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Morgan peeps— help! Am I crazy? YES I AM 🥰

Hey all — I lost two horses in the last three weeks. So what better way to fix my broken heart than taking on a baby…

I’m going to be looking at a 2yr old Morgan gelding. Seems extremely sweet and smart, well-handled and well started on groundwork. I’ve never started a baby, but have done a few restarts (and would have help). I’m worried though about his size. I’m about 5’7” and about 135lb. Based on his dam/sire, I think he’ll finish around 14.1 or 2 (although stocky with good bone). I really like small horses (my beloved Connemara X was barely 15hh and I loved riding her), but am I nuts? I’m hoping for low-level (up to Training) level eventing.


Wow, I’m really so sorry that you’ve lost two in such a short period of time. You must be reeling. I think taking on a baby might be just the fix you need.


Thanks for the enabling :heart::blush:


Any time. :heart:


Normally, I feel people who buy horses that young are crazy–but I love Morgans, and it’s getting more and more difficult to find good ones of the old type (at least in my area). A short, stocky safe one who could pack you around a Training course and lay down a nice dressage test would be perfect.

I’m so sorry for your losses.


Thanks for your kind words. It’s been brutal, but the thought of a new baby is lifting my spirits. I don’t know much about the breed other than liking every one I’ve met! I’m not sure of the rules about posting info about pedigrees or pictures/video of sale horses, but if that’s legal I’d love some input from those more knowledgeable than me!


So sorry…that’s too many losses :pensive:

I got a 5 yr old (now 6) Morgan Mare last fall to bring along in my retirement years. I’m 70 years old, barely 5’, 110# and she’s 14.3 … so we’re a good match. I just love her.
That said…the breeder that I bought her from is 5’10" / 11" and she easily rides /competes all her Morgans. She is very competitive at Second level at the big EC shows.
She recently had an interesting post on tall people riding short horses.
Don’t think I can share the link as it is her personal FB page, but it basically had tons of photos of her riding various sized Morgans - non of which were even close to 16hh - and she looks just fine.
Blitzen Morgans is her farm. You will find lots of photos of her there and may come across the comparison photos.


Oh man I’m so sorry for your losses! That would have me reeling. I can’t speak to eventing but we love the Morgans we’ve had. My 6 foot 4 cowboy-type husband rode a 14.2 hand Morgan mare for his entire youth, she could do anything and everything, dragging bulls into a horse trailer to trick riding to eventually teaching our kids how to ride, really ride. He had her for 36 years I think, he got her when she was a yearling. I’m going to be an enabler on this one for you!


I grew up around Morgans, wonderful horses with big hearts. I say go for it. I’m sorry about the loss of your two horses.


You guys are wonderful— thanks so much for the support!!! He’s super cute and reminds me a bit of our sweet ArabX that I lost at the end of June…

Is there anything specific to the breed I should be asking? I think they are prone to PSSM1 — I have a retired mare with PSSM and although we’ve managed it well, I don’t want to deal with that again…


So sorry about your losses.

And, get the Morgan! :upside_down_face:

I’m 5’3” and 145 lbs. My first Morgan is a very petite 14.1 mare and I rode her hundreds of miles hacking all around and played with low level dressage. She’s now happily retired and nearly 30 yrs old. My current Morgan is just shy of 15.0 but more solidly built, taking after her Western Working top side. I’ve ridden her thousands of miles of difficult Vermont terrain and dabbled in the shorter competitive trail/endurance distances.

The stocky types will take up your leg with no problem. Even my narrower, petite mare needed an XW tree on a County Competitor saddle. They may be small, but they are mighty!

Now we need pictures…




Such a cute face!! Hard to see the videos on my phone but I will look forward to seeing them tomorrow when I’m in front of the computer.


Not great videos, but he’s fairly local so I’m going to see him on Sunday. Trying not to get my hopes up!!


we have four Morgans currently, over time we have had nine

Daughter’s current dressage mare is a six year old 14 hand even who is really a very nice horse. Horse’s heritage is of championship park horse lines which she can show that the blood is in there at times. Daughter is 5ft 10 inch and does not look at all out of place. These Morgan look to be much taller than they actually are.

Our youngest Morgan just turned one year. He is possibly the best horse we have ever had. He is just a pleasure to be around. Really wants to do his best for you. He is daughter’s Sport Horse and he looks the part.

The other two were recues from poor situations, one purchased from a 501.c rescue the other from a rancher who really was not a good horseman. Both paired up as though they knew each other from birth. Both are OK, nothing special but are very pretty. Both are the favorites of our volunteer worker who will spend hours and hours with them.


I’m so sorry… that is so much heart ache in a short span.

Go get the Morgan!!! They are generally born broke. She will be the perfect size for you and such a cute face.


I know he’s only 2, but he sure looks narrow in that still pic! That said, I vote go take a look and vote with your heart a bit. If you like him, bring him home.

I’m sorry for your losses.


Morgans are great.

Breeding some babies and raising them reinvigorated my passion for horses. It can be so rewarding. If you enjoy seeing them grow and learn, go for it. You can do it.

And FWIW, I have a wide, stocky cow horse that I use to work with said babies. He’s 15.3, I’m 5’11 and we work. Wide horses take up a lot of leg.

ETA: I can tell by his front end he still has a lot of widening to do. Morgans are sturdy horses.


Well, we had a welsh cob x morgan mare who was 14.1 and took up so much leg due to her barrel size that riders 6’ tall had no problem riding her (no one looked oversized on this mare). She looked most like her Morgan dam. I have a 15.1 morgan gelding now who we weren’t sure if he’d make it to that height. His dam is 15 hands and his sire is 14.3; so, sometime they do grow. Morgans come in many sizes and shapes but usually they have a good size heart girth and can take quite a bit of leg. I’d say go for it if you find the youngster has a disposition you like.


Definitely get the Morgan ! But still, so sorry for your losses.