Need some jingles, please!

Over on the Venting thread, I’ve posted about the neighbors who went on vacay and left their cats. One mama kitty has been coming over to eat. A few days ago, I saw kittens come with her.

I thought they were going back home. But they weren’t, and my dad was working on a water line at my house and two of them had gotten into the truck engine.

One died on the 80mph drive to the vet. The other is hanging on - he has a severely broken leg, but the vet put him in the oxygen tent and got him stable. Waiting to hear the results of the x-rays.

My vet, bless him, answered his emergency line on the second ring.

The other two kittens now absolutely have to be trapped.


Im so sorry about the one that died and the injured one. Bless you and your Vet for taking care of them.


The vet just texted that he’s hanging in there. He has him pretty doped up tonight: he thinks it will be better to do x-rays tomorrow, when he’s a little more stable.


Poor little baby. Many, many jingles.

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So sorry for the one that didn’t make it. Best wishes for the one that has survived until now. This must have been very traumatic for you to deal with.


Oh how terrible! I’m so sorry for the one that died.

I hope the little guy at the vets makes it.

Hugs and jingles!!! And good luck on getting the others quickly.


I’m so sorry for the poor kitty that didn’t make it. Lots and lots of jingles for the injured kitty. Hugs for you. What a terrible situation all the way around!

Please let us know how the injured kitty is doing. :heart:


I had a feeling he wouldn’t live, but of course, we have to try. By the time I got to the vet, he was already gone. But the other one was starting to act somewhat more alert - he was in shock from the pain, the vet said, but tried to move a little when I got out of the car with them. No other news from the vet, so we’ll see if he pulls through the night.

I’m a bit beside myself right now. They’re about 8 weeks - pretty little still, and I hadn’t seen them at all, so I just had no idea they were out there. When I went outside a bit ago to call in one of the other cats, I saw the other two chasing bugs under a tree in the yard. I can’t even get near them to feed them; I don’t know if i can get them into a live trap or not. I have a feeling I’d just end up catching one of the other outside cats, or a possum.


Oh no. I’m so sorry. Big jingles and hugs. Hope you can get the others trapped; kittens are so dumb for food, you might be able to. Fingers crossed for the little one at the vet and thank you for saving them.


Jingles for the kitties and blessings to you for looking out for them. Poor little things. {{{Hugs}}} :kissing_heart:

(I won’t say anything about the neighbors because it would get me banned).


Long time cat trapper here. Once u acquire a live trap, set it with a can of cat food for bait. At first u may catch the wrong cat (s), but persist! Cats usually won’t enter the trap a second time. Release after neuter the cats u don’t want. Eventually u will capture the cat/kitten u do want. As to possums, based on my game cam at my feral cat feeder, possums eat at the dead of night, cats early evening or early morning. If I do trap a possum, I release.


Huge load of Jingles for all ~ I’m so sorry ~


Many jingles, and thanks from a cat lover for what you have done. Whatever the outcome, you have earned much good karma.


I’ll just echo what everyone else has said–good on you for doing what you can for this little guy. Keep us updated on how he’s doing; we’re all pulling for him.


Don’t give up, it may take a little while but you will eventually catch them. Foxglove has good advice on trapping.

And don’t be afraid to try different foods. A friend of mine resorted to a hamburger when she had a colony near a McDonald’s to TNR.

More jingles for little guy and you!


Sending jingles and prayers for the kitties and you.


No update yet on the little one - going with the theory that no news is good news.

But now we need more jingles for my sweet baby Taffy, another refugee from the neighbors - I found her tonight in the paddock, unable to stand and walk. I brought her in the house and got her cooled off. She acts neurological - she can stand now on all 4 legs, but has ataxia. She did eat about an ounce of canned food just a bit ago - if she keeps it down, I will give her more in a bit. Have called 2 vet’s emergency numbers; waiting for a call back.

I feel pretty sure she was kicked by one of the horses, but not sure.

I wish I had some prednisone, but all I have on hand is mirtaz and gabapentin.


Poor Taffy. Sending jingles for her and you, praying the vet will call you back soon!


Thanks - I’m heartened by the fact that her breathing is relatively normal, her eyes are focused and tracking, and she’s resting more than freaking out. So far, she’s kept the food down. She can stand, but can’t walk. She is making air biscuits, and can stand on her back legs, she just can’t get them to move forward. God, I wish I had some prednisone.


Poor littleTaffy, jingles for her.
You have had quite a weekend. I hope everyones heals quickly and stays well. Take care!