My Horse Is So Beautiful!

I hesitated to start this thread without a recent photo, but the point is more about the pleasure that we get from looking at our horses. Besides, a photo, especially one I take, never quite captures what I hope it will, and is probably why I seldom take one.

Today, my beautiful solid bay Thoroughbred mare was so particularly beautiful. Her winter coat is at its prettiest phase, her weight is perfect, and she is the picture of robust good health. She was playing Catch Me today in the pasture so I drove her away a few times and had to admire her athletics – bucking, farting, galloping around in that collected way they do when they are feeling energetic.

It is one of those small enjoyments which really yield an outsized amount of pleasure and satisfaction, kind of like watching your horse eat hay.


Everyone thinks they have the most beautiful horse and everyone is right.

I let my horse be used for lessons with one particular rider and I went to the barn to watch today. I watched the young man bring him back and forth from a collected, to medium, to extended trot and just sat back and thought “damn that’s a gorgeous horse”.

They’re amazing creatures and all beautiful in their own right.


All that and no pictures? :upside_down_face:


Ok, I’ll play. I pulled the blanket off my boy the other day and thought, well, no matter how your trips go, you’ve got the best looking guy around! :rofl: My mom and I always used to say you know you’ve got a good one when you come back from a show/event/whatever and still think it’s prettier than anything you saw there.

The start to my 2022 was kinda rough, and when I got him in May I told him there may be days all you have to do is look pretty and listen. :sparkling_heart:



I was too busy admiring and it didn’t occur to me to take a photo until now that I’m home, sitting at my computer and wishing I had taken a picture. Still, as I said, I just know my picture wouldn’t have met my expectations.


He’s a beautiful boy!

Thank you! My pics don’t do him justice either, believe me. And his heart is more beautiful than anything


My boy is just SO handsome! Even on a bleak winter day he melts my heart.

Love that we all love our ponies!


I love watching my horses come towards the barn when I go out to feed. My main horse has a magnificent extended trot she likes to use. My old lady has great dapples in the summer. My pony is literally the cutest pony ever.


He’s thinking, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”


Hahaha. I got his clip done early enough he’s dark and shiny this year, not that you can tell without sun. Last year I did it too late and he was a mouse gray color all winter. Oops! Still beautiful though!

Your guy is so shiny, love that!

That shiny guy is JBCool’s.

When in doubt, always take the photo. Someday it’s all we will have of them, and we will appreciate having them even if they aren’t award-winning photos :slight_smile:

My sweetest boy :yellow_heart: two are from earlier this summer, one is recent, right after I finished clipping him. He was getting tired and running out of patience for photos, but I still like the shot. I can just feel his kindness through the photos.


Mine is a handsome clown.

I do have to admit that this picture was the sole reason I went to see him in the first place


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

There’s nothing fancy about this picture, and it was just taken on my smartphone, but I don’t know why but it’s just one of my most favorite pictures of Lilly.


I love looking at my horses, I just told a good friend yesterday I’d rather look at my horses in the pasture than money in the bank. We’re down to five now and I could just soak them up, after boarding them for five years I finally have them all home with me. I took this picture of our TWH when we did the ‘ok they’re loose, let’s hope they don’t kill themselves in the new pasture running around’… he’s about 16.2 and kind of a knucklehead but boy he’s pretty and personality to spare. I heard the neighbor call someone from in his house out to come see them all running around.


My almost 20-year-old TB is the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen. I never tire of looking at him. He was my partner for ten years before his neuro symptoms rendered him unrideable. No matter. I still get to look at him every day.


Is he gaited? Or was he just so excited he forgot he decided to try trotting there?


Sometimes the not-perfect pic captures something else about their personality or memories of the rest of the day others don’t know about.