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Myler Bits?

I am interested in hearing experiences with Myler Bits. Are they worth the price?

IMO, it depends - they do offer some specialty features on some of their bits, e.g. the “petite” size small Baucher comfort mouth in a 4.75 (the purchase and rings are a smaller size for ponies or small horses) or a loose ring with small, but not bradoon-sized rings.
That being said, I have noticed the comfort style mouthpiece showing up on some of the more common bit brands, so if you have a horse of normal size I’d look to that first and save some money.
If you really want to spend some dough :D, check out http://www.abitspecial.com/ I thought their customer service was great and turnaround time was not bad, considering it’s custom-made and coming from the UK.

I’ve had two, I didn’t like them, horses’ didn’t like them. For me it was an expensive mistake and I should have hired them to trial before buying, but you live and learn. I’m sure others will rate them highly, but not for me.

A friend’s horse had his jaw so severely grooved by one he became unrideable.

I tried the Mylers (4 different types) on 3 horses. None of the horses liked them, and the mare with the most sensitive mouth hated them the most.

My sensitive horse loves his


How a horse gets his bars grooved is in the hands, not the bit.

The bit was too narrow and had grooves in it, adult amateur who came for a lesson with it. No way would I own or use one.

My gelding loved his low port comfort snaffle. I have tried that bit or other Myler bits on horses who were less than impressed.

There are rental programs out there so you can see how your horse reacts

We use the same bit as Katarine.

We have been riding in it for six years now and it seems to be working well.

I did not have problems with other snaffles. As a matter of fact, I can’t even recall exactly, why we got the Myler bit in the first place.

I think, we just needed bigger size and the idea of the copper inlay and the roller appealed to me then.

[QUOTE=not again;7495536]
A friend’s horse had his jaw so severely grooved by one he became unrideable.[/QUOTE]
that happens from the hand, not the tool.

I have a Myler. My gelding went well in it, I liked it. I am a big fan of the independent movement offered in the Comfort Snaffle.

Past that, not interested in any of their products. The comfort snaffle is the only line I think is of any value. The independent movement of both sides of the bit offers a great opportunity for more finesse in the higher school movements.

not again- the bit was too narrow- That alone will hurt a horse. Imagine a too narrow mullen. Holy OuchBar, Batman.

Baby, bathwater, out ye go…

I have this one, and I’m very happy with it (as is my horse :slight_smile: ).

My tb’s are both in a Myler french link now, and both are happier in that than the kk’s I spent $$$ on for them. The Myler bits are thin and lightweight, perfect for horses with small mouths and low palates. There is not a lot of extra room in their mouths, why would they want a big hunk of metal in there? I don’t worry about the thinness of the bit being a problem as long as I am riding with kind, soft hands. My horses can choose the contact they want, I don’t pull them into it. If your contact is strong enough to damage your horse’s mouth in a thin bit, it’s strong enough to damage your horse’s mouth in ANY bit and you need to learn to use your seat!!! Use a bit that fits your horse’s mouth, and not just the width from ring to ring, each horse is different and will have different preferences, and any bit is only as kind or harsh as the hands that hold it. Ultimately, if you listen to your horse he will tell you what he likes, go with that! :slight_smile:

I have been using different Myler bits for years now and I have had excellent results. The good thing about Myler is that you can contact them through Toklat online form or by calling them directly. Dale will help you select the correct mouthpiece for your horse.

Right now I have both of my POA’s in Myler comfort snaffles and the PMU mare is in the low port mullen. I like that you have a huge selection and levels with these bits. To top it off, you can go full custom and it is still affordable.

Different strokes for different folks.

My previous (super sensitive, hot) TB loved his MB-02. Made him soft and chewy. My current (easy going 5 yr old) TB doesn’t like it. Curls and practically tries to spit it out.

Horses have similar head/mouth size, with fat tongues and shallow palates. One loved his, the other –– not so much.

Best try one before buying!

I tried several different styles and my Arab hated them all. Head flinging, curling behind contact, etc.

A friend used various styles on her Percherons and they seemed to go well in them.

My mustang like the loose ring comfort snaffle with roller - I actually have a couple of the mouthpieces (either 1 or 2, and 3):


My TB has such a small mouth and fine head that I actually use a KK Ultra bridoon with him.

My sensitive horse loves his


My guy has this same bit. And the version with hooks for jumping/trail. He liked it much better than the other bits I’d tried before this one (single joint baucher, French link full cheek). I tried my trainer’s before I bought my own.

Love the Myler comfort snaffle with barrel. My horses that have issues with regular snaffles go beautifully in it. My horses that don’t care one way or the other still go beautifully in it. Now I use it for all my horses.

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My horse’s previous owner had her in a MB-02 Dee or eggbutt and she was happy that way. She was less happy with me, but not terrible. Then we ended up with a trainer who thought it was “gimmicky” and did a variety of bit swaps before settling on a Stubben EZ control loose ring (I don’t see how that’s less gimmicky than a Myler MB-02, but whatever.)

After several years and several bit changes, she “inherited” another horse’s KK about 18 months ago, and she is good enough in it that I’m not tempted to bit-shop again.