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Pan Am Games

Good Luck! Last chance to qualify for the Olympics!

Good luck with your 2nd jog too (Laura Kraut)

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You know it’s funny I knew the team selected. I saw a promotional reel from USEF the other day, but when I saw a pic of Karl with his horse I was like “That’s not Karl.” He has totally changed his looks.

Regardless, I am rooting for them to get the Paris qualification done.



Farrington just had 8 faults, looks like the US will have to dig themselves out of a bit of a hole tomorrow. Does anyone know if live results are being posted somewhere?


Very much so. Almost unrecognizable now.

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Anyone else having trouble with the live stream on CMH?

Try the Spanish commentary it’s working there

Thanks the english is back up now

I watched the live stream in English here:

All sports are available to watch from that link.


Thanks very much!!

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I am watching it on-demand now on CMH. I am not logged in to anything.

The course decorations are beautiful. I hope Team USA gets it together.

Really? When I tried to watch it earlier, it cut me off after about 30 seconds since I was not a CMH subscriber.

Difficult to promote a sport when it’s challenging to watch online or on TV.
For free we can watch endless sports. For showjumping we must jump through hoops.


When I go to this link the completed Pan Am events have a watch now button. Earlier they had a red button that said premium and that meant they were not available without logging in.

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I’ll try it. Thanks!

I went through this with the eventing. It let me watch on the full screen for about 30 seconds, but then you could watch on a small screen. If I had known earlier, I would have gotten up at 3 a.m. to watch Pau.

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I don’t know if anybody is watching but USA better get it together if they want to make it into the Olympics. McClain 4 faults, Karl had a run out, and Kent had 8 faults. Laura yet to go.

Yeah Karl Cook totally bombed it, he didn’t even try to make up time after the run out and his horse looked a bit out of control.


He was definitely was having a rideability issue.

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