My Horse Is So Beautiful!

Mine is the bay. Looking handsome fully retired in Kentucky :heart:


He’s gaited but I think bouncing up the small hill from behind the barn gave him that pose. My Kentucky Mtn horse in the background paces like crazy and lopes like he has square wheels but luckily we don’t need them to gait very much. Staying sound and sane in the mountains is our main request. Which sometimes varies… lol

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I totally appreciate this thread, thank you for the photos. No matter what chore I’m doing around the barn, when I’m done I always have to pause and just watch the horses… Especially if the herd kicks up their heels. Stunning photos of some lovely horses, thank you all for sharing.


Ha! I am like the crazy lady who won’t stop pulling out pictures of her grand kids!
From our show 2 weeks ago.
I hate the way I look have always hated pictures. I love love love pics of my horse. Especially since it’s our first outing in 4 years. First show with the sort of hands off trainer. Zero “prep” in the way of a trainer riding my horse or schooling. New trainer is from an eventing background and very chill. First show out of a program and where I did everything myself. And guess what ? You can win in the hunter ring without a martingale and while wearing a purple coat.

I know the fences are tiny but I’m old and the joy I got from being champion in the low hunters was 7 foot tall! Woot woot!



Happiness is about the experience of getting there.
You are an ace at it. :star_struck:


Beautful! I love her expression!

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Hands down my favorite picture of my mare and my schoolmaster. Those 2 were peas in a pod.


She sees me in the feed room… “where’s my treats?” LOL.


This one I was cleaning stalls and I was in another horses’ run. Not my usual routine. The look on her face… “what are you doing over there Mom?”


My normally “too busy eating to move much” horse showing off for the photographer.


My Gang of 3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Boss TWH:
My Dressage boy… When we bother :roll_eyes:

His 2nd in Command Hackney Pony:
Largely Decorative :smirk:

The “baby”:
His Debut at Fair - 3yo

ALL our horses are beautiful :heart_eyes:


Feronia is always beautiful even when she’s acting goofy. (This is from our walk yesterday. I hate seeing all the gray on her face!)



This is my precious Speckles. One-in-a-million. I had to put him down in July, I lost him to a knee that finally lost adequate flexion. It was losing control of his hoof. He was 28 and still a bundle of energy. This is after we completed a short century ride 6/21/2021.

This is his buddy Zeke, now 8 y.o. who used to lock himself in the car while his sister took a lesson. He ventured out of the car to say hello and over a few months they bonded. Zeke went from profound shyness to a whole different kid, per his family. We left them alone and they bonded. Zeke cried a few days ago because he still misses Specks. I still do that also. Zeke produced some artwork, sitting on the 2-step block in the middle of the aisleway while his model posed.

This is our last afternoon together.

He had a different relationsihp with people that no one can explain. The UPS driver started dropping packages in front of fhe stall. They hung out and chatted for a few mintues. Then the driver headed back to work. He is the last in the 21 year-long list of people who fell in love instantly,

Amazing, handsome, smart, funny. There will always be a hole in my heart.


A favorite picture of mine! DH and the big boy, and actually me! Somehow I ended precisely in step behind Buddy here as we made the turn and so I am invisible!


Loving every single picture. Such beautiful horses !


Agree. Mine is 22 and in the best shape of his life. He just got clipped the other day and when I took off his blanket I had to stop and say DAY-UM you look good!


33 year ago we got Shamrock Foxie Joy as a long yearling

this year we got GW Inspiration (Lexie) after Socks was put down

We really did not pay any attention but afterwards noticed that Lexie is almost a copy of Foxie.

Foxie was 14.1h while Lexie stands at an even 14h. Marking wise the only difference is Foxie had both hind feet white while Lexie just has a left rear being white…other wise the they are the same.


Cant resist a pretty horse thread! My boys glamor shot.


Mine is soooo handsome and good. The best boy ever.

Here he is, after our ride and ready for a cold night.