Oldenberger Auction colt- calling color experts!

I saw this colt and I was wondering where the color comes from? Anyone know? Per horsetelex his dam is chestnut, I haven’t found a photo yet. Sire is dark bay/brown. Just curious!


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I don’t know, but in many species, excessive white is associated with genetic problems, including deafness and infertility.

However, this article discusses white coloring in horses and says that, based on limited data because true white horses are fairly rare, it may not be associated with any other health problems.

Looks like this guy was discussed about a month ago, should be some answers there:



Ah, I missed that, thank you!

I wonder if a GRP jumped the fence ( or crawled through it). That color really baffles me.

No, just another random White mutation on the ever-mutating KIT gene :slight_smile:

It’s possible it’s the result of 2 different Ws from his parents (who don’t have to express white, or it may look like normal white) combining to express maximally, but actually more likely a new mutation.

I’m curious why you thing GRP specifically?


Because there are a lot of buckskin and palomino GRP’s. And the occasional cremello. I wish I had bred my smaller chestnut WB mare to Golden West and gotten my palomino old lady’s horse. Very little cremello in warmbloods except for the one strain from Hungary? But there would have had to be GRP’s on both sides of the pedigree for the double dilute ( if that is what it is).

Oh, gotcha! Except he’s not dilute :slight_smile:

Mascarpone is German WB, with his son Mirabeau - is that the line you’re thinking of?

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Susan O - The cremello colt does not have GRP in his pedigree (at least not what I was able to find). He has Mascarpone in his sire line and Hungarian blood in his dam line. Mascarpone was a cremello warmblood with a lot of palominos in his pedigree, but not GRP. His dilute genes came from the palomino Hessian, Baden-Wurttemburg, and Hungarian Sport Horse blood in his pedigree.

And FWIW - I think I saw that the white colt was licensed, the cremello colt was not licensed. Don’t know if either one sold at the auction after the licensing.

Mascarpone was the stallion I was thinking of. Since he was not in this colt’s pedigree I was joking somebody crawled under the fence and there are a lot of GRP’s with dilute genetics. None of the stallions in this horse’s pedigree even have much white so he is a mystery to me. I am sure he has been DNA tested.

Novel/new KIT mutation of yet another White variant :slight_smile: I don’t know if he’s also a dilute, as I don’t know who the dam is, but the phenotype is white (from the White mutation) not any dilute.

Here is a link to his 6 gen pedigree. Interestingly, he is listed as grey.

I am sure it was a shock to his breeder to see a white colt emerge from his chestnut mare (especially with a bay sire!).

Thanks, so yeah, by a bay, out of a chestnut, means there’s no dilution anywhere…

Gray? Yikes.

Yeah, that pedigree site lists him as gray, but the Oldenburg catalog describes him as “born white.”

It would be interesting to know what his registration papers say. If he is listed as gray, It could be his breeder just didn’t know how else to register him - either not knowing or refusing to believe that a “white” foal could possibility result from that mating. And the registry inspector maybe just followed suit, for the same reasons.

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