My Horse Is So Beautiful!

My horse is beautiful. If she wasn’t caked in wet sand, it would be hard to see her against a background of snow.

A cleaner version :heart_eyes:.


That is such a beautiful face.

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So many beautiful, sweet horses!

Here’s a very amateur pic of my young gelding, taken this summer. I joke and tell people he’s my part-draft field hunter, but he’s actually a registered Paint. I’m just starting to show him and his sweet disposition makes him a wonderful all-around horse.


My girl’s glamour shot.


Oh! I almost forgot my new baby. I bought her with a friend because of her beautiful face. She’s getting weaned this month and will be shipped here before Christmas. I can’t wait to finally meet her in person!


Those of us that don’t have horses require pics of yours.

@JBCool that’s a very cute blanket on your handsome man.
@fordtraktor that forelock is too cute!

We need pics.

@skipollo Are you a photographer? If not, you should consider it! Helps to have such a gorgeous horse, but those shots look professional.

@KBC I love the Mellow.
@beau159 she looks ready to go!


I never get tired of admiring my chestnut girls! Most of my photos are video stills from my SoloShot, so I mostly have riding pics:




Wheeee! Look at that suspension!

@Bristol_Bay He is stunning!

@ThreeWishes I love that coat! You look great!

@SillyHorse That’s quite the glamour shot!

@2DogsFarm your TWH does not look thrilled to have his meal interrupted for your viewing pleasure. LOL

@quietann Fiona always looks so thoughtful in your pics.

@walktrot What a sweet face!


I love seeing all of them :heart:

This one is potato quality of a photo but was a nice post ride snuggle. She is just the silliest and loveliest and I’m so thankful for her.


@Jenerationx it’s one of my degrees but no I don’t do it professionally, a lot of people ask me if I ever would or why I won’t do it, and it’s just because turning something I love doing for free for myself or family/friends into a full time job just sounds awful :sweat_smile: big props to the folks who enjoy doing it as a job, I’m just not one of them.


OMG, adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is around a year old, but I just love this pic of my dd, she was around 8.5-9yrs old in this photo and our pony!

My son with same pony, when he was around the same age…son is turning 21 this yr!


Goodness. Gorgeous. Love the framed up Chestnuts.

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Beautiful!! But what is that icky white stuff?!?

(Kidding… can’t believe this will be our view soon.)


My horse is even more beautiful when I can throw my kids on him


This is not the best picture of my gelding, but it’s one of my favorites. We had a rough start that morning, I forgot my girth and had to squeeze him into a spare in the trailer. Still one of my favorites on my phone, it was a special day and he played babysitter to a close friend’s brand new horse perfectly.


Socrates was developing nicely but was lost to a pasture accident just over a year ago

Socks as a two year old beat all the other Morgan Sport Horses

we were able to get his half brother (same mare) who is very much like his brother was

Fig being a weanling (just over four months old) won the same class against 20 other head, daughter was to pick him up at Nationals so though he might as well go into a class not expecting him to win…he may be the youngest Morgan World Champion ?

National Champion Sport Horse in Hand

World Champion Sport Horse in Hand


Our old man, we lost him a year ago from a metabolic crash after 8 years with well controlled Cushings.
He was our unicorn, wonderful horse all around:

Our fat and sassy, the world is his oyster, all oh so interesting, always happy fellow:

Our shy and soft one, that came to us as a barely 3 skinny, with horribly neglected feet.
Picture as he was starting to pick up and come out of it, now interested in life around him.
An elderly friend that needed a horse to work cattle is using him and fell in love with him.
He is really looking good once he put a bit more weight and still sweet and kind:


That one white nostril makes me smile every time.


Each & every one a beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
There is no Fugly on COTH :hugs: