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OP's posts disappearing in "older" threads

Today is the second time I have looked back at an older thread that I created (both started in 2018) and found a bunch of my posts missing. The original post is there and so are a lot of replies and some of my reply posts, but some of my posts are gone. I can’t tell if other replies are gone too. I know I didn’t delete mine! These weren’t trainwrecks or anything. One post was my memorial to a horse I had to put down (DSLD "diagnosis" in young, lame horse -- UPDATE post 130, he's gone – in post 161 I mention realizing that my memorial post had vanished). In another thread I posted updates on a project pony, including some photos, and many of those are gone (Please tell me I do not need a pony - update post 147, I might need another pony). Some posts live on in quotes but that’s it. What’s up with this? I definitely did not delete the posts and it’s so weird to me that they selectively vanished. Has anybody else experienced this?


Yeah, when we migrated to this platform, there was stuff missing. Don’t think there was ever a resolution as to where those posts went, or why they disappeared, but it was a known issue.

Unfortunately, I never got any resolution to this issue from the developers.

Were the missing posts made during the same time period?

Thanks for the reply! There are at least two missing from June 2018 and one from October 2018. In the pony thread there’s one missing between posts 28 and 29 I think. I distinctly remember posting a pic of her on the trailer, and you can see the “aww” and “yay” replies but no post with that pic. Then in my next post I mention “just one more pic for today” but there are none before that. There’s also a post with a pic of my first ride on her missing a little later. People comment on that too but the post itself is gone.

For the DSLD thread it was a few months later—October 2018, when I put him down.

I’m wondering if it’s related to posting photos? Though some posts with photos are still there. I don’t know!

I obviously don’t expect you to find the old posts somehow. It’s just odd and a bit sad, since there’s a lot of good info in some old threads. At worst it makes the OP look like a dirty deleter!