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Notifications not working and other issues since the forum was down the other day

Since whatever happened yesterday that had the forum not working at all, I am not getting any notifications about having a new private message.

The likes for the private message show up, but not a notification that I received a new message.


@Moderator_1, been annoying random people to test things and it seems I am not the only one not getting notifications about new PMs.

I also learned, while playing around that tagging in a PM is also not showing up in notifications right now.

I have rebooted since the issue the other day, more than once.

Using Chrome to browse.


Mine was off, then on yesterday, and off today.

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Another new weird thing is the responder’s avatars are not showing up in the threads. For instance, a thread may have 40 comments, but only two or three avatars indicating responses show up.


Hi! I’m not getting notifications of new postings on threads I’m watching. Thank you!


My first general response to not universal “wonkiness” is to try logging out and logging back in. If that doesn’t help, try clearing cookies for the site, and then logging back in.

If your issue persists, please report back and let us know what platform (computer, phone, tablet) and what browser/version you’re using to access the site.

Thanks for the help!


Issue still persists for me. Using laptop & phone.


Thank YOU!

Now “likes” are showing up, but notifications to posts I’m “watching” are not. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea notifications were broken and has missed a new PM.

Didn’t even get the email I usually do, so it doesn’t seem to be a website issue. Looks to be an overall notification issue.


Sigh. “Me Too”. No notifications, no emails, intermittent over the last couple of days. On laptop and phone.


I’m getting the likes (at least I think I am?) but absolutely no notification if a comment is replied to or even quoted. I found by accident I’m missing them. Initially @trubandloki discovered this while PMing but it’s the regular forum too, not just PMs.


Moi aussi.


I have to agree with the others, I am also not getting notifications about posts in the threads. I have not received any notifications about posts in this thread. So it is not just a PM thing.
It is a notifications everywhere thing.


Someone else mentioned this upthread but I wanted to show it in screen shots.

Any thread that has been started since the other day when the forum was down is not showing the icons of those who are in the discussion on the list of threads. Two icons seems to be the norm most places, though this thread only shows my icon when I open this section of the forum.

Here is a screen shot of ‘latest’ and as you can see, there are two older threads that show lots of icons and the other threads only show the two (or one) icons and they have fare more than two people participating.


A quick look at the Discourse meta doesn’t seem to show any other boards having this issue, or historical questions about this type of thing, so it appears to be a problem with COTH’s implementation of the software.

@Moderator_1 perhaps a banner to let people know this is a problem and is being investigated would be useful?


Thank you @Simkie for looking that up!

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The developers’ tech team has been notified, so they’ll be looking into the issue.

Thanks for all of the information on the issues. I sent a link to this thread, so you can keep them updated with any changes here.


I’m on a year-old MacBook Pro, running the latest version of Firefox, and I also don’t see the visual representations of all the replies to a thread, as mentioned above.

I don’t think this is caused by cookies, as I have Firefox set to remove all cookies (from everywhere) every time it is closed; I log in anew each time I visit CoTH.


Is there any time line as to when the notification issue will be fixed?

Also, I don’t have the option to start a new thread in Technical.

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