Non-silicone grip full seat breeches

I’m currently shopping around for some new breeches. My usual go-to breeches are Pikeur Lugana and Pikeur Lucinda, but I want to see what else is out there. I did recently purchased a pair of Horze Grand Prix breeches, and I like them, but the only come in white or black.

So what’s out there for decent quality full seat breeches that aren’t silicone? It seems that all of the nice colors and designs are on the silicone grip breeches these days. I can usually get items from the USA, but I haven’t been thrilled with anything SmartPak or Dover in the past, for fit and/or quaility. I do have my eyes on Rompfh since they seem to still make full seat breeches without grip in nice colors. Basically colors other than black and white.

Any recommendations are appreciated and notes about fit.

The original FITS, with the segmented deerskin. I’m 5’4", weigh 117, and wear a small. I buy the pull-ons, so I can’t comment on the fit of the zip-ups. I have black, dark brown, a hazelnut brown, and blue. I’m hoping for a grey pair to show up on ebay, which is where I find them for a good price.

I also have Equissentials and Tropical riders, with deerskin seats, also pull-ons, in size small.

I like all of these. They are stretchy and comfortable, and the deerskin has a nice amount of grip.


I love Romfh. Sarafina is my favorite, but Isabella and Champion have a more curvy fit.


I second Romph. I want Fits but cant afford them.

Check ebay! I’ve gotten used FITS in very good shape for $70 to $80. You might have to be patient.

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I third Romfh.

I’ll also throw out the SmartPak Hadley’s these are great quality for the price point and come in many beautiful colors.

I’ve heard good things about FITS but seriously can’t get past the weird seat on them. They remind me of the pads on dog’s feet I don’t want that look on my a$$. lol.

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Romfh Sarafinas are my favorite. If you want a slightly higher waist, the Isabels are nice too.

Also a fan of the Romfh Sarafina. However, if they made it with a super sticky silicone bum like SmartPak’s Piper, they’d be unbeatable for me 😂

I am confused.
Why do you want “full seat breeches without grip”?

Isn’t “grip” the POINT of full seat breeches?


Janet, I think she doesn’t want SILICONE grip. She want’s leather full seat.

Im another fan of the original FITS. Well made, they seem to last forever. I wear the pull on version.


Yes, this.

Thank you all for the suggestions so far, I’ll do some browsing! Nice to hear good things about the Romfh breeches since I like their styles and colors.

My go-to breeches are also Pikeur Luganas and Lucindas, but I also like and fit in Romfh Sarafinas, and they come in more colors.

FITS are nicely sticky but the waistband stretches all the way up to my bra band. And what is with the lack of pockets? I need a butt pockets for my phone while tacking up and a sugar pocket in the front. And the weird monkey butt effect is so, so ugly. Annnd, at almost $300, the crotch seam blew out on my first ride. I’d skip them.

Ditto what Sillyhorse suggested. I have all the same breeches and love them. Yes, the Fits are expensive to laundry but between washings if not too dirty I toss in the dryer on air only with some wet microfiber cloths to get the dust off. I still have some Equissentials, but once I switched to Fits I have to worn them.

I will say im not too thrilled how the butt area can get little pullls or breakdown of the fabric, it’s not noticible nor do they tear but for the money that shouldn’t happen. Could just be caused by sitting trot or that I ride in a Wintec.

Maybe the older FITS were made from a more substantial fabric than the newer ones. I have two pair that I’ve had for more than 10 years and they’re going strong.


I also like FITS. I let them get really dirty before I wash them… helps with the hassle. (of course not the whites…) I try to keep them for shows or clinics. A few years ago I found Montar breeches … and I really like them for clinics and such. Most of their models are now silicon but they still have one clarino style ESS.
Daily, I seem to ride in Kerrits… but I think they are going away from the clarino fabrics as well.

I am not a fan of the silicon. It seems most times it is too sticky.

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I just cannot get past the look of the FITS. I just don’t like them. It’s petty, I know. However, if I found a pair at a good price I’d probably spring for them regardless.

The Romfh’s are a bit harder to find at the moment. Or colors are limited/out of stock. This is probably due to the current COVID situation though. I’d like to try the Sarafina and Champion, so I ordered the Sarafina last night.

I have seen Montar before in a clarino fabric. I’ve also eyed the Kerrits cross over. I’ve only had their winter breeches which are incredibly comfortable.

I go for cheaper breeches or deals on used/eBay so I don’t feel bad when I get them filthy or stained at the barn. I honestly won’t pay much more than $60 for breeches, new or used.

I really like Ovation breeches - I have several and one pair (no idea on the model) that feel almost like yoga/sweatpants. I stumbled into a super deal on a pair of Treadstep breeches and watch for more because they are really comfortable as well. I have a pair of Romfh that while fine, aren’t as forgiving or comfortable through the waistband.

I realize this conversation is VERY old, but my trusty Romfh’s are starting to fall apart. Any new recommendations for non-silicon full seat breeches?

I (the OP) pretty much ride exclusively in Pikeur breeches now. A few different models. They last, and generally fit well.

I wasn’t so impressed with Romfh. I have some Euro-Star breeches as well. Those are ok too.

I also have some Horseware tights that aren’t full seat but sort of an extended knee patch for summertime. Those are nice too. Very comfortable, but little grip, which I’m alright with.