Neighbor Problem with Dog

My neighbor takes a walk down the street with his little dog not on a leash a few times a day. We live in an unincorporated part of the county and on a private road so leash laws are not enforced. While the neighbor walks on the street, his dog is going into people’s yards, crapping at will to which he seem oblivious. In hopes of maintaining neighborhood harmony, I need a nonconfrontational approach to ask him to keep his dog on a leash or at least carry poop bags if he’s going to allow his dog to defecate at will.

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How about one of those quirky ‘pick up after your dog’ signs that you stick in your lawn, like -
‘Poop Happens … Please Scoop’.


It is doubtful that there is a way to tell this person to use a leash that they will consider non confrontational.

I like the idea @ohmyheck posted. Get a couple of the cute signs that say your lawn is not for random dog use. Heck, even put out one of those poop bag dispensers.


Only problem with signs is unless they’re right in front of him, he won’t see them. When he walks, it’s down the middle of the road not looking from right to left or caring who’s lawn his dog is defiling.

The sign is worth a try, but I work in a place where we sometimes put signs on the main door (the door that people have to open to come in). A lot of times, people ignore or don’t read the signs.

How about mail an anonymous note to the guy?

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Could all the neighbors collect Poopsie’s poop, then deposit it on his lawn - or better yet, in an Amazon box on the front porch? But he might not get/understand the message.

How about buying him a matching collar and leash for his dog?


Just me BUT - I would see him one day and run out calling to him and run up and announce “I got you something!” and hand him a roll of poop bags. And then say “I just noticed you didn’t have any.” Ball’s in his court now and if you see him still letting dog use your lawn like an outhouse, then you can call him on it because he has no excuse.


This 100%


One of the neighborhoods that we walk our dogs in has this one house where the guy set up a motion sensing sprinkler and I’m sure it is just for this reason. I’m sure no one dare go in that yard! (And to be clear, we only walk our dogs leashed and we do pick up the poo, we aren’t jerks).


Get every household in your neighbourhood to give him a box of poop bags for Christmas. Enough neighbours giving him enough boxes might let him know he has a problem.


I’m going to be pilloried; however, the dog is small, poop is biodegradable, sometimes it’s easier just to shrug one’s shoulders and be neighborly.:blush:

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If you accidently step in it - it isn’t biodegradable. Not as bad in the winter but pretty gross in the summer with flies on it. Neighbor needs to be responsible.


Yes, he needs to be responsible for his dog. His dog pisses on my planters, craps in my garden as well as on the lawn. No matter that he’s a little dog, bad manners are bad manners. It’s like this guy has tunnel vision and doesn’t see or pay attention to what his dog is doing. When I walk my dog, I make sure they don’t go in other people’s yards. Maybe I’ll stop caring and let them take a big healthy dump and pee on his plantings. I know, that’s passive aggressive.

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I see a lot of these people when out walking our own dogs, since we visit a lot of public parks and walk-friendly neighborhoods. I spend most of my walk time with my gaze on the ground, making sure I don’t step in anything.

I do have a neighbor that got tired of cleaning the crap up on his grassy right of way (sucks to mow through it then have to clean the mower) so he put up one of those “please pick up” signs with an actual bag dispenser. It didn’t last long – not sure if his wife made him take it down or someone vandalized it, but still, that might be a non-confrontational way to deal with it.

While looking out my front window, I saw a neighbour, while walking his large dog, allowing it to take a dump on the lawn. He pretended to pick it up by bending over. So I stuck my head out the door and yelled “Haven’t you left something behind?” Never again did I see him or his large dog on my side of the street. Humiliated he was😊


Question here, not on poop but pee. I never, ever let my dogs pee on people’s grass/nice plantings round their mailboxes. I don’t care if my lawn is 99% dead brown pee spots but I know others do not feel similarly.
In my old neighborhood there were a couple of middle-aged single women who had little to do but police everyone else’s yard and behavior. (They lived next door to each other). One evening I was walking my guys and Nosy Lady #1 was in her driveway on the phone. She had several filled leaf bags set out on the sidewalk for trash pickup the next day. Lance raised his leg on one and gave it a couple of squirts and Nosy Lady had a FIT. “Don’t let him do that!!!” Yeesh.
Who was in the wrong here? It was one of those biodegradable brown paper bags; I wanted to tell her that we were expecting torrential rain later (true) and that a few drops of pee were not, in the scheme of things to come, going to amount to anything. Also that her trash was supposed to be in her driveway, not on the sidewalk. But I said nothing - best not to start things with someone who has nothing better to do than call code enforcement.

I look at this situation and ask - would you want to pick up a bag with dog pee all over it?

Why do you think it is OK to let the dog pee on the outside of a bag that some worker then has to pick up and toss in the truck?

I think the obnoxious lady is over the top, but I also think it is wrong to let your dog pee on trash bags.


“Hi neighbor, can you please make sure you pick up after Fido when he poops on my lawn? Thanks!”


Collectors have probably picked up worse than peed on leaf bags. Ours are provided with protective clothing and usually wear gloves. The man pretending to pick up his dog’s poo new better—that’s why I yelled at him because the behaviour bothered me more than the poo. My dogs are put in the yard for about 30 minutes prior to going for a walk, However, the pee-mail utility poles are irresistible to my male even if his tank is empty. Some people have too much time on their hands and might be happier ensuring all trash is disposed of properly—it’s not biodegradable.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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I am not sure that makes it the right thing to do, to allow your dogs to pee on the bags.
Because it could be worse…

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