Official Tokyo Olympic Eventing Thread

I think it’s time to have a place for all the chat now that teams are named!

Latest news:

Also EN has an email subscription for their Olympic diaries that should be pretty good.

The Eventing Podcast will also be having pods daily since Sam Wat son is competing.

Let the games begin Go Canada :canada::canada::canada:


All entries are posted:




Better question… before the start of the games… which country do we think will end up using their alternate rider?


so, I see on FB that Thomas and On Cue have made it to Germany. I assume that Z, Vandiver and Mai Baum are also settled in. Did Mama’s Magic Way make the cut? How many did we end up sending?

Brazil is my guess.

US possibly too.

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If you haven’t listened yet, give this a listen;

Part 2 is out this morning, but its not on the website yet. I will post it when it is.

The course sounds beautiful and amazing…I CANT WAIT to see it!!

There is a vet at every single jump on XC. This is absolutely mind blowing. 40 vets on course and 20 team vets…a vet for every horse. They aren’t messing around. The horse ambulances have maps to and from every take off and landing side of each of the fences.


There was a vet at each xc fence at London 2012. No one wants bad images beaming around the world.


Why doesn’t team GB have more entries in every discipline than every other country? They have 5 eventers listed, are those all the alternates for some reason?

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Tom and Ollie are listed twice.

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Schedule for the eventing competition - Tokyo Dates and Times

Fri 30 July 8:30 - 11:00
Equestrian Park
Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 1 - Session 1

Fri 30 July 17:30 - 20:10
Equestrian Park
Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 1 - Session 2

Sat 31 July 8:30 - 11:00
Equestrian Park
Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 2 - Session 3

Sun 1 Aug. 7:45 - 11:10
Sea Forest Cross-Country Course
Eventing Cross Country Team and Individual

Mon 2 Aug. 17:00 - 22:25
Equestrian Park
Eventing Jumping Team Final and Individual Qualifier
Eventing Jumping Individual Final
Eventing Team Victory Ceremony
Eventing Individual Victory Ceremony

Tokyo is 16 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone - adjust as needed for your own situation. Looking at the NBC streaming schedule, I see a live stream event that correlates to each of the above sessions (as well as some extraneous listings that don’t). Sat July 31 at 3:45pm sounds like a good time to plan to watch cross country!


Part 2 is available on my Podcast app on the iPhone

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So excited to see Rioghan Rua and Cathal Daniels for Ireland – love that little mare! I wish them a safe and successful event (and safe rounds for all, of course).


Now the $2 question is will we be able to livestream the xc in Canada?


I got a message from the Tokyo Olympic Committee saying no spectators for the Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa venues (auto refund for tix); 50% capacity for other sites by lottery from among ticket holders. That sounds like all equestrian events will be no spectators, even CC.

I just listened to this, and I’m thrilled about the extent of preparation, but it did give me a moment of pause to just think about how much of the conversation about safety in the sport writ large is really focused on not having anything bad happen on TV at the olympics


Me too LOVE HER!

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When was this announcement? I thought it was no spectators at all now?

@seriously1 I heard it’s going to be live-streamed! Hopefully we hear where soon!

She’s such a great little mare. And I’m so thrilled for Sam and Danny, too, whose selection feels like a win for good riding and for, you know, math :slight_smile:


do you remember the horrific horse falls in Rio? This is the only time ordinary people get to see this sport and will be properly distressed if there are even close to the number of falls at this Olympics. EN recently put up the video of the xc from Rio and I watched about 20 minutes of it. I didn’t see any of the falls, but I winced watching the few riders I did see. We all know it is a dangerous sport, but the point is to eliminate horse falls.
I am very excited to see the live stream, which means uninterrupted, and no commercials! Now the hunt is on to find out just who will be livestreaming. (I mean which property of NBC of course.) I currently do not have Peacock, but if that is what I will need, you can be sure I will sign up.

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It was through private email to ticket holders. It came in yesterday (bolding mine).



*This email is sent to those who purchased tickets for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 at the lottery phase.

*To prevent this message from being classified as spam, this email does not contain the URL of the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website.

*English follows Japanese.


電話番号:0570 - 00 - 2020(有料・ナビダイヤル)


For those who purchased Tokyo 2020 Games ticket,

The decision was made at the Five-Party meeting held on 8 July that no spectators will be allowed into venues located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama during the Olympic Games.

We deeply regret for all the ticket purchasers that this measure had to be put in place, though it is a critical measure to prevent the infection spread.

It was announced in the evening of 9 July, following the Five-Party meeting and the local government authorities meeting, that the sessions held at the venue in Hokkaido would have spectators. However, the government of Hokkaido has decided that spectators will not be allowed in the venue in Hokkaido to prevent people from Tokyo to visit Hokkaido, as the state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo. Therefore, sessions at the venue in Hokkaido will also be held with no spectators.

Tickets for the sessions being held without spectator or invalidated as a result of the lottery will be refunded. You do not need to apply for refund for such tickets. We will send an email about the details of the refund and method to your registered email address after the Games.

For the venues located in Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaragi and Shizuoka, spectators up to 50% of venue capacity and not more than 10,000 people will be allowed. Some sessions are subject to the lottery to reduce spectators, the result of which has been announced in the early morning on Saturday, 10 July.

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