Need helmet deoderizer

There is no more Charles Owen helmet Deoderizer to be found. It’s been discontinued and I’m not happy… I’m in the south and we’re sweating a lot these days. What do you use to keep your helmet smelling ‘fresh’? I’m looking for a spray, not moisture absorbing stuff. Thanks!

I use MOSS Fresh Rider Spray for gloves and helmets (I also use a charcoal pack because I sweat an absurd amount and don’t want moisture sitting around which can also cause more order) I like the Lavender Vanilla but haven’t tried “Mint Maize”, can’t imagine what that would smell like tbh. I got mine from RidingRight in the past but it seems a number of different stores stock it now.


I found this spray helpful:

Plus I can throw it on the dog food order!


It is also helpful to put your helmet in the sun when you are finished. Sun is a great deodorizer!


That sounds good, but I don’t think leaving it in the sun is the answer for my situation.

I spray the liner with rubbing alcohol after a ride. Works great, even on helmets I’ve had with liners that aren’t removable so can’t be washed.


I use the Moss spray as well and occasionally alcohol. What I have found helps the most, though, is to pull the liner as soon as I get off, rinse out and then set both liner and helmet in the sun while I put the horse and other gear away. I also keep a baking soda fridge pack inside the helmet when stored. I am usually soaked when I get off, so almost never use my “show” helmet because it doesn’t have a liner.

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These work great!

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I just Googled and found this DIY approach. I’m going to give it a try; if we don’t have vodka sitting around, I’ll probably try isopropyl alcohol:,tea%20tree%20oil%20and%20rosemary.

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This answer is not like the other answers … no cute products involved. :slight_smile:

One day at Academy Sporting Goods I walked past some small-bean-bag sized cloth pouches filled with activated charcoal. They are made to be put inside boxing gloves to kill odor between uses.

Bought 'em. One rests inside my helmet plus riding gloves while they are put away. The other rests inside other things.

They work for me 100%. No sprays or other products that can build up in the helmet/gloves.


I made a spray with vodka, tea tree oil, rosemary and white thyme. It is helping a lot. As noted it will build up eventually, but I wash my helmet liner periodically as well.

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Rubbing alcohol (also spray it on my gloves) and making sure the helmet is able to dry out. We have to run the dehumidifier in the tack room in the summer in order for my helmet to dry between rides. I sweat an exceptional amount, especially with my really thick hair. My next helmet will have a removable liner so I can wash it.

Charcoal and desiccant packs helped my helmet dry but didn’t really take care of the stink.

This is the way.

I recommend the wintergreen alcohol if you can find it.

I do dry mine in the sun after each ride, but if that weren’t an option, desiccant packs and the activated charcoal help with this. I just haven’t found that charcoal packs alone address the stank.

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Charles Owen just announced the release of their new 2-in-1 helmet cleaner and deodorizer:

" Our new eco-friendly formula is specially formulated to break up dirt and grease, perfect for removing sweat, sunscreen and make up after long rides ![:horse:|

Available in both a 250ml bottle and handy 100ml travel size, your headband can now feel and smell fresh between washes with a refreshing lemon and grapefruit fragrance. Available through our website and in stores now!"

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I use 1/2 vodka 1/2 water and a couple of drops of lavender oil to make it smell nice. Works like a charm–though I have no had great success with it on helmets once the stink has set in.

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I sprintz my helmet with Lysol spray after a ride. You don’t need much.

The oils I used have more antibacterial/antifungal properties than lavender, so that might make a difference. It has definitely cut the funk! I will say I live in a fairly arid environment, so getting stuff dry in summer is not an issue.

I spritz with 91% rubbing alcohol. Also will spray with H2O2 for smell.

Tree tee irritates my eyes, and I don’t want anything rolling down my face with my sweat.

Tried the rubbing alcohol on a pretty stinky helmet and it worked great!!

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I’m going to use that next time and save the vodka for drinking. :smiley:

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