New Forum Fun, Questions and Glitch Reports

I will start with, thank you to COTH for all the hard work!

I assume you want to know what issues we are having as we move forward so I thought I would mention that this morning the forum opened and when I clicked on something to navigate (or figure out how to navigate is a better way to put it) I got a spinning wheel and then a gateway error that things had timed out. It was quite some time before I could get back in.

Now that I am in, navigating is slow. Lots of spinning wheel time for every click.

@Moderator 1 note:
Here are a few known items we’re working on:

  1. Log in issue – new “Username1” account is created (likely issue related to conflicting email addresses on our two sites)

  2. Google search results returning users to homepage instead of to threads

  3. Apostrophes and ampersands not formatted correctly in usernames.

  4. We have to do some customization work later to add back in:

  • Original Poster designation
  • poster location by their username in posts
  • thread preview when you hover

@simkie I know you posted it somewhere in your very detailed instructions but I can not re-find it (partially because I keep getting gateway errors with every second click). Can you please direct me to your instruction on how to make current events not show on the latest list. Thank you!

Me too, tried to re-enter thru Google, old links, no go, kept getting a blank page and “504 error” or “504 gateway timeout” about half the time.

It is very slow, spinning wheel going before it changes threads or forums when it does change.

I also got a 502 Gateway error in case that makes a difference to the IT crowd (that does things I will never understand).

Edit to add - I failed at quoting. Hmpf. I thought I was quoting you Bluey.

If you highlight what you want quoted, the program will do it for you in your posting window. :star_struck:

Mine was slow to start up this morning. Never did get logged in at home. But now that I’m past the first loading and log in things seem to be going fine. Now this old dog just needs to learn some new tricks :crazy_face:

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If I stay right here in this thread, it seems to be working. Though posting is slow (from the time I hit reply to when it shows up is slow is what I mean).

If I leave a thread I am pretty much gotten a gateway error every time.


This is what I see when I “seamlessly scroll with out pages” trying to get to the first new post. This gets stuck (no ability to scroll further).
It did not open to the first unread post. That was days later than where it opened to.
(And then I got another gateway error and had to start all over.)


Is there a way to filter out current events and off topic in the Latest tab?

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The FAQ thread is here:

The walk through on how to block specific forums is under “How can I hide a forum?” which is in the “Settings & Other FAQs” section.

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I’ve had 4 or 5 minutes of spinning for a post to load at times. It’s incredibly slow compared to the old forum for some reason. I wasn’t expecting that.

I’m also seeing that @trubandloki when trying to scroll to the bottom to see newer posts. I thought there was a way to see just the new posts since last read, but I can’t seem to find it, just the ability to go to the very last post by clicking on the 1d or 1h and then scrolling up from there to find what I’ve already read.

Is there a “go to first unread” feature I’m missing?

Hitting “Reply” several times and getting a 504 error, and then something about “drafts offline”, so hopefully this will eventually post just once.


I was getting 502 and 504 errors in about equal measure between about 7 and 11 EST today, Chrome 86/Windows 10 and Safari/iOS. Ratio about 2:1 failed load to “it loaded eventually.”

I’m no longer getting those errors, but the average page load speed is between 4 and 5 minutes.

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Clicking the thread title goes to first unread, but first unread will need to be “reset” on the threads you’re reading–that little virtual bookmark would not have come in from the other platform.

There are a lot of board and thread navigation tips in the FAQ to get you started:

It seems like ohhhh maybe 5 people can be active on the board at any one time right now :rofl: No doubt there are people hard at work on whatever is broken, but do check out the FAQ if you have questions or want tips, especially since a whole lot of us are having the same access issues and aren’t around to help with questions :grin:


Can’t get to the FAQ thread from your links right now.

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Multiple gateway errors, “notifications” dated from August (??), forum will not let me sign out and even closing your website, plus restarting my computer, I can go straight to the forums without logging in. Er, that is, after endless circling wheels, more gateway errors, blank pages, finally something loads and it is posts from February (not sure what year though, doesn’t say). I have no idea if this reply is going to show up. But there definitely needs to be a way to log out of Chronofhorse and/or Forum - same same now? Anyway I do have a fairly high powered and very new computer so tend to be of the opinion that it isn’t my computer causing these issues. Thanks, I guess…


I get a 504 error when I try to open the FAQs, so…

Is there a way to get the threads to show the replies in chronological order, instead of the semi-random nested effect that’s the default? It’s really hard to follow the conversation when the timeline is all mixed up like this.


Hey! I can finally get on!

Rest assured, the developers are working on getting the site performance working as it should. This is not the “final product” in terms of functionality, I promise you! :grimacing: :flushed:

I suggest letting them tap away at it tonight, and I’m sure things will continually improve throughout the week. Then we can better work on persistent issues and questions.

Thanks for your patience!
Mod 1


Mod1 Thanks to you and all the support staff. The 502 gateway is gone!!! Long live the COTH Forums.

Yes, to learn new things (thanks for the tip to select and reply to quote something). Now to learn how to get multiple quotes in a single reply :slight_smile:

:smiley: (need to learn how to use more emojis!!)

I often search Google first for a Chron topic. Now, for example, when I type “Uckele supplements chron” into Google, I’m directed to the general forum homepage instead of the actual posting. Are all the links broken?


This isn’t making it. I know a lot of work has gone into this and we need it. But it still has too many basic problems. It appears to offer a lot nifty features to play around with which is nice once you figure them out I’ll leave out errors and server errors I don’t like:.
part of this post disappeared so i have to retype it?
no pages
sub-replies under a post should be thrown out. does not qualify as a feature., or
sub-replies under a post should open with everything else in chronicle order.
why did i get a thread from 2019 with 123 replies that was not revived…
cannot get a list of topics in a particular forum.
Can’t tell if i already responded to a thread.
No previews of a topic so you can decide whether to read it.
Mishmash of topics, including Off topic which I don’t want.
Replies should be dated and timed, not 4h or 3 days.
Too much clutter in list of topics.
why are there 5 somethings in the middle of the page of topics.

Put the software development team in a room with snacks and soda and a nearby restroom. Lock them in and don’t let them out until they do something useful, like fixing basic stuff like pages, order of replies, list of topics, it goes on forever. Some of the complaints have been out there for weeks.

There is a circle on the lower left that has been turning for a long time. Why?

Software developers can’t design a good product until they understand the market and the users. They have to get down and dirty and use it.

That’s enough for now.