Oops I did it again!

After the 2 feral moms and their combined 8 kitten fostering adventure of 2021, I had to promise up and down to the 2 people I split the mortgage with that I would never foster again.

But us true animal folks know that us simple humans don’t get to make that choice. Animals tend to pick us and not the other way around.

Since I manage my local cat colony, I keep the Nextdoor app on my phone in case someone’s lost pet shows up at one of my feeding stations. I try to avoid pursuing it for anything since it’s such a crap-shoot between the rare bit of useful info and piles of ranting garbage but I saw a post 3 weeks ago from a lady trying to figure out what to do when she saw a pregnant cat at a local mechanic.

I could totally relate to her, since our city and county don’t do anything to curb feral populations, and your heart breaks when you see a pregnant mama on the streets. I told her I could try to trap the cat, but my only option would be to take her to the vet for a spay/abort since every rescue I know is full and there is no place for this mom to have her litter. It not great, but it’s better than ignoring the situation and more and more homeless kittens being born in the gutter.

I was worried if the cat was pregnant at all, or super far along and would have babies before I could get to her.

Today, in the midst of a bunch of random fireworks going off (why this town sells fireworks on every corner in the middle of a drought is beyond me) I drove to the mechanics shop 10 minutes away hoping I would catch this cat and be able to take her to the vet I had a feral fix voucher with to take her him early tomorrow morning.

The trap was out for all of 5 minutes when a sweet Siamese kitten wriggled under the chain link fence to check out the bait. A tortie kitten was quick on her heels. This was not quite what I expected. Siamese kitten walks into trap and starts chowing down. Tortie is so hungry that she hangs around (normally cats flee when the trap springs). I grab a towel and an extra can of food and lure the tortie to a wall and am able to snatch her up with the towel. They are both small enough I am able to open the trap and put her in the trap with her sister for safe transport back to my house.

0 mama cats, but two 6 week old kittens.

The pics don’t really do them justice. They got a flea bath and were pretty stressed out. Im impressed that they both started to purr and relax when I was flea combing them. The Siamese is slightly bigger and bolder than her tortie sister and they are going to be really sweet pets once they settle in.

The problem is I still need to find a foster home for them! The non-cat fostering faction of the house has granted these two a very temporary stay. So any cothers in so cal want to foster these young ladies? Or heck just adopt them outright?

These little babies are special- I’ve never had a cat jump into a trap that fast. They knew they wanted out of that parking lot between a mechanic shop and a liquor store - they braved the noise of a crazy 4th of July riddled with random fireworks to say “take me! I’m scared but get me outta here”


They are cute and look very happy they found you.

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I would take them in a minute if you were nearer. Thank you for taking in these sweeties. One thing is certain - they have great window dressing and will be adopted quickly.

NextDoor - ugh. “I left my car unlocked downtown with my wallet and laptop on the front seat and someone took them!” Rinse and repeat. Our latest outrage is insisting that “this spider is a brown recluse…” Its really scary to discover how stupid one’s neighbors are!


Bless you for helping these “adorables” ~ love them both !!!

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What state are you in??? If you are in PA, I am in North Central PA. I will take that Siamese kitty off your hands.

You put out the good vibes to kitties, that’s for sure!

I’m at the opposite end of the country or I’d help by fostering, at least.

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Here are some better pics from this morning. It’s like the Siamese has tortie points! I haven’t seen that before, I’m sure someone more versed in kitty color genetics can speak to it.


I’m in California- but I’m willing to drive a 3 hours to get them to a good place. Haha want to meet in Vegas? Great excuse for a road trip!


What pretty kittens! Sounds like they are tame enough to handle. Wonder if they just got lost?

I am sure they will place quickly as cute as they are. My mom is in CA…

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3 day road trip is tempting… but I am going to pass. She is so pretty. Hopefully I will find one here in need of a home.

Thanks for offering to drive to Vegas :slight_smile:

My Clem is a tortie point too, but she’s got some other genetic strangeness going on as well!


Yay! More kitten pictures! :smiley: They’re both beautiful.

Have Milo and Gemma met them yet?

Are they working Tio Milo’s taco truck yet?


What sweeties! Good thing I’m sadly nowhere near SoCal or I’d be seriously thinking about them! Thank you for taking them in. Are you still going to go back for the mama kitty?

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What a unique beauty!

Haha has much as milo would love to meet new kittens I am keeping them separated. Ideally they will only be here for a day or two before I can find a foster with rescue backing for them. They haven’t been vaccinated or tested for anything yet.


Once I find a foster or new home for these two I’ll go back for mama- there are probably other siblings too


You heard it here first folks.


My cousin might want the Siamese. She was actually interested in our polydactyl kittens but we’re too far away. She grew up with Siamese and loves them. She’s in Ventura. PM me if that’s close enough to you and I’ll see if she’s interested.


They are adorable. I love the big ear - they could fly away with those.

Still wishing I could have another kitten, but sadly no. Will enjoy these vicariously…

Anyone want to start a betting pool? Temporary…sure, sure.