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Please help

Ok…? :slight_smile: sorry dont get it!!

Thanks…but I’m also not allowed to get a job!Or,if i want to,its only allowed to be at a store

I was curious, so I googled this. Has the vet done a culture for brucellosis? Because that is the most common cause of this, and it’s contagious to humans. Are you sure it’s actually fistulous withers, or something that looks like it?

The other cause is extreme back trauma. You should really google fistulous withers, not to upset you but it’s a fairly serious thing that takes a great deal of time to heal. What did the vet say about recovery time and medication?

I want to barrel race…and I told them that…they absolutely refuse also :frowning:

Sell the horse. You’re a green rider (no 4yrs does not a trainer make), and you have a horse you know next to nothing about who has some mysterious lameness.

Sell the horse and go work off lessons at a barn - maybe your friend’s barn?

Your parents are not willing to assist in your riding, and will not allow you to help yourself. You unfortunately are in a hole that may end up hurting the horse in this situation if the lameness is as serious as some say, and you say you cannot afford basic vet care.

Hate to be debbie downer, but you need professional help with the horse that you just cannot obtain at this time.

haha I never said I am a trainer!! :slight_smile: But,of course if you get a new horse,you know nothing about its personality!thats why I do groundwork :slight_smile: and its not a mysterious lameness,its fistulous withers…and she’s on the road to recovery. In answer to another question on here,he suggested bute,as the withers were swollen,and bute repairs swollen tissue,which was what was wrong with her!brought the swelling down immeasurably,and it has helped so much.and my friend used to work there,now she just visits it,but I dont think they need help with anything :frowning: And I cant just give up on my horse! :frowning: she needs me,I need her.

What’s OP? :)[/QUOTE]

OP stands for Original Poster.

What you need, is a trainer.

and he said it would take up to 6 weeks for the swelling to go down,another few weeks for her to recover.

Lol I’d love to have a trainer!!but I dont have money for it,neither does my parents!

Then the horse needs to go, or you need to be able to work off lessons.

You are young enough that you need an adult, professional, helping you. You can get some great books at the library on training and watch some good videos on youtube, but you need a professional to supervise.

Lol I’d love to have a trainer!!but I dont have money for it,neither does my parents![/QUOTE]

Sell the horse.

There is apparently a job out there your parents will accept, but it’s not where you want to work. So, I guess you’d love to have a trainer, but not bad enough to work at whatever this job is.

If you are unwilling to make the proper training and program happen for your horse, don’t have the horse. Your horse does not “need you”, she needs a program where she can be ridden and handled in a manner appropriate for her and where ideally her withers do not suddenly explode with puss, and where her fate does not depend upon a teenager who is unwilling to get a job with unsupportive parents to boot. Either provide that home or, if you are not able to, recognize that you are not at a stage in your life where you are able to provide a good home for this horse.

Honestly just stop this train wreck, it’s ridiculous.

I am sick and tired of trying to smooth over people’s craptastic situations and trying to act like it will all work out if we all hold hands and sing kum ba ya loud enough. Good INTENTIONS do not create good horse ownership, good ACTIONS, good KNOWLEDGE, and good RESOURCES do.

It really is pointing to saddle fit at this point, so I would start there. Especially if you have had this horse two years, and the problem just came up.

Honestly, you should consider selling the horse. Not what you want to hear, but you can’t reach your goals by keeping a horse you are basically afraid of in the backyard. If you want to barrel race, find a barrel racing barn, hang out there, offer to clean stalls/sweep/cobweb/clean water buckets for lessons.

I imagine your parents don’t want you to barrel race because they consider it dangerous, and it’s expensive. They probably don’t want you to have lessons, or a trainer, because of the money, as well. As far as they see it, you have a horse on your place, you can mess around with her, and that’s as far as it goes.

So it’s up to you to realize your goals. Owning a horse really isn’t the best plan, as odd as that sounds, unless you can be happy with what you have, and wait until you grow older and move out to achieve your riding goals. You could use the money you spend on this mare to take lessons and learn more.

But, I am sure you will keep the horse, so please check your tack, and go to as many clinics and barns as you can to watch and learn. At horse shows, you can meet trainers and students from other barns and make connections, which is also good.

Please look up Black Stallion syndrome … we all succumb to it, but it isn’t what is best for the horse. This mare sounds like she’s not have a good time of it – fistulous withers is NOT a common ailment and is caused by trauma.

the OP is 15 and doesn’t drive, that makes her employment status a little difficult; now she might be able to work off some expenses at the barn where she keeps her horse but we don’t know her situation and she might not have access to that many trainers where she lives. I would suggest to OP she look into 4-H or pony club programs in your area for starters.
The first thing the OP needs to do is straighten out the situation with the horse’s withers/injury and get that healed up and then take it from there.

ok emipou thank you so much!will try to convince my parents :slight_smile: dont know why they are so adamant!! :([/QUOTE]

You tell them that you are done with school then too. That you have learned all you need to learn in life to thrive and see how far that goes… :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!

There is a some great advice here on this thread. If you aren’t willing to sell, I hope you are able to resolve the lameness and trainer issues.

One way to approach your parents is that they have put you in a life threatening situation. (And are thought foolish by a high percentage of the population of people.)

There are ways to make money that you don’t seem to have tried. Sell horse manure. Deliver pamphlets. Do online surveys that pay into your bank account. Become a dog walker. Offer to look after other peoples houses, gardens and pets while they are away. The list goes on.

Fistulous wither could have been caused by the saddle or a rug.

A bicycle will give you a lot of freedom.

Instead of looking for excuses. Look for solutions.

Even if a riding school can’t pay you, you can offer to clean paddocks to watch others having lessons. Work hard and be dilligent and helpful and they will want you around.

The situation you are in at the moment is life threatening and life stifling. Improve your life, which will improve your situation, which will improve your riding with this horse.

Sitting at home saying I can’t …I can’t everything and you will be in the same situation or worst if you get on her and come off and are permanently injured. JMHO.

You do have the power to find a solution, so go ahead, onwards and upwards my friend.

Wow. What a wreck. Does the OP even know what fistulous withers are? It isn’t a ‘swelling’!!!

I don’t even know where to begin, for her.

I agree, she shouldn’t have a horse. And that horse doesn’t “need” her, she needs good care and good training.


Thank you @gottagrey. you just summed it up :slight_smile: thats exactly how my parents see it! and thats my situation!! :slight_smile: thank you,I will let her heal up and then take it from there :slight_smile:

Um,yes I know what fistulous withers are :slight_smile: it is caused by tissue that is damaged,which results in swelling! :slight_smile: at least,thats what we call it out here. I shouldnt have a horse? um…ouch…thank you…i feel so great…fyi I am highly qualified to have a horse! @Ambitious Kate!