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Ummm… help?

For some reason I am now smoofox1. When I search for my usual name, it shows me there is a smoofox with my usual avatar etc. So am I in the process of having horcruxes created for me? :roll_eyes: I tried logging out but I get automatically logged back in as smoofox1.

One of me was plenty enough.

Suggestions? Assistance?


I have a random list of topics with apparently random bright coloured letters beside them. There does not appear to be a way to identify topics or threads. I’m a busy person. I can’t be bothered to look for what I want to read. Goodbye.

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Lots of spinning wheel for me… search doesn’t seem to work, just getting the wheel of death!

Is the Off Topic thread closed? There’s a lock icon next to the link on the dropdown menu…

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Also, don’t bother searching the site with Google, the new URL hasn’t been set up correctly for forwarding all links (used to be, now it’s, so any search results off Google will just send you to the forum home page. :confused:

Wish there was a less resource-heavy version of the site, it is slowwwww on my tablet.


Yeah this is rather one of the clumsiest pieces of software I have ever seen. And I am in IT. Not sure what was wrong with the old one? Gonna give it until end of week, but from the looks of it, not sure the change was a good one. Might have to give up reading this forum


(For the record, I tried using quote, and it did not work for me so I did it manually.)
Today this took me to my start post, which is very clearly not the first unread post since I have posted after that, and I most certainly have read after that on this platform, so it is clearly not a case of the virtual bookmark not catching up on this platform.

The question I have is, not how to make that feature work correctly, but how to work with the forum with the feature not working correctly. If we have no pages, is there a way to more easily navigate to the end of a discussion so we do not have to scroll (and wait for the spinning) forever to get to the end? Is there some button to hit to take us to the end.

In defense of the people asking questions that are answered there - I got there yesterday morning and started reading and then I could not get back there. So it is great that there are tips, but people can’t read them since getting to that forum was just not happening. I was able to read this thread because it came up on the list.

The forum is still very slow this morning. Lots of spinning to get this thread open. Like I already mentioned it did not take me to the last read post when clicking the thread so that feature is not working.

Off to click more things to see if I am able to do that.

Edit to add - One plus from yesterday - The bar at the top that @Simkie refers to frequently in her instructions is actually visible today. Yesterday it was there…sometimes but not often.

Is there a way to link to a certain post?

Example, you are telling someone the information is right here with a link to the specific post.

@moderator1 (never got the option to pick from a pop-up list of users so do not know if that tag will work) tell the hard working people who are making this all work that so far this morning I have gotten some spinning, but have not had a time out error. :grinning:

In Safari, the “previous page” button does not return me to the previous page in the Forum - it just refreshes the page that I am on, no matter how many times I press it.

Where do you see the forums listed and how do you navigate to them without having to click on Forum in the left hand column? I usually don’t mind change but this format is a bit confusing.

Try this view, js:

This is the “categories” view and will eventually be default once everything is ironed out. You can get here by clicking the three bars at the top right and selecting “categories” until then :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Posts are still in chronological order. Replies are “nested” (great term for that!) under the post they quoted, but they’re also at the end of the thread. If it doesn’t work for you to see them attached to the post (and out of order) don’t expand the nested post, and just keep scrolling to see them all in chronological posted order :slight_smile:

To log out, click your avatar in the upper right hand corner, then your user name, then log out :slight_smile:

@Simkie (again no pop-up to pick the user)

I tried to open your faqs thread this morning, twice now, and I have gotten an error both times.

Found the menu for the topics/forums (thanks) but now I’m having issues getting logged out unexpectedly, then having issues relogging in. Getting logged in on the COTH main page but not being logged in on the Forums, etc. Forums are running very slow also.

Yeah, there are still a lot of wrinkles. No doubt the IT people are hard at work! It seems a little better today so we seem to be moving in the right direction :blush:

It’ll get better! Hang tight!

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I work for a technology company. In our last major software release, we had a massive case of “well that didn’t happen in UAT.” I can’t throw stones. :slight_smile:

Let’s be patient, folks.

@Moderator_1 as we run into unexpected behaviors is there either a running trouble tracker where you want them posted, or particular information the team is looking for that will enable diagnostics?


yesterday the performance dived pretty quickly with spinning wheels adn 502 Gateway errors, but MUCH better today.

I think that we are in that thread now.
I expect the ones working on this are reading here for hints what is going on and where to look next.

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I agree with Walktrot. Many user issues here for me. In particular, the lack of pages is very unhelpful. Do we have to scroll through all 30/90/200/2000/22000 posts in a thread to find a specific reply?

I hope it improves a lot. Otherwise I probably won’t be back very often.


I don’t get a pop up when trying to add a user to the ‘mute’ function.

The functionality is much better today than yesterday, but still very confusing. I will add on to those who don’t like the lack of pages.


@Simkie, No, the posts are NOT in chronological order at the end of the thread for me. They’re ONLY showing “nested”, which is especially annoying because not only is the conversation itself garbled, but the nested replies don’t necessarily have anything to do with the ones they’re nested under. If there’s a setting that will fix this, that would be great. Otherwise, I’m not sure it’s worth it to wait 10+ minutes for a page to load only to not be able to figure out what anyone’s talking about. :frowning:


I must not be seeing the nested thing. Can you screen shot it and post it?