NEW Barisone Court Filing - 7/15/21

Is that a strategy that works very often? I had the impression that it was rarely successful.


It does specifically say he’s got a psych to certify he was incompetent…and more over, does not remember the events of the shooting…


I have no idea how NJ courts swing.

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LK’s parents have long had “a place in the community”, so it’s possible they could have interfered with the local LE and gotten “breathing room” for LK by going through social channels, having made connections with those who oversee the courts and such, through their social engagements and time spent at the local Country Club, which they have frequented for ages. It’s certainly not unheard of and is very much a normal thing in the NY Tri-State area, particularly in communities where business, finance, and religion overlap socially.


The other thing…in each allegation of reporting to the police, he references that there were multiple people interviewed…meaning multiple witness statements…

And the dog attack occurred in the presence of township officials at the bidding of township officials …but nothing done about the dog? Dog bites aren’t tolerated for any reason where I live.


The way I read it, and I only read through it quickly, was that Barisone and his attorneys allege a bias, by the Washington Twp. Police Department, against Barisone as he was a male in his 50s, and LK was an attractive female in her 30s. This bias caused the police to not take Barisone’s 911 calls and complaints as seriously as they should have, and the shooting is the result of the previous incidents not being taken seriously.

And Barisone was not legally sane at the time of the shooting.



Although they (the criminal and civil cases) are not related, I can’t imagine the Prosecutor will be happy with this report, especially if the police reports are inaccurate or incomplete.


If any of the responding or named officers are on the Prosecutor’s “DO NOT CALL!” list for testifying, it could throw a wrench into prosecuting MB and require a strategy shift, away from anything that officers saw or overheard.


I wonder if possibly knowing this was coming is one of the reasons LK messaged so many demanding they edit or delete posts on this forum she didn’t find favorable?


Summoning, summoning… in three… two … one…

From the court docket, she sounds like a horrible person to have invade your home.


She probably had no clue. She isn’t a party to the suit…so no need to notify. Prosecution may or may not have known. I don’t think they actually tell her very much though…she blabs. I wonder if this is a response to SGF not winning the motion to compel for the investigative file?


I read a lot of court transcripts - more coronial inquests now, but in a previous life I read a LOT of sentencing transcripts and police reports. Being described in a positive manner “attractive”, “youthful”, etc is not uncommon. It is more a … appeaser, I guess. Particularly in coronial inquests. It’s just part of the patter.



Even if that’s often the case, I still don’t see why that would apply here, in a document filed by Barisone’s legal team against the police department.

@eggbutt Thank you for taking the time to post this !!


I agree LexInVA, all of the officers’ consistent behavior, responses, and alleged very similar incomplete reports sure seem, smell and feel like orders from the top. LK could not have had that type of influence even as an “attractive blond”. Had to be Dad’s connections. Very interesting how involved and pushy his behavior sounds at the time she moved in.

Regarding RC and her gun, I always thought she was sleeping in the aisle by their horses’ stalls with a gun because of a perceived threat to their horses, and there it is; the perceived threat mentioned in the filing. LK would never answer why Ruth was sleeping there.


Oh, one’s appearance and level of attractiveness has been demonstrated to play an outsize role in aspects of life. Right down to you are believed more readily and given more leeway for your behavior. Lauren Kanarek isn’t alone in using that strategy.

This is a fluff article because I am filling up water troughs & I hate searching on my phone, but it gives a quick summation. Sorry - it didn’t grab the link but it is easily found.


10 benefits of being attractive, according to science

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Dec 7, 2018, 5:49 PM


Question - is the information about Lauren Kanarek’s alleged drug use likely to have come from one of the other cases? Where her medical and legal history would be a possible factor?

Someone on one of the other threads brought up the huge amount of information that a plaintiff had to provide. I am sorry, I don’t recall who it was. I think it had something to do with an automobile accident.


That dog would have been seized in my state, taken to the local animal shelter and the owner would be facing serious and expensive legal costs to prevent it from being destroyed. The fact that the dog was within its house would be a mitigating factor but it may not outweigh the severity of the wound. With luck, it could be kept but with a lot of steps to be taken (8 foot high fencing, to be muzzled when not on the owner’s property, to always be leashed and under control of someone 16+ years old when outdoors), all the way to having to go to a different state where the jurisdiction would have to give permission for the dog to reside and many of the same restrictions would be in effect.


Attractiveness is so relative though. However, there is some sort of angle that can be worked there, so I can see why it would be included. Even just stating, M, a female, and Y, a male can shape someone’s thoughts or perspective on the matter.

It’s often thought that females aren’t capable of some things or less likely to be …whatever. There are sex and gender biases everywhere.

Then you think, how would this be different if the filing read: Mary, a heavy set middle aged woman with brown hair and acceptable horseback riding skills (what even is “acceptable”), a capable horse, and adequate finances with no strong ties in the community (and also no parental support because she’s a working middle aged adult).


Hmm. Interesting.

It would make sense to describe someone as short or petite so it would seem less likely they would be perceived as a physical threat to a tall, solid man by the police.

Also, I had either missed or forgotten that anyone felt the need to sleep in the barn aisle with a gun to protect their horse. If the police knew about that and ignored it, that certainly sounds like they were not taking the situation seriously enough. How on earth could that be considered to be any sort of normal occurrence?!?