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Ogilvy Baby Pads: Love them or hate them?

I’ve heard all of the hype about Ogilvy’s memory foam half pads, and if I’m going to be honest, I don’t see what everyone swoons over (too bulky and holds heat). However, I have been eyeing their line of beautiful baby pads that seem to come in any color combination imaginable! They sound so awesome on the site since they claim that they are stain resistant, anti-slip, and moisture-wicking, but are they really as great as the website makes them sound? I’m hesitant to buy since they can total about $75 with monogramming (incredibly expensive), but if they do in fact live up to all that the company claims, I would be willing to pay for them. So, are Ogilvy baby pads worth the money or are they just another run-of-the-mill pad?

Love them. They are magic :smiley:

I don’t know how they do it but they also come out super white after each wash. Plus they don’t slip, rub or ride up.

The BEST, as Mouse&Bay says. They’re the perfect thickness, they look like a million bucks, and they hold up to washing for literally years. I tend to buy from my local tack shop and get them to monogram them, it usually comes out to be cheaper.

Over the years I’ve replaced all of my baby pads with them. I have some that are 5+ years old and still blindingly white. As someone who uses only white pads, I really like that they come out so clean every time without any extra effort on my part. I use all the same pads for schooling as I take to the shows. The wither relief is also nice, and I’ve never had slippage with them either.

I’m a lover of them as well. I do love the half pads, but they work very well with my horse and saddle. I can feel a big difference without one. But as for the half pads they are great! They do clean up well and do not slip. I just got my first white one so well see how it cleans up but they fit great!

I love mine and have replaced most of my pads with them.

Call me the odd man out, but I hated mine.
It scrunched, slipped, and I swear to god they are cut at a slight angle backwards.

I reaaaalllyyy wanted to like it, but I just hated it. I could not get it to sit right on anything. Sold it on Facebook for like $20. I wound up buying 4 Centaur Mini Diamonds that I adore.


$75 seems steep after monogramming? Are you looking at the baby pad or the Jumper Profile pad? I have not tried to jumper profile pad (which is what I would try next, if I had to try another Ogilvy product), but I did dislike the baby pad.

Another vote for love. They are durable and I love the way they are cut at the withers. I constantly pull other pads up at the withers the entire time I girth up, but not the Ogilvy with the way it is built the wither relief is automatic.

Love them! They always come out clean, never slip, have wither clearance for my high withered horse, and don’t have all the annoying billet straps and girth loops.

I have replaced all my schooling pads with them

I also adore mine. Had a horse who needed the shaped pads instead of the non-structured baby pads and these things did. not. move. Love the feeling of the backing.

I also got some of the Smartpak brand structured pads because they are less spendy, but all I show in now are the Ogilvy’s.

I’m in love with their friction-free saddle pads. Had mine for over 5 years and still looks great!

I only love the ones with the ‘girth straps’ on them. Any of the pads that do not have those tend to move and scrunch up. I love the pads, but refuse to use any that have no way of holding them in place.

My saddles are both fitted to my horse, so it’s not because of fit. I wish they all came with the little piece of fabric to put your girth through but not all do.

LadyB, I believe you can order custom baby pads with the girth strap if you contact Ogilvy :slight_smile:

I am also a fan of the Ogilvy baby pads, but $75 does seem pretty high - not sure I’d be spending that much on them even though I do like them. Of course, I wouldn’t bother with monogramming unless it was super cheap or free (I have my own embroidery machine so can do my own).

Why are they 75 with embroidery? They sell for 39.99 at dover.
I love love love them. Easy to clean and I also love that they don’t have any straps, my saddle has a really forward flap so the girth never fits through the girth straps.
I show dressage and jumpers in them. The white one always comes clean, it is the first time I have had a saddle pad for showing that I have been able to use for more than one or two shows.

They are my favorite pad currently. I find the regular jump square pad to move around more on my horse, even with the girth straps on that one and none on the baby pad. I think if you have an extra forward flap saddle, the baby pad would be not as good of a fit.

$75 is a lot for a baby pad. Eek! I just ordered some Bobbigee’s (wither relief, embroidery, girth straps, binding/piping) and they will be about $34 each). If I got the basic shape (stills comes with embroidery, and binding…and there is a wither relief option that is not extra) they are $18.

And $37 at Mary’s Tack (with free shipping if you buy over $75 right now). But only in black or white.

I love mine! I haven’t used another brand of pad in forever.

I would say it is definitely going to be cheaper to find a retailer that sells the color that you want (google should be able to help you with stores that sell assorted colors) and also if you can get monogramming locally it would probably be less expensive.

I hated hated hated my Ogilvy back pad. But I love love love my Ogilvy baby pads!

Seems like the baby pads are cheaper than the $75, but I also have 2 of the “nicer” pads (the friction-free and the slightly-more-constructed-than-a-baby-pad) which were expensive.

I actually prefer the baby pads to the more expensive ones. I think they fit my saddle better (not so much hanging below the saddle flap) and stay in place perfectly.