Most Bizarre gone wrong thread?

the ‘hanging an antique bridle in my office’ thread turned into comments so weird and not at ALL what OP asked about it made me remember other threads that left the track into whacko world. What are some of the classics you guys remember?

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The super weird one recently in the horse care forum about vegetable oil that was some kind of angry guessing game that no one knew they were playing. OP deleted the first post and changed the title. Now it says Thanks for the effort


ha. I scrolled back5 pgs, but haven’t found that one yet…


There should be a Forum for Trainwrecks :smiley:
Some of my Faves:
*The Heat-Her Hill debacle - complete with the aforenamed “Pro” posting pics of horses/ponies she supposedly owned & showed to great achievement in divisions that existed only in her mind. Owners of one pony actually chimed in to out her. A FB page that had folks going :eek: Numerous houseguests arrived……-as-a-trainer=

*anything the late, great SLC2 posted

*the OTTB saves owner from cattle stampede

*MahNahMahNah (or some poster name like that) & the tale of the horse saved in a blizzard, then devolved into intimate details of her son’s buttlump


Oh my god thank you for this gem. I was curious so I started skimming it and I’m definitely going to save this one to read on a rainy day. I’m at the part about “defamation of the pony’s character”. LMAO this is great. Someone come get me if I don’t make it out of this rabbit hole.


@Equkelly You are most welcome.
I found that thread - amazing, it was 10yrs ago! - because I had a brief Encounter of the Third Kind with Ms Hill.
She was a resident “trainer” at a barn I boarded at in 2000. Quotes because, well, ya know…

When DH & I moved our horses in, she made certain we knew who & what she was & proceeded to perform the Trainer Show with a client, meant to impress us.
Did the exact opposite.
At the time she had a small pony who was an exact Mini-Me of DH’s TWH - both strawberry roan sabino.
Before we left she had purchased a ginormous gray WB mare she claimed was a GP Jumper. Who we never saw her ride.
In fact, we never saw her put a leg over anything.
She was always dressed to Walk the Walk - impeccably clean breeches, white shirts, manicure, dripping jewlery. :rolleyes:
When she went to the Traders Point show we were told she hired a (genuine) Pro to ride her horses.


What was the thread about the pony, the blue saddle, and the open trailer? That was a derailment if I ever saw one.


I LOVE YOU GUYS. :slight_smile: I have so many now to go back and review for entertainment in Covid. :slight_smile:

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this one was classic

Don’t you say.

CE should have a warning sign, “space ends here, watch your step”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another old one that had a long, interesting run, the topic and titles giveaway:


For everyone reading the heat.her thread…her website is still up.

And Florida Horse Saga is a classic.…ida-horse-saga


Can someone find the chicken in the oven thread from an off topic post? Very much my favorite.


Oh thanks fir the reminder Mah Navu, was a gift that kept giving, across 3 forums that I know of.


Ok, now someone needs to find the person showing pics of her “hunting” even though they have no hounds. No quarry, no hunting outfits…but they are hunting…


You guys are killing me. These are fantastic. Such high quality literature with excellent character development and riveting plot twists. Im reading the Florida horse saga one and just got to “is the trainer from Nigeria?” Cant wait to find out what happens next!!!



The picture have been deleted but here is one of the threads;


@skydy :eek:
How could I have forgotten to list The Maestro? <head/desk>
He & Ms Hill = Marriage Made in Heaven :lol:


Yes, the Peronace thread went very far off the rails. :yes: His incredible lies and the “house guests” that appeared on his behalf, were beyond bizarre.

The thread being closed and opened again by the moderators was without precedent, but he had cold called a COTH member and tried to pass himself off as a Dressage trainer. Their awful experience with him IRL and realization that he was not only completely unqualified, but hostile and stalker-ish,was reason enough to open the thread again, as a public service.:yes: