Most breathable / vented xc boots?

It’s been a while since we had a thread line this and new boots have come out. What’s everyone’s fave breathable / vented xc boots? Won’t hold water, give good protection, don’t cause rubs and ideally don’t have vents exactly where you’d place your tape in a competition… (the latter seems impossible; boot manufacturers please note)

Anyone used these? LeMieux Carbon Air Cross Country Horse Boots

I have a set of the Carbon Air and they seem to work well, no issue with rubs, unlike many of the others I’ve tried.


I have the LeMieux Carbon Air boots and have been really happy with them, even during a humid midwest summer trail ride they don’t get too hot.


I love the Tri-Zone Equilibrium XC boots - very lightweight/breathable, no rubbing and sturdy/hold up well.


I have these too and been really happy with them.

I have the Premier Equine air-cooled XC boots and don’t love them. Legs get quite sweaty and I’ve had slipping issues a few times, though not lately. They’re on the stiff side so it’s hard to figure out proper tension. The hind boots are so tall that to get the right fit height-wise I had to get a pair that are a little small in circumference. My current horse dislikes the hind boots, I think because of the height. To top it all off, the vents are right where you’d put tape—though TBH I wonder how much a few little vents truly matter? So yeah, I’d like to replace them and will be following this thread. The LeMieux ones look nice.

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Arma Air Motion boots are made of several layers of mesh with an inner strike pad. They don’t hold heat or water and have held up well.


Do you mean the Air Motion Brushing Boots or Air Motion XC Boots? I love the brushing boots for everything other than XC but IMO they aren’t protective enough for that, especially if you have studs. I have checked out the XC boots but they don’t look/feel nearly as breathable. Would love to know which ones you use!

Yes, I do use the Air Motion Brushing boots for XC. They have a large, robust strike pad to protect horse’s inner leg, studs or no, although my trainer doesn’t want us in studs for anything below Training. My new girl is just moving up to N this season. She has grazed herself here and there, as evidenced by tiny marks on the strike pad. Not sure where else she could hit herself. I used these boots for my previous horse too, but you gotta do what’s best for yours!

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I agree 100% about the premier boots, Libby - had the exact same sizing issue, the same issue with getting the tension right. I switched to the Tri-Zone Equilibrium boots and have been much happier.


I have been really impressed with Veredus boots. They rarely rub on a wide variety of horses and provide good protection without being too rigid. I have never found any major difference with the “cooling effect” of any brand of modern day boot, but I work mostly with upper level horses who are working hard when wearing them.

LeMieux is a close second but they are more rigid around the outside which can cause rubs and doesn’t hold up to heaps of wear.


I’m looking for a new set of XC boots, especially after reconsidering the effect of heat on tendons and ligaments.

I have a full set of the LeMieux XC boots (like the OP), and I liked all the ideas - the more flexible strike guards, the vented areas - but the shaped strike guards on the front boots would never stay in place - they caused the boots to twist. I’ve had them on three different horses and they twisted on all. I don’t want those strike pads digging into the legs, so I’m going to get rid of them.

Will look into the others mentioned on this thread. Any updates? Anyone with other suggestions?

I have switched over to the veredus. Premier Equine slipped in the rear, Woof Wear rubbed. Veredus has fit everyone and breathes well. My only minor complaint is the edging on the straps isn’t sealed and starts to fray after being used for multiple horses, washed constantly over and over, for years, but that seems like a fair trade.

Does anyone have opinions on the Majyk Equipe Elite Arti-Lage XC boots?

I am currently shopping for XC boots for my new girl, and I really wanted the Veredus to work. But even in size L, the front boots just seemed too small - just not a lot of coverage above the fetlock. The barnmates who saw me try them on agreed.

Anyone else have this issue? They were beautifully made (no surprise).

Oh, interesting. I have used them for several years with no problems and my horses are big (17 hh warmbloods). I generally do L boots in front and XL in back for most brands. I have the largest size Veredus and they have been fine. I just bought a new set and retired my current ones to back ups. They’ve put in years of good service for multiple horses and were just a bit tired. That being said, I mostly switched to Veredus because the PEI hinds were slipping. I never had any issues with the PEI fronts and they are definitely a bit “bigger”. Maybe try Veredus behind and PEI in front?

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So I got a good deal on some Majyk Equipe Elite boots and they seem to fit well height- and circumference-wise. But since they aren’t very contoured there’s a lot of air underneath even when I fit them as snugly as I’m willing to. Videos of me poking at them attached. Thoughts on whether you’d keep or return? The Equilibrium ones look similarly non-contoured—do they do the same?

They look fine to me - these stiffer boots are often less contoured. But the only way to know for sure is use them I’m afraid!

I ended up sticking with my Dalmar Eventing boots because at the end of the day they’re very protective, don’t slip or rub, and even after an xc school in hot weather her legs are cool when I take them off…

I don’t like them for that reason, they don’t slip/rub on my guy but always twist on his leg.

Thanks for that feedback! I think I don’t like them either. I prefer a more contoured boot. It’s too bad because otherwise they feel really nice. I happened to put a pair on a friend’s horse while helping her at a show today. They felt a bit better broken in, but based on her experience as a groom she is looking to replace them with the LeMieuxs or Pro Choice (even though those look really similar to the Majyk Equipes?). I wish it were easier to find pics of the inside of boots so you can see seams, contours, etc!

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