Phone pockets in breeches

I want more breeches with a useable pocket. It’s so annoying having my phone poking me in the hip and I hate the idea of riding without it because I’m so often by myself.

What’s your favorite brand with a good phone pocket for $100(ish) or less?

I bought these at the beginning of the summer and love them. Best pockets for phones ever. The pockets are about a hands’ length deep, and are on the side-thigh area. Tough to see in pictures.

Ariat eos tights. I love them. They also have a zipper pocket in the back that is perfect for keys.

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Can’t you sew a pocket onto your existing breeches? I mean, so you don’t have to pay a bunch of money and discard old breeches just for the sake of a pocket?

(I get asking about favorites if you are buying new breeches anyway).

I just picked up a pair from Free Ride on sale and was very happy, I got the hybrid (pull on with belt loops) but they have a breech as well. I love my Botori tights as well, but definitely tights (and very compressive) as opposed to breeches.

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I got a pair of these and they are my new favorites. They are comfy, fit well, and the pockets are nice and stretchy and can fit a lot of things. I can even jam a plastic bottle of water in there for the cooldown trail walk after my lesson

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Not breeches, but my Irideon full seat tights have a phone pocket on the lower thigh and I do not even notice that my phone is there. They even have belt loops.

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The Hadley breeches from Smartpak! They are higher quality than the Pipers, and also fit me better - no gapping at the waist. Just wish they had a similar array of colors, and it seems they don’t have a silicone option anymore.

I’ve enjoyed the Kerrits Ice Fil tights - comfortable especially in hot weather, belt loops, and a decent sized phone pocket on the thigh which also allows my phone case.

Unfortunately today I was unceremoniously lawn darted and landed on that hip/thigh/knee and broke my phone. I guess I now need to consider whether getting a better case will save the phone at the expense of my flesh, or whether I’m willing to play the odds (have been using these pants for 3 or 4 years now, they are convenient, and I’ve only broken one phone…)


I generally wear Kerrits Ice Fil tights for most of the year. In the depths of winter (which isn’t much around here) I wear Kerrits pocket tights. Kerrits pockets are very deep and it puts the phone down on your thigh and not up in your lap.

I recently got back into riding English and found a couple really comfortable pairs of schooling tights on Amazon that have belt loops and a phone pocket. So far they are holding up really well and are very comfortable. It looks like I’m just wearing regular workout pants!

I love my Buckwild breeches. They have full seat or knee patch. Have a pocket on the thigh for your phone. Nice and big and stretchy so your phone won’t fall out.


I must be in the very small minority who don’t find it necessary to have my phone on me at all time or maybe I’m just old. When I’m at the barn, my phone stays in the car unless I take it out to take a picture of something.

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I ride alone a LOT, and out on trails and in the middle of nowhere. If I get dumped I like the idea that maybe I can call for help (if I don’t smash the phone). I like having my phone on me then. In my arena? No.

I like the ice fills from Kerrits, I prefer the bootcut style vs. normal breeches (I ride in paddock boots).


Funny, I’m the opposite. Now that I am old, I carry my phone more rather than less. The old “Ive fallen and can’t get up” requirement.


Are there usually other people at the barn?

When I am riding alone, at home or at the barn, I make sure my phone is easily accessible just in case something bad happens.
When I am riding with others around, my phone is safely left in my car/house.

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I carry phone, keys, and treats. When I trailer out I carry my wallet with DL ID and medical card and credit cards etc. In winter this can go in parka pockets but in summer I need a good little fanny pack. If I’m taking a lesson I will leave it off on the bench or mounting block. I dont communicate much while I’m with horses but I absolutely see it as an emergency thing.

I would worry that a thigh pocket would get broken plus bruise you if you came off.

I second the Free Ride suggestion. I recently got a pair of their hybrid Lux breeches, which are sort of tight-like in material but also zip and have belt loops so they look like breeches. They have a good pocket on each thigh for phone or whatever else you need. I liked them so much I just bought a second pair.

So glad someone mentioned this kind! Is the fabric like thinner, workout legging material or would you say hefty? Do you feel like you need to wear a thong or nude undies or can you get away with wearing regular undies without risking flashing everyone in the barn if you bend over?

@gallop_jump, what kind are you referring to, please?

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