Michael Barisone Court Date?

And before being tried (?) so presumed innocent


Presumed innocent is just something that we are told to make us feel better about people that are in jail. Research the jail systems, it is quite eye opening!
Speedy trial is another nice idea, but not reality.


Fourth (or more) that proposal. It’s all about CE now and nothing about dressage anymore.

I should think the original poster could just re-ask this question in CE, no?


It has never been about dressage, it has always been about a well known dressage trainer, which it is still about. Which is why it is in this forum.

(disclaimer list - It is never OK to shoot someone. It is not OK to bully someone. (new one) I have no problem with it moving to CE.)


Absolutely, understood. I was just thinking that that initial connection (i.e., why discussion was started here) seems not to be relevant at this point. It has progressed to being more a purely CE topic with the trial, one would hope, coming soon.


Since no one seemed to be doing it, I started the new thread down in CE. IMHO, that’s where it needs to be.


That is horrible! I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

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It used to be about dressage and not just about BNTs many moons ago. More people contributed and talked about actually riding and training dressage. It was very fun around the horsie stick art days (to me).

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I was not actually talking about the section of the forum, I was referring to the threads about this topic. Someone said this topic was not about dressage, I was stating that this topic has always been about a dressage trainer, not dressage itself.

I find there are still threads about actual dressage here.


FYI: Go to the Current Events section for the continuation of this topic.


Where the heck is current events on the forum? I have been gone for a while and I am not seem to find it when I look on the topics. TY

Never mind. I found it!


Where did you find Current Events?

For some reason, I did not see CE when I was not logged in (although I saw all the other forums). I logged in and poof, there it was.

Nothing under off topic is visible to non-members.

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When you log in to your account it shows up

Does anyone know if there is an actual date set yet?

Dang it. I try to avoid CE. Oh well, heading there now :joy:

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You can subscribe to one thread and still have CE blocked and get notifications about that one thread.


I hear you; I generally do, as well.

FWIW, the conversation is actually quite interesting and is able to evolve organically on that thread without all the exhaustive tangents. People are able to give solid information about the legal process, etc. without getting dragged into pedantic asides and posturing. So it’s worth braving CE for that refreshing change alone.