements are flex implements, which are nonlethal and contain no metal parts - but the flex pencils have to be sharpened. It’s probably a lot easier for them to just only use the pens. Remember he is still in a secured facility for mental health within the criminal justice system. There may be supervised art therapy, etc but that’s different than unattended in their housing location.


I hope that the delays in the legal process are not impacting his treatment plan in anyway.

I also hope he has sufficient access to communication with his legal team with respect to the ongoing civil litigation.

I know when someone is in jail awaiting criminal trial, they must have access to communication with their attorneys to aid in their own defense. It’s a civil right. But what about someone in a secured mental health facility who is in the midst of civil litigation like this? Do they have similar civil rights?

What a hard situation.


Yes, they do. Mental health facilities provide times each day for communication for patients. Often if patients need specific times to communicate or if they have incoming calls, staff can arrange access to phones for that patient. During the established phone time each day, patients can call whoever they wish (within reason) during those times.

Visitation policies have changed a great deal with COVID but they will arrange ways for patients to access legal advisors.

And I agree with what has been said - writing utensils can pose as weapons so alternatives are used.


“-work on his drawings that he was doing while in the jail.”

I wonder if he has kept those drawings and how much interests there would be in them. Maybe an auction of his artwork after he is out?


Thin charcoal would be a safe, if somewhat messy, alternative.