October Yearling Sale

A few of my favorites
(I am a Collected fan and really love the look of the two Collected’s I have shared below)
Looking forward to more photos being posted from the sale grounds.

Always Dreaming x Treetop Shock
…she walks like a cat :heart_eyes:
FTKOCT22_304_Treetop Shock 21 on Vimeo

Collected x Tidal Surge
Hip_271_FTKOCT22-Tidal_Surge on Vimeo

Collected x Tapitai If i could win the lottery, I’d be on a plane with a bidder number
Hip_233_FTKOCT22-Tapitai on Vimeo

Arrogate x Trustini
Love how stout this guy is. Arrogate was big and rangy looking; not so much with this one
Hip_312_FTKOCT22-Trustini on Vimeo

Collected x Upper Brass
Hip_328_FTKOCT22-Upper_Brass on Vimeo

Good Samaritan x Proud Mover
:heart_eyes: :star_struck:
FTKOCT22 1494 Proud Mover 21 - YouTube

Gun Runner x Amber Isle
Hip_456_FTKOCT22-Amber_Isle on Vimeo

Tale of Verve x Co
this guy doesnt look like he would make a good racehorse prospect; but sporthorse? Love how chill he is, practically being dragged
Hip_689_FTKOCT22-Co on Vimeo

Gun Runner x Dont Blame Me
Hip_785_FTKOCT22-Dont_Blame_Me on Vimeo

Lost Treasure x Ever So Pretty
Interesting pedigree, pretty filly
FTKOCT22_840_Ever So Pretty 21 on Vimeo

Bee Jersey x Lady Chairman
Hip_1127_FTKOCT22-Lady_Chairman on Vimeo


No lottery win was needed. The colt sold for $2,000.

oh dear. Well he could have come to this address!

I did see that Hardin Towell took home lot 787 Heart to Heart x DontPassJudgement . Suspect that one is off to a show career ?

Who doesn’t love a pretty Honor Code
FTKOCT_1582_Royalty 21 on Vimeo

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Mine sells today. Hip 1059, Enticed x Irishtocat. We didn’t breed him, but bought him cheap in January at the OBS sale as a pinhook prospect. He has come around very nicely. I don’t really know what to expect, prices have been all over the place (mostly low), but it is unlikely we will lose money on him. :slight_smile: We bought him skinny, hairy, unprepped, but he had clean xrays and good conformation and structure. (But he’s a cribber!). He has been a sensible, quiet boy and I hope he goes on to have a great career!


best of luck! He looks amazing

Are you sure that is the same horse? Yes - he looks amazing!!!

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Thank you! He is there to sell, I can’t bring another one back home, already have more than I need! :smile:

Well, somebody got a bargain. :confused:

Yeah… tough pill to swallow. Consignor says there was just no one there to buy/bid against. No physical reason for the low price…and he certainly didn’t have the best catalog page, but he was appraised at 15-20K back in July. Before the market crashed. :frowning:

Thankfully we don’t rely on the horse sales to pay the bills, and we’re breaking even on the “hobby.” But there are many other breeders who will be struggling this winter to pay for hay, feed, and labor…prices that have nearly doubled since these yearlings were conceived.

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How are Enticed’s get performing on the track?

This is his first crop of yearlings. Prior to this sale they were averaging about 30-35k. We watched a bunch sell around that figure at OBS two weeks ago. They aren’t hugely popular, but with the success of Bolt D’Oro’s first 2yos, there was some mild buzz around the Enticed yearlings among pinhookers at OBS.

One 2yo trainer was VERY interested in ours, but he absolutely did not want a cribber. :slightly_frowning_face: (I get it…I didn’t want him as a cribber either!! We kept him in a collar.)

You have a few of his that you have kept then? I hope so, in case his get are promising on the track. :blush:

no, this was our only 2021 Enticed and we had to sell him (for whatever he brought) since we RNA’d our OBS yearlings two weeks ago. I was supposed to have only 2 yearlings to start this fall…now I’m at 4…and I don’t have room for any more!

We do have a 2022 foal by Enticed that is VERY nice. Fingers crossed the market rebounds a little for next year.

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Any more on the way? Just hope for you that if Entice becomes a world beater, you’ll have one, or two. :grin:

No, we didn’t breed to him this year. It can be a little risky breeding to a 3rd year stallion…we did it with Catalina Cruiser, but we got a very good deal. But if the 2yos & 3yos don’t run lights out, buyers will drop off by the time our foal is ready to sell as a yearling. We are facing this with our 2022 Gormley filly… Gormley had some decent 2yo runners in 2021, but his 3yos have been less sucessful, and as a result his sale average is somewhere around 10k. (We bought a mare in foal to him, it wasn’t our choice to breed to Gormley specifically; I wasn’t fully against him, but we knew it was a risk.)

We usually try to use 1st/2nd year sires with our older mares, and proven stallions with the younger ones. Only use “flop year sires” (3rd/4th year) if we get a great deal, and/or if I’m hoping to keep them as sport horses. :laughing:


:grin: Good luck, and thanks for sharing your beasties with us.

Sorry to hear it didn’t go as well as hoped :(. Prices are definitely a bit all over the place.
They are paying well for strong maternal pages and desirable sires to pinhook; it seems like,

I really liked this Liam’s Map colt. He must have had a vetting issue or something of the sort. He was no-saled at $1,500 :frowning:

I am late posting the ones I like because a lot of the videos were uploaded while the horses were on the grounds

How about this Hard Spun colt :heart_eyes: He is dreamy!
250k hammer price