Once you go corgi...

So, my vet warned me a long time ago that “Once you go corgi, you never go back.” Apparently, she was correct. :smiley:

Since we all know that corgis-n-horses go together like… well… corgis-n-horses, I was wondering how many other corgi peeps were on this board. I was first introduced to the breed through the Rita Mae Brown books and was thrilled to find out that the Pems were EXACTLY as she portrayed them. :slight_smile: So… corgi peeps. Let’s hear about your kids! (and see pics too?? :-D)

Here’s Whiskey the corgi-reindeer at the barn Christmas party hoping someone “drops” a cookie:

and Bailey, my pound puppy who moonlights as: “The Happiest Dog in the World.”

Both of these pics should be accessible even if you don’t have facebook.

I have two (lost one awhile back). Both tri-colored.

I’ll be getting another. One thing about Corgis…having one is good, having three or more is good. But having two, you end up with partners in crime and they get into all kinds of mischief.

I’ve had Corgis since I was a child, so probably about 50 years.

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I’ve got 5, yep 5.

Dash is 12, Duncan and Frolic are 10, Tara is 8 and Conner is 5.

I will probably always have a Corgi, until I can’t have dogs any more.

I’ve never had a corgi (I had a Sheltie), but I spent several years showing dogs, as well as working at a kennel and at a vet clinic.

The characteristic way that corgis seem to be stubborn crack me up. There are plenty of breeds that will just sort of do what they want despite handler protests, but many of the corgis I’ve known go one further and do the following:

handler gives command (I’ve seen this happen a lot with “come”)
dog looks at the handler and acknowledges that a request has been made…
and then the dog just keeps doing whatever it was they were doing before.

The “well, I hear you, I’m not really feeling doing that for you right now” look cracks me up every time. Probably because they’re not mine… I prefer the undying obedience of a good Sheltie or GSD. :wink:

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perhaps I should have said that they’re like potato chips… you can’t have just one! ;-p

The cool thing is that my two are complete polar opposites. One is very sensitive, laid-back, and sweet. A mama’s girl who wants nothing but cuddles and napping and love. She gets a splinter and the WORLD ENDS!

The other one is a tornado from the moment she gets up in the morning until she collapses at night. We joke that you could cut off one of her feet and she wouldn’t notice except that it was a bit tricky going around a corner. She’s a bruiser who doesn’t have TIME for all that girly snuggly stuff when there are THINGS to DO.

and besides, it’s just so freakin’ funny to watch them run.

We have 3! A little herd: Lilly, Rosie, and Petey. They are getting older now (9, 9, and 7) and I have a rescue dog (a beagle/lab mix) who I am planning on hopefully getting a male puppy for as a friend soon! They are the best dogs! In our neighborhood there are 2 more and my parents live in the city and they are celebrities at our location Starbucks.

HAHAHA!!! I swear, I’ve seen 'em look at each other and go: “She doesn’t mean it yet. She doesn’t actually mean it until we get the “channeling Satan” voice… Yep, there it is!! Gottagobye!!” Whereupon they come running and slide into a perfect sits at my feet like pro-baseball players sliding into home with identical grins on their faces… lol

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It’s like a cult!

I’ve had cardigan corgis all my life - over 40 years - and my entire extended family (almost) has corgis, too.

Two cardigans at my house - Wally and Buzz (distant cousins), ages 6 and 8 1/2.

They are the best breed - so adaptable - perfectly content to be either couch potato or active. Smart, goofy - and they’re great watchdogs too. :smiley:

Like most low-rider breeds, you have to be mindful of their backs. We carry ours up and down stairs as much as possible, lift them into the car, and try to keep them from jumping on/off furniture. (That never goes well :lol:). We just started acupuncture for our older boy, who has had
several episodes with his back, and it’s really helping!

I have 3 and I’m a die hard corgi fan. I have to agree with LazyPalomino though-and the dog we had before the corgis was a border collie. Talk about culture shock!! I’ve gone from being ruler of the universe to an annoying background noise.

Skye will hear you call her to come and will turn her head to look away but will still be watching you. She seems to think if she doesn’t look at you, she doesn’t have to obey.

Austin (the male) is just a little elf. Sometimes when he is bored, he’ll grab some tissue and carry it around. He knows that he’ll get a cookie if he obeys the “drop” command.

Kismet is from a corgi rescue. She was a breeding bitch at a puppy mill. It has taken many years for her to get over her fear of people. Now at parties she’ll even come out for a little bit to inspect the guests. She is a total sweetheart.

I have some photos of them on my website below.

Propspony-your corgis are adorable!!!

I’m a Corgi mom. We have a purebred Pemmie, Sally, and a Corgi/Chihuahua cross, Pip (um, yeah, I know. The logistics of that just flummux me as well…).

Sally will be 4 this year on May 5, and her brother Pip will be 4 in September. Sally is very much the typical stubborn Corgi. Will come to you if she feels like there will be a benefit to her, or if she hears the word “cheese”. Pip doesn’t ever want to leave my side. If I get up, Pip is up. If I lay down, Pip is down. They both like the barn, but hate horse shows with a passion.

I love my kids, but I am really a big dog girl at heart. Small dogs were the compromise with Mr Hasahorse who did not have pets as a kid. At some point, I will have a Newfie again, as I grew up with them.

I have 2. One is 4 yrs old - Princess Austin and the name fits, we went to obiendence school and yes you give a command and she just turns and looks the other way. She goes to all the shows with me, everyone knows her and calls her name, she thinks she is royalty. She is a pembrooke - red.

My other one is 1 1/2 yrs old. She is a tri - still can’t get over the big ears - what the heck happened??? Her name is Lady Montana - she is hell on wheels. I get each one of my dogs a leather collar with a nice nametag the christmas after we get them, I did the same for this one, and she ate 2 inches off the leather collar and chewed on the metal name tag - WTF. She doesn’t listen unless there is something in it for her, she jumps on the other dogs when they go out to go to the bathroom (2 weims, and a JRT) so she has to go out alone. She has to heard the cats and keep them in the basement all the time. She marches to her own drummer that is for sure.

I love them though, never thought I would own one. But I bought my first and I love her to death, wanted another one like her, well I got the breed, just not the same princess, can’t get my feet wet, must lay on the bed, pamper me corgi. I love their little butts when they walk away from you, and they are so cute when they come running.

I have 2, a male tri and a female sable. LOVE them both and hope to have many more… they are definitely big dog personalities in a little dog package. Possibly expecting unplanned puppies soon:)

“The characteristic way that corgis seem to be stubborn crack me up.”

This is one of my favorite things about my Corgis. I love the independence and their ability to discriminate.

It makes training them interesting and never boring!

DH says it looks like a toddler walking with it’s diaper falling down. :lol:

We just have one Pembroke named Gumby Damn-it (after the Eddy Murphy Saturday Night live performances many moons ago :lol: ) DH and I agree that we have laughed more during Gumby’s 10 going on 11 years than we had in our entire pre-Corgi lives. I couldn’t agree more with all the previous comments- he also had been to obedience school and was a star - as long as it suited his purpose at the time! If not, not so much… He is the love of our lives (along with the horses) and I cannot imagine life without a Corgi.

I love the Corgi standard frog dog position… Just makes me laugh every time!

I’m on my 3rd Corgi overall, only one at a time though… Looking to get a 4th for this one to play with. But getting anything out of a rescue is hard for me because I travel so much and am rarely in the same state as the rescue (“we don’t adopt out of county/state/area”). I’ll find my next one sooner or later…

Aw thanks MKevent… corgis are awesome huh? I’ll go check yours out too. :slight_smile:

Go Fish: I love it! LOL!

Kinsella, we call it “Drumsticks out” position. ;-p

Although this is a more common pose at my house. (and the dog looks JUST like my Baileydog)


I was lucky, I found mine at the local animal shelter. :slight_smile: I never thought I was in a gucci area or anything, but she was in there with a Pharaoh Hound, a samoyed, two huskies, two shih tzus and a couple of dachshunds… guess I know where to go for fancy discount purebreds now…

Anyone else got any pictures?

Whiskey’s Halloween costume this year- Dogasaurus:


she is not amused:

Milking her owie paw to get cookies:

Bailey in heaven 'cause life as a farm dog ROCKS!:

Oh, no. I have one and no more. There is not enough room and besides, I don’t think HRH Tucker likes sharing with the animals already here! Of course she weighs as much as two corgis should, but try getting her to walk! As she came from the pound fat I suspect that her first owner was elderly or otherwise not very mobile and probably fed her fattening foods. And she can do stubborn like nobody’s business.


Corgis: Dogs for cat people

(do I care if you exist? Depends, what’s in it for me? Followed by giving you just enough attention to make you want for more)

Casey-corgi is better known at shows and the various places we go far better than I am, and I’m kind of used to “Hey Casey… oh, hi DMK” as a standard greeting.

Here’s the rare Corgi Nobilus

Corgis can fly!

Corgi, light and shadow

Rolling in grass is like crack!

Needless to say he is a fluffy, so for his comfort and my carpet, he kind of lives clipped.

Another corgi-person here! I have had corgis for 28 years and could never be without one. I lost Bailey 3 weeks ago to DM and lasted one week before I started my corgi search. I flew up to Indiana to pick up Stewart last week. A corgi puppy brings so much joy because they are the cutest, happiest creatures out there.

I’m going to ask Quinn to post Stewart’s picture for me!